Book 7: Chapter 84 - Father And Son Fed Up With Each Other

The Great Ghost King put down his mask and glared at me grimly. “Aren’t you afraid that I will attack your capital city now?”

I clasped my hands together on the meeting table and looked at him smilingly. “I have spirits guarding my capital city. Go ahead if you dare."

He narrowed his eyes again, a flash of coldness in his gaze. He muttered, “I shouldn’t have worked together with you.” 

“Even if you don’t work together with me, I would have come knocking at your door in the end anyway!” I shot him a dark look, smirking. “It has always been my goal to eradicate the Ghost Eclipsers. By then, we wouldn’t be talking calmly like how we are now but instead we would be…” I paused and looked at him, finishing, “enemies.”

He tensed. My words had obviously shaken him, forcing him into a restrained position. He had no token for negotiation.

He only had the Sixteen Ghost Messengers.

Fight against me? At most, I could sacrifice Ghost King City and turn it into a radiation zone.

“However, I don’t like massacre. I prefer to resolve issues in peace. Great Ghost King, what about you?” I smiled, looking at him. His expression gradually gentled but there was still a hint of disdain in his eyes. “Yes, I do like peace too.” 

“You got us to eradicate the Ghost Eclipsers but you didn’t even send a single helper. Are you waiting to enjoy the fruits of other people’s work?” I maintained a smile and side-eyed him, commenting, “You have the style of Silver Moon City indeed.”

“I am saving my power. We still have to fight a war against Silver Moon City. By then, I will fight with all my strength,” he said, trying to maintain his composure.

I smiled at Xing Chuan next to me, who smiled back and picked up the conversation. “Alright. If so, you shall take care of the task of fighting against Silver Moon City.”

Su Yang immediately looked to Xing Chuan next to me. He was obviously suppressing his anger towards his son who’d ‘betrayed’ him as he said, “Your mother told me that you are doing much better with the North Star. You are more energetic."

“Because I returned to my loved one. I want to live for her. Cough, cough…” Xing Chuan coughed, glancing at Su Yang coldly.

Heh…” Su Yang let out a light chuckle and said, “I should have guessed that the North Star is the woman you love.”

Humph…” Xing Chuan chuckled coldly in reply. He added, “You and mom left me for twenty years, and you want to get to know me in a year or two?!”

Su Yang became quiet.

“What’s the difference between you and the old monster…” Xing Chuan muttered hoarsely, “Both of you are eyeing… the authoritative power…”

Su Yang knitted his eyebrows and his face turned grave. “Chuan, your mother and I are sorry but you can’t betray me just because of that!” Su Yang roared, suppressing his anger. He glared at Xing Chuan, agony coloring his expression.

Xing Chuan faced him calmly, retorting, “In my heart… there is only one person and her name is Luo Bing!”

His determined speech caused a sharp pain in my heart, like a knife carving my heart open gently. It hurt, yet it also moved me deeply. 

My feelings for Xing Chuan were complicated, I loved yet hated him, it was sweet yet it hurt. He was the only one who could make me feel like this. 

“So… what’s betrayal?” Xing Chuan chuckled, looking at Su Yang. He added, “I had no feelings… for you anyway."

Su Yang’s face stiffened on the screen. He shut his eyes, his murderous aura spreading from behind the screen.

I glanced at them calmly, saying, “You can take Silver Moon City.”

Su Yang immediately opened his eyes at my remark. As expected, he placed higher importance on authoritative power. He eyed me skeptically, asking, “Don’t you want Silver Moon City?”

I faced him calmly. “I sent my soldiers to fight on the ground, the ground belongs to me. You send your men to attack Silver Moon City, Silver Moon City belongs to you. Isn’t it fair?”

Su Yang smiled. He narrowed his eyes. “Very fair indeed.”

“I won’t get involved when you fight against Silver Moon City, unless you need my assistance. But I want to see Cang Yu,” I said, looking at him.

Su Yang leaned back and smirked, replying, “Sure! The ground belongs to you!” He revealed a satisfied smile. He glanced at Xing Chuan and added, “Chuan, your mother and I will continue to seek ways to help you recover. When you recover, we will be in-laws to the Queen of Radical Star.”

“Humph. Cough, cough, cough…” Xing Chuan coughed while he chuckled, saying, “I’m glad that I can still be useful…” 

“Chuan, why do you think that I am using you?” Su Yang gazed at Xing Chuan and asked gently, “Don’t you want to be with your beloved Queen of Radical Star?”

Xing Chuan glared at Su Yang coldly. “I am satisfied… just being by her side now. This is my retribution. I am willing to take it. Cough, cough…” He took a deep breath and slowly breathed out. He let out a chuckle, saying, “How does a… manmade child… qualify for the North Star’s love?”

I knitted my eyebrows and shot a look at Xing Chuan, heart-achingly. He who had once been so arrogant, now said that he wasn’t qualified to receive my love.

“What?” Su Yang instantly became hot-blooded. 

Xing Chuan and Su Yang’s relationship was like a son who always rebelled against his father, deepening into hatred.

Xing Chuan chuckled. “You should know… what I am talking about. You just don’t want to admit it… Cough, cough…

Su Yang was agitated again. He narrowed his eyes, saying coldly, “Queen of Radical Star, our conversation ends here today. I hope that you keep your word. Silver Moon City belongs to me!” Then, he turned and left. The video feed was cut off straight away.

I gazed at Xing Chuan heart-achingly. “Why did you say that? So what if you are a manmade human? So what if one was born naturally? As long as one has feelings and soul, they are humans. Don’t be bothered about being a manmade human.”

Xing Chuan looked calm, so calm that it was heart-wrenching. He didn’t speak, instead only turning to leave.

“Xing Chuan!”

He lifted his chin and let out a long sigh. “I made Harry suffer. I am already grateful that you could forgive me. Even if I wasn’t a manmade child, I’ve long lost my right for you to love me. I suddenly found my previous self absurd. Heh…” He left the meeting room. Lucifer was waiting for him outside.

Seeing his expression, Lucifer looked at me confusedly. I could only sigh in reply.

The planning in Zone 4 was done very quickly. The soil in Zone 4 was suitable for plants that grew in a dry environment. Raffles wanted to plant plants that could improve the ecological environment in Zone 4 because it covered a large surface area and could benefit future generations.

Plus, Raffles wanted to try raising animals. We knew that Silver Moon City had fetuses of the animals that were originally from this world stored in their gene bank. Every single species came in a pair of male and female, and they couldn’t be cloned repetitively.

It was once part of the plan. Not only in Kansa Star, the planet where I had come from had also built a similar gene bank, in case the end of the world happened one day.


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