Book 7: Chapter 83 - New Trial

There was also Brad, who had returned with the honor of having rendered meritorious military service. After the war against Nubis’ battleship, we had made medals and awarded Brad a second-class medal.

Brad showed off his medal smugly. When the people in Zone 6 found out that he had pretended to be Nubis to aid the war, they all revealed admiring expressions. Brad was so proud of himself.

Everyone surrounded him, listening to him share the story of the war.

On the other hand, Raffles and I began to inspect the ecological situation in Zone 6.

Xing Chuan pushed Xing Chuan over to the lakeside to enjoy the breeze.

“If Kansa Star had such scenery, no one would want to stay in Silver Moon City…” Xing Chuan sighed, looking out at the rippling lake. Zone 6 was a treasure, a forgotten jewel at the end of the world.

Holding his tablet, Raffles said happily, “The land here is fertile. The lake water is clear. Mineral resources are abundant too. We can plant cotton and linen here. I can finally make use of the fry I brought down from Silver Moon City!”

“Fry?” Juye instantly exclaimed in surprise, “Aren’t those young fishes?”

“Yes,” Raffles replied, smiling at Juye. He then studied the water and said, “The ecological environment here is good. You can rear fish.”

“That’s great! That’s great! We have fish now! We have fish! Moto, Brad! We have fish!” Juye cheered happily, pulling Moto and Brad into a hug. Moto’s eyes were filled with anticipation.

I entrusted Juye as the zone leader in Zone 6. Just like Eletta, the authorization came as a surprise to Juye, leaving him dumbfounded for a long while. 



Built me another statue…

I couldn’t stop him. Even Xing Chuan thought that it was necessary to build a statue. It seemed like they were going to place my statue all over the world.

Raffles handed the precious fry to Juye before we left in a hurry, departing to Inge’s Zone 5.

Counting the time, I figured that the Queen should have arrived at Ghost King City where the battlefield was.

Because the Great Ghost King had held back from assisting us at the beginning, we too didn’t pay much attention to the war happening in Ghost King City. No matter whether he won or lost, we were only using them to hold back some of Nubis’ generals.

Although the possibility was low, even if those generals won and rescued Nubis, we had already conquered his livable zones and defeated his men. Having already suffered a great loss in power before the fight started, he wouldn’t be our match.

When we arrived in Zone 5, Harry sent over a military update. They had taken down another five livable zones. The wounded soldiers were on their way back to Queen Town while Carter and the others were prepared to take over their spots.

Military updates came in one after another, boosting Queen Town’s morale!

At the same time, we consistently shared our transformation of each livable zone as well as war updates to the other livable zones, including those that we had yet to visit. We were pleased to receive their messages asking for help. They desperately wished for us to go to their livable zones to help them as soon as possible.

They no longer feared us and rebelled against us, and instead took the initiative to keep in touch with us. They had started to trust us, accept us and anticipate our arrival.

Not only was this good for our upcoming rebuilding plan, it would also speed up our process of rebuilding too.

Zone 5 and Zone 1 had some similarities. Both were inadequate livable zones, although Zone 5 was relatively better than Zone 1. Zone 5 had a large piece of evolved forest that had radiation resistance, although it was sparse and could barely pass as a forest. 

Plus, there weren’t many people from Zone 5. In the end, we decided not to rebuild Zone 5 but instead relocate all the people in Zone 5 to Zone 6. To them, it was great news. Who wouldn’t want to stay in a better livable zone?

I then contacted Inge’s baby boy. They were glad to relocate their people to Zone 6, where the food warehouse was. It made them feel even more at ease.

Zone 5 served as a fort for the Ghost Eclipsers' territory due to its geological location. Its border was connected to Gehenna’s. Judging from my relationship with Gehenna now, having this fort or not made little difference to us.

Gehenna had said that what’s his was also mine. So, I wouldn’t be too courteous to him. Right behind Zone 5 was Gehenna’s livable zone. We had to rebuild Gehenna’s livable zone in the future as well. We wanted to connect all the livable zones in this half of the planet and become a truly powerful nation!

Four days flew past very quickly. We returned to Zone 4, which had once abounded with gemstones.

We could see people welcoming us from afar.

Zone 4 had gone through a great transformation. It was much cleaner and neater than when we had first seen it.

They had built a huge warehouse to store the rubbish so that it wouldn’t be exposed. It made Zone 4 look cleaner.

The soil huts were also neatly organized. Blankets and clothes were airing at the square under the sun, fluttering in the breeze. The land behind the city gate had been prepared for cultivation, and was only waiting for our seeds.

Ledo led the people in Zone 4 to stand at the city gate. Although he looked calm, he nervously smoothed out his tattered yet clean clothes. Then, he clasped his hands together and held his breath as he watched our spaceship descend.

We walked towards them. Raffles’ portable lab had already begun to analyze the radiation volume in the region.

I smiled at Ledo, commenting, “You look very different.”

He blinked then bowed to greet me. “Welcome, Your Highness!”

I smiled, nodding. I looked over at the people in Zone 4 behind him while they too gazed back at me excitedly.

“Your Highness!” Xiao Mi ran over to me excitedly. I chuckled, taking out a fluffy bear from Raffles’ lab and holding it out to her. “I brought you a present,” I said.

“Wow!” Xiao Mi held it in her arms happily.

I looked around at Ledo and everyone else. “Don’t stand here. Let’s head in. Ledo, get your men to move the resources.”

“Yes, Your Highness!” Ledo led some men to move things.

Raffles let out a breath of relief. He glanced at me, smiling, “The soil here is suitable for planting!”

“That’s great!” Ledo exclaimed in excitement when he caught Raffles’ words as he walked past. We glanced at him and he blushed. He then quickly returned to his usual calm and continued to move the resources.

“Master,” Ice Dragon suddenly appeared next to us. He looked solemn as he reported, “The Great Ghost King requests to speak to you.”

Surprised, I glanced at Xing Chuan. He looked rather calm whereas Lucifer behind him became nervous, saying, “There must be nothing good if the Great Ghost King suddenly requests to speak to you.”

“Go into Ice Dragon with Xing Chuan. I’ll take care of this,” Raffles said solemnly.

Xing Chuan and I exchanged a glance then Lucifer pushed Xing Chuan into Ice Dragon.

We sat in the meeting room and officially answered the Great Ghost King’s call. His glum mask appeared before us.

“I underestimated you, North Star.” The Great Ghost King looked at me grimly.

I smirked. “Do you still need to wear your mask when you talk to me? Isn’t it stuffy?”

He narrowed his eyes, then slowly removed his mask. He still looked rather young and handsome. He didn’t look like he was already an old man, although he still looked much older than the Su Yang on Hagrid Island. His sideburns were turning white.


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