Book 7: Chapter 82 - Acted Spoilt Occasionally

I slowly let go of Xing Chuan, then wheeled him back to his room. Lucifer landed on the balcony and shifted into his human form. He looked at me worriedly, asking, “I saw the Queen’s spaceship leave. Why did she leave all of a sudden?”

I smiled faintly at him. “Yeah. You have to be in charge of taking care of Brother Xing Chuan again."

“That’s great!” Lucifer seemed happy. The Queen had taken away his ‘job’ previously and he’d been bored.

Lucifer carried Xing Chuan and put him on his bed. Xing Chuan watched me as I walked back to my room.

The moonlight was as still as water, pouring over my bed. I couldn’t help but take out my communicator. I stared at it for a while, before I connected to Harry.

Harry’s fish face appeared before me at once. His huge fish eyes were filled with anxiety, “Did something go wrong in Queen Town?!”

Feeling upset, I questioned, “So I can only come and look for you when there’s something wrong in Queen Town?!”

He was stunned.

I pouted. I could only behave like a girl when I was with him. “I miss you…”

His fish eyes stretched open to their limit. “We are fighting a war!” It was as though I couldn’t act spoiled with him now. He asked, “Where’s Raffles? Ask him to keep you company.” He simply found me annoying and wanted to push me to another person as soon as possible.

I puffed up my cheeks, roaring at him impatiently, “They are busy!”

“Ah Zong!” He paused, holding his forehead. “Oh yeah, Ah Zong came to me…” He held his helmet, seemingly annoyed.

“Are you thinking of getting me more men so that I can stop bothering you.” I glared at him grimly.

His hand stiffened on his forehead. He muttered without looking at me, “Actually… He Lei…”

“No way! He hasn’t even taken care of his own things!”

“Xing Chuan is in that state too…” He pouted.

I glared at him angrily, saying, “Do you know what you look like now? You, you are just like Shuang’er in Wei Xiaobao [1].” Back when I’d told him the story of Wei Xiaobao, he’d looked envious. Just like every man, he’d dreamt of a good life with a few wives.

Harry sighed, gazing at me helplessly. “Alright. I will sleep with you.”

I smiled happily. I put the communicator next to my pillow. Just like when we had been in Silver Moon City, he was keeping me company during my sleep.

“Sing me a song,” I said.

His face grew glum at once. “Stop your nonsense. I have a war to fight tomorrow. I can’t lose to He Lei again.”

“Are you singing or not?!” My face turned cold.

“Alright, alright, alright…” He surrendered. Then, he hummed a lullaby softly, “Starlight connects into a river, flowing into my heart… The unicorn sings in the woods, welcoming my goddess… My goddess… My goddess… My heart ripples with thoughts of love…”

I slowly fell asleep listening to his gently hoarse voice. The corners of my lips lifted in sweetness…

In my dream, our hands were clasped together as we laid in a sea of sunflowers…

On the next day, Moto, Juye and some other men returned. There were a total of fifty-six of them who returned for a rest in Queen Town. The backup soldiers would fill in their spots, bringing replenishments.

Moto and Juye returned just in time. They could follow me to Zone 6 while Carter and Lisi replaced them in the battlefront. Carter and Lisi were thrilled with excitement for the latest arrangement.

Moto and Juye were reluctant. They argued that they would have sent someone else back if they had known. But since it was my command, they had no choice but to obey.

Raffles, Lucifer, Xing Chuan and I got onto the spaceship again.

Jun and Zong Ben landed next to us from the sky. I gazed at them gratefully. “I will have to entrust you with the mission to safeguard Queen Town again.” They flapped their wings in reply. Jun flew up to my head and patted my hand with his leg, just like how an elder brother pats a younger sister’s head in reassurance.

Sis Ceci brought Butterful to see us off too. She treated Butterfly like her own daughter, and was reluctant to let go of her at all. She didn’t even let Xiao Ying carry Butterfly.

“Come on. Let’s send our Queen off.” Sis Ceci grabbed Butterfly’s chubby hand to wave at me. Butterfly blew bubbles with her saliva as she chuckled at me. Her wings on her back had begun to spread too. Sis Ceci had specially made her a shirt so that her wings could expand freely.

She had a pair of extremely beautiful wings. They looked transparent, yet they reflected rainbow beams in the sunlight, as though she had taken rainbows as her wings.

“Butterfly, be a good girl.” I couldn’t help but poke her cheeks. Sis Ceci immediately slapped my hand away and reprimanded, “Don’t poke! She’ll start drooling! Oh! Our Butterfly is the best!” Sis Ceci quickly coaxed her again.

“Butterfly is so cute,” Raffles said, seeming to be fond of the baby. Butterfly was the first baby we’d encountered since we had come into the Ghost Eclipsers’ territory. She was simply adorable.

“Hurry up and make a baby if you like one,” Sis Ceci hinted, winking at Raffles. He immediately blushed!

I held my forehead. Sis Ceci was just like the Elder Alufa from back then. She’d become an expert in promoting childbirth.

Raffles glanced at me, blushing. In the end, my cheeks turned red too.

Sigh. I don’t have expectations for my own son. How can he give birth to any now…” Sis Ceci seemed to be joking but her voice was filled with sorrow. “When the war ends, hurry up and make a baby. Then I’ll at least get to see what Lil Bing’s baby would look like.” Sis Ceci looked down at Butterfly in her arms.

“Definitely very pretty!” Xiao Ying jumped out, adding, “Raffles is so good looking. Brother Ah Zong is also so good looking. Her baby will definitely be good looking too.”

“Yeah! You can give birth too!” Sis Ceci seized onto Xiao Ying.

Stunned, Xiao Ying immediately found an excuse to run away. “Oh no! There’s  something wrong with the program!”

“Stand right there!” Sis Ceci chased after Xiao Ying, scolding, “The Queen is busy. Raffles is busy too. You are the least busy one! You are always in Queen Town. Why don’t you hurry up and make a baby? Fat-Two is in Queen Town too…”

Once we saw Sis Ceci go further away as she chased after Xiao Ying, we seized the chance to leave too!

Ice Dragon loaded all the resources and we took off into the sky above Queen Town. Little Har and Little Raf chased after us but I didn’t see Lil Bing. Humph. B*stards! They definitely wore out Lil Bing!

As we left Queen Town for Zone 6, Harry and the troops continued to charge towards Nubis’ capital too.

The hand-over in Zone 6 was done smoothly. It had been a food warehouse, the best livable zone in Margaery’s territory. It was spacious, the land was fertile and the water source was clean.

As Zone 6 was a food warehouse, their communication was advanced. Having received our messages, they had been anticipating our arrival. Besides giving them a sense of security as we wouldn’t mistreat them like how the Ghost Eclipsers had, we also brought them more abundant seeds.

There were quite a number of women in Zone 6. It was considered a relatively safe zone among Margaery’s territory. Margaery treated women well.

Seeing that Juye had returned, Juye’s mother shed tears of joy. She ran over to hug him tightly.


1. A TV series based on a fictional character from Jinyong’s novel The Deer and the Cauldron


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