Book 7: Chapter 81 - The Queen Left

I smiled up at Lucifer. Pushing away his scattered hair, I kissed his cheek gently. He smiled happily at me.

Gently I cupped his cold face, and he blinked as fast as a lizard as I tucked his long hair behind his sharp ears. He was like a demon who was brutal to everyone but tame towards me. Relaxing his body, he rubbed his face against my palm.

“You have been working hard. Your Brother Xing Chuan still needs help,” I murmured, stroking his cold face gently.

He smiled happily. “Lucifer is happy to see that you and Brother Xing Chuan have reconciled. Sister Bing… can Lucifer kiss you?” He watched me attentively with a big smile.

“Of course.” I tilted my cheek towards him and he leaned down to give me a quick peck. It felt cold, like a drop of night dew brushing against my face.

Now he could leave happy. When he stood up, his huge body blocked out the moonlight before me. Spreading his pale wings and arms, he fell back naturally right before my eyes, dropping down before suddenly soaring up into the sky. He spread his wings before the shining moon, letting the moonlight wash over him. His pale skin reflected the moonlight, making him look like a magical elf.

I missed Second Sis and the Flying Corpse King. They had handed Lucifer to me but I had not been able to spend much time taking care of him. In the blink of an eye, Lucifer had already grown up from a thirteen years old teen into a seventeen years old young adult.

“We have never thought of changing this world…” Suddenly, the Queen’s voice came from behind. When I turned around, I saw her pushing Xing Chuan towards me while Flurry stood leaning against the wall, hanging his head quietly.

Xing Chuan had a thin blanket over him. He glanced at me calmly, then looked up at the bright moon.

“Su Yang wants to take revenge on his dad…” Yu Xi said, her eyes on the moon in the sky. She continued, “We did wrong… Silver Moon City did wrong too… Everyone else did wrong… but you…” She looked at me as she spoke, “... are doing the right thing. Lil Bing, where did you come from? The way you do things is not like Silver Moon City. Nor do you look like a person from this world. You brought something that this world lost - humanity. You also brought something this world needs the most - faith. Lil Bing, where did you come from?”

I didn’t answer her questions, only smiled in response. “Your Highness, you’d better get some rest. We are departing again soon.”

“You keep making the Queen follow you. What’s your purpose? You are putting her under house arrest!” Flurry accused coldly. 

I didn’t refute it, because I did have that intention.

“I told Lil Bing to do that,” Xing Chuan cut in, glancing at the door. He then looked to the front expressionlessly. “It is not safe to be in Ghost King City right now.”

“Not safe?” Flurry straightened. “There are the Sixteen Ghost Messengers in Ghost King City. How can it not be safe?”

Xing Chuan didn’t speak again, choosing to keep his silence.

I glanced at the Queen. “Your Highness, please believe in us. We don’t want you to get hurt.”

The Queen was anxious. She looked at me. “Did you launch an attack at the Great Ghost King?!”

Flurry stared at me in shock, burning with anger. He roared, “No wonder you say that Ghost King City is not safe. Queen Bing, you are collaborating with the Great Ghost King. How can you go against your word!?”

“Does the Great Ghost King sincerely want to work together?” Xing Chuan smirked coldly. His hoarse voice gave him a crude coolness.

The Queen sighed, lowering her head. She was caught in a dilemma.

“He told us to eradicate the Ghost Eclipsers. But was any one of the Sixteen Ghost Messengers sent to help?” Xing Chuan’s question made Flurry speechless. He looked away in annoyance. Following by our side, his once strong belief had been slowly crumbling. That was also the reason why he had gotten agitated.

“We didn’t launch a surprise attack on the Great Ghost King,” I continued. Flurry glared at me furiously as though I was the source of his agony. “I only had him hold up the generals from Nubis’ capital.”

“How?!” Flurry questioned me.

“I told them that Nubis is imprisoned in Ghost King City.”

“You!” Flurry clenched his fist.

The Queen pursed her lips, furrowing her eyebrows before she turned away. “Flurry, let’s head back.”

Flurry nodded.

The Queen picked up the hem of her dress and walked towards Flurry. She still loved Su Yang the most after all.

“Are you going back?” Xing Chuan asked calmly. The Queen paused and turned around, seemingly in agony. She started, “Chuan, I…”

“I don’t mind,” Xing Chuan fixed his gaze in front of him coldly. “Send a message to him then. Tell him that he has to show his sincerity if he wants to work together. Let him know where he stands. To us, he has no value.” Xing Chuan’s cold remark made the Queen close her eyes sorrowfully.

The balcony became extremely quiet.

Flurry stared at Xing Chuan’s back, tangled emotions flashing across his face. Finally, he clenched his teeth and looked away.

The Queen took a deep breath in the cold breeze, before she slowly opened her eyes. She then turned around and left without saying another word. Flurry immediately caught up with her.

I walked up next to Xing Chuan and glanced at him. “You didn’t have to act so mercilessly.”

Humph…” Xing Chuan smirked coldly. “They abandoned me. Aren’t they merciless to me too?”

“You know that it was Cang Yu who threw Su Yang off Silver Moon City…”

“But he didn’t throw Yu Xi, did he?!” Xing Chuan shot back in reply. I was left speechless. Yu Xi had chosen Su Yang over him. She had abandoned him to go and look for Su Yang.

“It was probably safer for you to stay in Silver Moon City back then. Su Yang was thrown to the ground, and it was uncertain whether he was even still alive…”

The Queen’s spaceship took off quietly under the moon, flying in the direction of Ghost King City. 

“It is dangerous for them to go back now. The war in Ghost King City should have already started.”

Although Xing Chuan didn’t speak, I knew that he was worried about the Queen. That was why he had gotten angry in the end.

“Do I send anyone to protect them?” I asked, glancing at him. He looked away so that I couldn’t see his elderly face.

He said, “Flurry is very capable. He can protect her. There are the rest of the fifteen Ghost Messengers in Ghost King City too. Their capabilities are far beyond Nubis’ generals. They could deal with them easily.” Xing Chuan’s voice sounded melancholy. The Queen’s departure had robbed him of a sense of security. He was feeling uneasy.

I stood behind him, watching his depressed self. Slowly I got up, and hesitated before I finally hugged him from behind.

His body instantly stiffened.

I hugged him gently, comforting him, “Don’t worry. It will be alright. Let me send you back to rest.”

He was unusually quiet, as though time itself had frozen over.


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