Book 7: Chapter 80 - Unnoticed Ongoing Reproduction

Raffles and I closed the palace door softly. It had been a busy day.

I heard from Ah Tu that the people of Zone 2 had been chosen at a young age for their strong anti-radiation power. They had then been sent to Zone 2 to slowly adapt to the environment. Once they had become miners, they wouldn’t be sent to Queen Town as food for Margaery. This same privilege was afforded to Ah Wang, Ah Chen and the other children.

However, the mining life was torturous. It would have actually been a more simple and direct death to be cut up by Margaery.

Ah Tu told us that the Ghost Eclipsers in Zone 2 were basically those with powerful self-healing powers. There was even one with resurrection power.

That was why it had been almost impossible to commit suicide under their watch, and hence why they had all wanted to kill themselves before the ‘new Queen’ arrived. It was to set themselves free from their painful lives.

Now they thought back and found themselves stupid. If they had died, they wouldn’t have been able to live a good life, and would have even dragged the children along with them. They felt remorseful for what had happened and felt sorry towards the children.

But if it hadn’t been me, the North Star, who had come, they wouldn’t have changed their minds on seeking death.

Besides Karloff, a few others among them also wanted to go to the battlefront. They hated the Ghost Eclipsers! There wasn’t anyone among them who didn’t hate the Ghost Eclipsers. So, if they had a chance to kill them, they definitely wanted to pursue their revenge!

More and more people were joining in the war against the Ghost Eclipsers. It was something I had never expected.

Ah Zong knew that a batch from the battlefront would be coming back to rest soon. Hence he had left Queen Town with Silver Snake and the other zone leaders to fight the war at the battlefront. They were on rotation.

The wounded soldiers who came back would stay in Queen Town temporarily after they had healed. They would serve as backup soldiers. Once the next batch of wounded soldiers returned, they would take their places. Karloff and his men would follow them to the battlefront then too.

Raffles and I walked down the palace corridor. The moonlight outside was cold as frost, dusting over the ripening wheat field. Zong Ben and Jun, and Lucifer’s huge shadow flew past below the silver moon. Lucifer hasn’t slept yet!

Standing on the balcony, I looked up at the bright moon in the sky. The eradication of the Ghost Eclipsers had to be done quickly. It had to end before Silver Moon City revolved back from the western hemisphere. Otherwise, once they noticed that we were fighting internally, they would definitely stick their foot in and wreak havoc with our plan.

“Raffles is finally a man today!” Suddenly, I heard Haggs’ voice next to me. I looked to see Haggs in Raffles’ shirt, asking, “You came back?!”

He gazed at me deeply for a while. All of a sudden, he leaned down to kiss my lips, overwhelming me with his dominance. He held my chin and slowly left my lips. He looked deep into my eyes as he said, “Don’t make love with Raffles when I am not around.”

Heh…” I couldn’t help but chuckle. He would get jealous when I spent time with Raffles alone. It had always been the three of us but there had been too many things on hand recently, hence Raffles and he had had to separate.

Jun and Zong Ben suddenly landed, their metallic silhouettes flitting at the edges of our vision. They stood on the railing, staring at us silently. They seemed to be warning us to not do any R-rated activities.

“Lucifer wants a kiss too!” Lucifer landed as well, hanging his huge body out of the balcony like a descending demon. But this demon wore an innocent expression, gazing at us with his glistening eyes.

“Your Sister Luo Bing is going to bed! You are turning into an adult soon! Don’t kiss my wife!” Haggs glared at Lucifer sternly.

Lucifer was frightened. His huge body was far more terrifying, yet he still seemed to be afraid of the solemn Haggs. Instantly stunned, he bit his lips, turning to me aggrievedly. “Sis Luo Bing, when is Brother Raffles coming back?”

Hahaha!” I couldn’t help but burst into laughter, because Lucifer evidently knew that Raffles would be gentle with him and would also kiss him. I touched Lucifer’s head. He had actually grown as huge as the Flying Corpse King.

Howl.” Suddenly, a shrill howl cut through the dark night. It was Little Bing!

Jun and Zong Ben immediately took off, looking in the direction of the sound.

“Is there any enemy?!” I got anxious too. At once I told Lucifer, “Fly. I want to take a look.”

“Yes!” Lucifer carried me up. His thick arms wrapped around me, holding me against his thick chest. He even stuck his tongue out at Haggs right before he took off.

I was extremely safe in Lucifer’s embrace. His thick arms held me firmly as we plunged in the direction of the howl.

We saw Little Raf chasing after Little Bing, while Little Har overtook Little Bing from above and blocked her way. Little Bing landed in the field, with both Little Har and Little Raf chasing closely after her. Three lucid birds landed on the field, pressing down a large region of wheat.

I definitely would have reprimanded them immediately if it had been any other time. But today, the three of them seemed to be behaving rather strangely. 

They began running in circles on the wheat field, trampling it into the shape of a nest. Little Har fanned his beautiful wings, pushing his chest out. Little Bing stepped back. Then, Little Raf raised his wings and flapped elegantly, as though he was dancing.

Little Bing tilted her head to one side as she watched. Suddenly, Little Har leaped onto Little Bing’s back and…


“Let’s head back!” I immediately turned around.

Lucifer immediately lifted his hands to cover his eyes as he spun around and flew back.

Jun and Zong Ben danced in the air, covering their mouths like they were sniggering. Then, there were intermittent lucid bird howls under the silent moonlight.

The three of them… mated.

Raffles had said that they should be in heat by this year. Time had passed so quickly.

Our paddy field had turned green. Our fruit trees had sprouted. Our lucid birds had mated too. Were the prosperous days still far away?

I felt like Queen Town was going to be filled with children running around soon.

Lucifer landed on the railing at my balcony, gripping the rail firmly. He squatted down to place me on the balcony carefully before he perched on the railing, glancing around cautiously.

“What are you looking for?”

He said sneakily, “Looking out for Brother Haggs.”

I chuckled. “Your Brother Haggs thinks that time is best used for research. He wouldn’t waste his time waiting for me."

Phew.” Lucifer let out a breath of relief before he broke into a wide smile. His white hair fluttered in the night breeze, dyed silver by the moonlight. His eyes that usually shimmered like gemstones, shone even brighter in the moonlight, reflecting my face.

He raised his tail high in the air to maintain the balance of his body. Grinning widely, he lifted his hand and pointed at his cheeks. His hair fell onto his face as he bent down and moved his face closer to me.


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