Book 7: Chapter 78 - Overwhelming Queen

He was different from Moto and the others. Moto and his men had been fearful of the Ghost Eclipsers at the beginning, but he wasn’t. He hadn’t tred to kill himself out of fear of the Ghost Eclipsers, but because he hadn’t wanted to live in humiliation under the Ghost Eclipsers again.

They were fearless in revolution, killing their enemies courageously. They would rather die than submit when they were captured. They were one in a million. We called them, heroes!

More and more people were taking initiative to participate in the war against the Ghost Eclipsers. Like Inge, Bei Luo and Karloff, they were going to be the most influential advocates. The power of Radical Star was irresistible, and the Ghost Eclipsers would be driven to a dead end.

The curtain of night gradually descended over Queen Town, but it was still noisy and lively.

Some were busy taking care of the wounded. Some were busy settling Ah Tu and his people. Some were busy preparing resources for distribution. Even though it was night, Queen Town was as bright as day time.

Queen Town became bustling with the addition of children. Changed into clean clothes, they ran around happily in Queen Town. They went to see the lucid birds out of curiosity, but ended up getting frightened and running away.

Then, the lucid birds chased after them and all of them ran around.

Ah Tu and his men helped to take care of the wounded soldiers by delivering food to the wounded. The palace hall was filled with sickbeds. Looking at the scene, I again found the hotel in Zone 2 more suitable to be the capital city. There wasn’t even a decent hospital in the current Queen Town.

When Raffles and I went to visit the wounded, they were sharing about their experiences at the battlefront.

“General Ghostie is so amazing! He became a giant!” Jerry was a soldier from Harry’s troop. He gestured to show the size of a giant, looking to be in awe as he continued, “With one stomp from him, the enemy’s city wall was destroyed! He even has self-healing superpower. The enemy can’t hurt him at all. He is invincible!” 

Pfft. What’s there to shout about?” Tom from He Lei’s troop countered him. “Our General He Lei is the amazing one. In the blink of an eye, the enemy died. You couldn’t even see how they died! Humph!

“If your General He Lei were to come across a speed-manipulation metahuman, he would be doomed! Can he heal himself? Can he regenerate himself?!” 

“If your General Ghostie were to encounter a speed metahuman, can he win? Can he even see the metahuman?!”

“Look at them. They are arguing again…” Uncle Mason, Gehenna and Napoleon winked at one another, enjoying the show. Napoleon’s men got along with everyone well.

“General Ghostie and General He Lei are betting on who will kill more enemies and do it faster, and also who has less casualties.”

“I heard that they made the bet for the Queen.” Gehenna’s underlings began to probe for gossip. I only realized that Gehenna had a big troop when we started this war. He had been hiding previously. Now, he was finally serious.

“Anyone in Queen Town can tell that both General Ghost and General He Lei like the Queen.” 

I stood at the entrance awkwardly. It doesn’t seem like a good time to enter.

Raffles smiled, saying, “Everyone cares a lot about you.” He smiled at me while I rolled my eyes at him. Cares about my personal life?

“Who doesn’t like the Queen? Everyone likes Our Highness. Moto, Juye, Gru and the other boys like the Queen. Me too…”

“I like Queen Xiao Ying!”

“Me too! Queen Xiao Ying is so cute.”

“I like Angelina but she doesn’t really talk to us…”

“Because Angelina likes Pelos. Can’t you tell?”

“I like Queen Ceci…” Someone said bashfully.

“How dare you! You are in Uncle Mason’s troop and you like our great Sis Ceci. Are you courting death!”

Hahahaha!” Everyone burst out in laughter. Men will be men. The topic they discuss the most is still women.

Raffles held my shoulder, looking proud. “Everyone looks energetic.”

“Yeah. They are still in the mood to discuss the women they like,” I joked. I was calm when everyone discussed who they liked now, because there were very few women in the world. There were over hundreds of men in Queen Town, but only four women. Naturally, there would be more people liking us. When the war ended, Ah Zong would use his superpower to balance the ratio between men and women. Then, this phenomenon would naturally lessen.

Plus, they shared a strong feeling of brotherhood. Once a number of them turned into women, the feeling would turn into romance.

Let alone men who were already in love with each other.

“But it is impossible that the Queen likes General Ghostie. No matter how amazing General Ghostie is, he is a water ghost after all.”

“No. I heard…” They lowered their voices, saying, “I heard that General Ghostie was originally a human. He was transformed into a water ghost.”

“What?! How did you find out?!”

“We overheard Uncle Mason’s conversation with General Ghostie once. He called General Ghostie Har…”


“Harry?! You said Harry?!” A man from Gahenna’s troop stood up, shouting, “Are you sure?!”

“Why? Have you heard of his name?”

“Of course! When Silver Moon City and the Aurora Region fought against the Ghost Eclipsers back then, there were three extremely famous people. One is the current General He Lei while the other two were the infamous His Highness Xing Chuan and General Harry!”


“General Harry is a man!!”

I furrowed my eyebrows, thinking to myself, The secrets wouldn’t stay hidden for too long.

Raffles glanced at me with concern, hugging my shoulders and patting my back.

“Who is so wicked?! He actually turned General Ghostie into a water ghost!” Tom, Jerry and the others got agitated. 

“He’s so wicked! We have to find him and take revenge for General Ghostie!” 

“Isn’t General Ghostie too pitiful? He lost his chance to be with the Queen.”

Sigh… I wonder how General Ghostie looked when he was a human. He was definitely really good looking!”

“Your Highness!” Suddenly, Ah Wang came out from nowhere. He glanced at me excitedly, saying, “Your Highness! Her Highness came! Her Highness came!” They pulled me into the palace hall that was filled with sickbeds. Everyone was dumbfounded.

I pretended I hadn’t heard anything and smiled at everyone. “How does everyone feel? Can we resume the training tomorrow?”

Everyone immediately raised their arms, declaring, “No problem, Your Highness!”

I nodded with satisfaction.

“Your Highness, how’s my hometown doing?” Ah Gui from Zone 1 asked.

Everyone immediately patted his head. “What are you worried about? Her Highness keeps her words. They are definitely doing fine!”

Ah Gui scratched his head, muttering, “It’s not that I don’t believe in Her Highness but… my family didn’t come to Queen Town… So…”

The other soldiers who were from Zone 1 looked worried too.


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