Book 7: Chapter 77 - Men Who Fought In Wars Are Real Men

The group of beautiful young men who had once belonged to Margaery had undergone a complete transformation after the baptism of war. They had once been recoiling in fear, showing obedience to me. They hadn’t even had the courage to look me in the eye. I’d found them girly in the past but now, they had become firm and unyielding in character!

They had become real men!

“Thank you, Your Highness, for giving us a chance to go to the battlefront. We finally understood what dignity is!” Everyone looked at me with burning gazes. They didn’t knit their brows from pain at all; instead, they had become more courageous.

“Your Highness, I have never been so proud! I fought for my family, for my people, for my Queen! It is an honor! Am I right, everyone?!”

“That’s right! We are finally living like a man!”

Hahaha! We were a little girly back then…” They made fun of themselves. The mood lightened up at once, unlike the solemn atmosphere when the wounded soldiers had first returned.

“Alright! Don’t overexert yourselves here!” Xiao Ying commanded, stomping out among them. She placed her hands on her waist, glaring at them as she shouted, “All of you don’t want to treat your wounds?! Hey! Your leg is not even attached!”

“Hahahaha!” Everyone burst out into laughter.

The man whom Xiao Ying mentioned swung his broken leg over his shoulder proudly, saying, “I can still fly with one leg!” Then, he took off, looking completely at ease.

“Hey! You became a flamingo! Hahaha!” Everyone roared with laughter again.

I cut in, “Everyone, hurry up and head in to get treated! Then, you can go back to the battlefront!”

“Yes!” Everyone shouted, either raising their broken arms or waving their broken hands.

Xiao Ying and the others quickly helped the wounded soldiers in. Raffles, Gru and the others went forward to help too.

“Get the Queen,” Xing Chuan said calmly. Flurry hesitated, saying, “But you…”

“I’ll take care of him,” Raffles said gently to Flurry, pushing Xing Chuan back to the palace.

Flurry pursed his lips and returned to Ice Dragon to get the Queen.

I held Xiao Ying and asked, “Where are Ah Zong, Silver Snake and the others?”

“They went to the battlefront!” Xiao Ying sighed, “I can’t even stop them. They said that there will no longer be a war for them to fight if they didn’t go then. Can I go?” Xiao Ying rested her cheeks on her hands, giving me her puppy eyes. She complained, “Joey and Sia went with them. I am so bored, staying here alone.”

“This is war! Do you think this is a game?!” We needed manpower in Queen Town too but everyone went to take part in the war, leaving only Zong Ben, Jun and the lucid birds to watch over the capital?!

Little Har, Little Bing and Little Raf were lucid birds. They weren’t watchdogs!

“But with Brother Ah Zong, Silver Snake and the zone leaders from Zone 8 and Zone 5, our power almost surpasses our enemy’s. They will definitely be in Nubis’ capital city in no time!”

“Nubis’ capital?!” Ah Tu and the other men exclaimed softly. They caught Xiao Ying’s attention. “Who are they?” Xiao Ying asked, glancing at them.

“They are miners from Zone 2. Oh yeah, arrange a place for them to stay and distribute resources to them. They will stay here from now on.” The houses that had been originally prepared for the people in Zone 1 could be allocated to the people in Zone 2 now. “Oh, and there are children among them,” I said, guiding Ah Chen and the other children.

Xiao Ying smiled happily. “Ngaw! You look so cute! There are finally younger children! Little brothers, don’t be scared. I will bring you to take a shower and live in nice houses."

To begin with, there were very few women in the world. I believed that Zone 2 had no women either, because all the children were stunned and blushing, unable to take their eyes off Xiao Ying’s cute smile.

Not just the children, but the adults too.

“Who are you fighting against in the war?” Karloff who had been quiet suddenly ran out of the spaceship, looking at me frantically as he asked, “What happened to the wounded?! Did the Ghost Eclipsers find out that you, the North Star, came to take them down?!”

“Karloff, calm down.” Ah Tu immediately came to comfort Karloff, “No one is attacking here. Our Queen is attacking the Ghost Eclipsers!” Influenced by the wounded, Ah Tu became enthusiastic too.

“Attack the Ghost Eclipsers?!” Karloff repeated in surprise.

“Yes, yes, Karloff. Don’t worry.”

“Her Highness told us earlier that she is attacking Nubis, that old monster!” Everyone spoke together, completing each other’s sentences. Karloff was stunned, listening to the story.

“You didn’t know because you were knocked out for very long.”

“We didn’t believe it either when we first heard it.”

“Yeah. Who would have thought that anyone would attack Nubis that old monster? Even Silver Moon City didn’t attack the Ghost Eclipsers."

“We heard what Her Highness said and we thought she was lying.”

“Her Highness is amazing. She is really amazing. It is unbelievable. It is like a dream. Hurry up and hit me. See if I am dreaming.”

“The legend is real! Only the North Star can save us!”

“Karloff, look! They said that they won! Do you believe it? It is hard to believe that someone attacked Nubis and won!” Ah Tu remarked in astonishment, shaking his head.

Looking at the wounded soldiers, Karloff’s eyes quivered. Without warning, he came up to me and declared, “I want to go to the battlefront!”

Huh?!” Ah Tu and the other men gasped in shock.

They had wanted to die together a moment ago. Now, they wanted to go to the battlefront!

But then again, only people who were fearless of death could be warriors!

I glanced at Karloff’s wound on his shoulder. He seemed to notice it and immediately said, “My wound is fine! I can recover on my own very quickly!”

I blinked and smiled at him, saying, “No, I am not worried about that. We have healers here who can help you to recover very quickly. I am thinking about which troop to send you to.”

“Any one will do! As long as you let me go to the battlefront!” He roared determinedly.

“And, you are too reckless. You have to obey the general’s command when you are at the battlefield. Can you do that?” I stared at him glumly.

He pushed his chest out and lifted his head without hesitation. His eyes were burning with passion as he said, “Yes! I did wrong. I will obey your commands in the future!”

“Alright!” I nodded with satisfaction. “The wounded soldiers just came back and the backup soldiers just left. Wait for the next batch and I will send you to the battlefront. You happen to have a few days to heal your wound.”

Karloff was finally at ease. He bowed at me as though I had just lifted a heavy weight over him. “Thank you!” His voice was shaking as though his boiling emotions were banging about in his chest.

I had seen many people who had lived under the violent Ghost Eclipsers. I could tell that only Karloff knew what he wanted.

He didn’t want to be a slave to the Ghost Eclipsers and bear humiliation for as long as he lived. Hence, he’d rather die than submit.

Once he knew that there was hope to counter-attack, he joined the troop to kill the enemy without hesitation!


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