Book 7: Chapter 76 - The Wounded Returned

“There’s more?!” Just as everyone exclaimed in surprise, Jun and Zong Ben swooped around the lucid birds and past our spaceship. Their metallic bodies glistened under the dazzling sun. Who would be daring enough to come to Queen Town under their watch!

Whoever dared to come, they would give them no chance to leave!

That was my territory, my law!

“Look! Those two are the most, most, most impressive ones!” Gru repeated thrice excitedly, pointing at Jun and Zong Ben who were playing chase with Lucifer. 

“Those two? They look so small...” Ah Chen and the other children pouted in disbelief, while Ah Tu and the other adults looked doubtful but didn’t dare to carelessly belittle them.

“They are really powerful!” Lisi and Carter emphasized excitedly. “They are spirit warriors that came with Her Highness. They are the legendary spirits in the Center of radiation zone!”

“What?!” Now the adults were scared stiff.

Ah Chen and the other children were confused. “What are spirits?” They had obviously never seen nor heard of spirits.

The children looked to the adults for explanation. 

The adults slowly came back to reality, revealing a terrified expression. Then, they began to tell the story, “Spirits are mysterious beings that live in the center of the radiation zone. The legend says that any spaceship would instantly fall from the sky due to sudden exhaustion of blue crystal energy and humans would...” They paused, looking pale. 

“What would happen to humans?! Uncle Ah Tu! What would happen to humans?!” The children asked closely. They really lived up to the saying, a newborn calf isn’t afraid of the tiger.

Ah Tu gulped and continued, “I heard that they would instantly turn into ashes! No matter how amazing a metahuman is, they couldn’t win against a spirit! Spirits are invincible demonic warriors!”

“Wow!” After hearing Ah Tu’s explanation, the children weren’t afraid at all, instead they eagerly leaned against the window and watched Jun and Zong Ben dance in the air. They let out gasps of admiration, “Wow! Look! Over there! Over there! Wow! Wow!” They were so impressed that they were only gasping in admiration.

I felt that the place instantly became cheerful and noisy with children around. Xiao Ying would definitely be very happy. She always found Queen Town too boring but there were children to keep her company now.

“Are they like that, Brother Gru?” Ah Tu asked Gru when the children went to look at Jun and Zong Ben. “What I heard was a legend. Is it true?”

Gru smiled at him, nodding heavily, “That’s right! They are like that. I saw it with my own eyes!” Then, Gru gazed at me with admiration.

Ah Tu and the other men turned to me too, gawking. They muttered in disbelief, “That’s amazing…” 

“The North Star is God…”

“How can anyone tame a spirit…”

“We definitely won’t die following North Star…”

I reminded them with a smile, “One more thing. They have strong radiation. Once they appear in spirit form, stay far away from them. Don’t go near them out of curiosity.”

Ah Tu immediately tensed up, nodding quickly like a chick pecking at rice.

“Wow! Brother Lucifer looks huge!” The children continued to admire him. “No wonder he said that he was worried he might pull off Uncle Karloff’s arm…”

“I am scared of Brother Lucifer…”

“Don’t be scared. We have the Queen. The Queen is the most powerful one!”

“That’s right!” They agreed in excitement.

Suddenly, Carter and the others glanced at me anxiously. “Your Highness, it seems like the wounded have returned!” They pointed outside the window.

The moment they heard the word ‘wounded’, everyone became anxious, peering in the direction where Carter pointed. Although they didn’t know what was going on, they became anxious when they saw the wounded. It was fear brought by war.

Karloff looked down at the wounded below. He kept his guard up. He seemed to have yet to believe in us. This incident before his eyes made him doubtful, and he seemed to find us not trustable.

It was perfectly normal because he had been unconscious when we’d been chatting earlier. By the time he’d woken up, we’d already been about to reach Queen Town. He hadn’t been there when we’d been getting to know each other. He hadn’t had sufficient time to get to know us and get used to us like Ah Tu and the others.

I rushed to the window and the children quickly moved out of the way, looking out anxiously.

I smiled at them, reassuring, “Don’t be worried. We will be fine."

They immediately nodded obediently and no longer made noise.

I saw a few spaceships parked at the hangar in front of the castle. I recognized Harry’s and He Lei’s spaceship, while others looked unfamiliar, probably Gehenna’s. There were wounded soldiers coming out of the spaceships. Xiao Ying and the others were helping to bring them in. But I didn’t see Ah Zong, Silver Snake and their troop.

“The number of wounded is nothing when it comes to war. Cough, cough…” Xing Chuan comforted softly next to me, “Don’t get too anxious.”

Xing Chuan was right. Back when we’d fought against the Ghost Eclipsers, there had been far more wounded soldiers than this. I should feel happy that only these had come back. It meant that everyone else was fine!

I glanced at Ah Tu and the other men, reassuring, “Don’t worry. Like I mentioned before, we are at war. Only the wounded soldiers come back from the battlefront.”

Ah Tu and the other men were assured by my calm smile.

I was the Queen, the leader of the nation. Although I was worried about my wounded soldiers, I shouldn’t show my worries and anxiety before them because it would cause the people who believed in me to panic.

We quickly landed. I was the first to get off the spaceship once the hatch opened. Both the people who were busy and the wounded soldiers immediately stopped when they saw me.

“Your Highness!” They greeted me in unison, standing.

Everyone looked to be doing great, even the wounded. It seemed like they were fine. I instantly felt at ease.

Raffles, Carter and the rest of the people got off the spaceship too. Raffles studied the wounded anxiously but Carter and Lisi watched them with burning enthusiasm. It was as though being able to fight at war and return with injury carried a unique kind of honor and pride.

Xing Chuan came up next to me with Flurry escorting him but the Queen was nowhere to be seen. Ever since the Queen had come back from Zone 3, she had been staying in her cabin. She was once from Silver Moon City, she wasn’t dumb. She knew what the revealing of Su Yang’s identity meant and she might really be worried about what would happen next.

Ah Tu and the other men swarmed out, standing behind me to look over the wounded. It seemed to be their first time seeing warriors coming back from the battlefront, not the Ghost Eclipsers.

I looked at my fearless warriors. “Alright. Head in to rest. Don’t just stand here.”

“We are fine but General Harry wanted us to come back!” Someone suddenly replied, sounding rather upset.

“Yeah, Your Highness! We can still fight! We won!” Someone shouted enthusiastically.

“We won!”

“We won!”

“We won!”

“Our East Troop is the strongest!”

“Our West Troop is stronger than you!”

“Our North Troop is the strongest!”

Everyone shouted louder and louder. Their cheers instantly washed away everyone’s anxiety and worries from seeing the wounded soldiers. Even Ah Tu and the other men felt high-spirited hearing their proud cheers.


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