Book 2: Chapter 21 - What Is Under Peace

As I stepped forward for a closer look, the entire capsule cabin suddenly dropped, making me jump in shock. It had disappeared down a tunnel with blinking blue lights, which spiraled downwards out of sight.

*Whoosh!* Before my surprised eyes, what sounded like a conveyor belt clicked into action; I subconsciously looked up, only to see an empty capsule being pushed out from the white wall and sliding into place in front of me.

“Luo Bing, don’t be afraid. I’ll send you to the bath.” Noah’s voice was gentle.

It was my turn, and my first time to be cleansed.

I stepped in curiously, and the cabin door immediately closed behind me. For a moment, I felt uncomfortable being in such a dim and confined space.

*Bang!* Warm white gas spurted out from under my feet, flowing up through my trouser legs, into my clothes and out through my collar. In seconds, I was all dried! And it was not only my body but my clothes too! This can’t even count as a shower. It blew dry me in a flash. This is so economical.

“Luo Bing, you do not carry any radiation,” Noah said.

“What?!” I was dumbfounded. “Noah, are you sure you are not broken?”

“Noah is not broken,” Noah replied confidently, “There is no radiation detected. However, there are chemical remnants, like sulfur, nitrogen, arsenic and so on. They are harmful to your skin, so Noah will now send you for a shower.” Then, the entire capsule cabin started descending, and a buzzing noise sounded in my ears. Rings of light passed before the glass of my cabin. Harry and I seemed to be going through a different process; when he had been descending, his capsule cabin had filled with white fog but mine didn’t. 

When the capsule cabin stopped, I could see the thick fog outside. Although the glass of the capsule cabin was sealed, I could still feel the heat outside.

*Swoosh.* A small platform that extended from the right of the capsule cabin.

“Please place your dirty clothes here,” Noah said. Red lights blinked on the platform, indicating the location.

This was different from the usual shower. The normal public shower here was the same as the ones in the world I’d come from, with partitioned cubicles and changing rooms.

Still suspicious, I took off all my clothes, shoes and socks, and placed them neatly on the platform.

“You can shower now, Luo Bing. Please return to pick up your clean clothes later,” Noah replied with a smile in her voice.

*Swoosh.* The door in front of me opened. Suddenly, the heat from outside rushed in, along with the fog and Sis Cannon’s hearty laughter. “Hahaha. Bill roared and we all threw up. Xue Gie got hit the worst. Hahaha.”

“Don’t feel like talking,” Xue Gie replied in a sullen tone.

I walked towards their voices. As the fog was too thick, I couldn’t see the scene before me. Nevertheless, my feet could feel the warm floor, which was covered thinly by a layer of hot water.

“Luckily, Sis Luo Bing’s negotiation went well. Otherwise, we would’ve had to continue puking. Sigh. Bill’s superpower is so annoying,” Xiao Ying complained. *Splash, splash.* She was patting the water.

I couldn’t even describe how delighted I was. Could this be…?!

Suddenly, I stepped on nothing and fell feet first into a big warm bath. *Splash.The water instantly surrounded my body and I felt so comfortable! 

“Wow!” I popped my head above the water and couldn’t help but shout, “This is awesome!” I had never imagined that I could soak in a bath in Noah City.

Back when I could soak in a bath every day, I wouldn’t have thought of it as strange nor would I be as excited. However, to the current me who had wiped myself with cold water for almost a month and only got to shower once every half a month, soaking in a bath was simply like entering heaven!

“Luo Bing is here!” Sis Cannon shouted. “Luo Bing, isn’t it awesome?”

“Awesome! So awesome!” I was speechless.

“It’s all thanks to the rainstorm. I hope it comes more often!” Xiao Ying cheered happily in the water. Finally, I could see everyone clearly. The cheering Xiao Ying looked like she had two huge bunnies bouncing on her chest!

“Not only the rainstorm, but also the enemies. Hahaha…” Sis Cannon let out another burst of hearty laughter. Next to her was Xue Gie, who was facing forward as per usual.

It turned out that everyone had really gone under the rain for a chance to soak in the bath! I understand now. Tactics are important no matter what world you’re in!

“Shut up!” Sis Ceci cut in with a shout! Her long red curls were plastered against her rosy cheeks, her body only vaguely visible in the enshrouding water vapor. Her red hair set off her fair skin, making her look even more seductive than usual.

Sis Cannon quickly shut her mouth, rebellious defiance flashing across her face. Xiao Ying looked at Sis Cannon and Sis Ceci carefully. The entire bath became extremely silent in the face of Sis Ceci’s might.

Xue Gie continued to look straight ahead. Suddenly, she slowly stood up. Turning her head to the right, she ferociously swung her fist to aim to the right. Water droplets swung off her short hair and she quietly intoned in the silent public bath, “We will clear all the sins of this world!” The entire bath was filled with Xue Gie’s determined words.

I remained stunned in the bath and looked at Xue Gie in shock. Without a doubt, she is definitely crazy!

After Xue Gie spoke, she returned to being like a robot that had run out of battery again, standing mutely in the thick steam. With her fair body unmoving, she looked like a new puppet that had been freshly carved by a skilled maestro.

Sis Ceci, Sis Cannon, and Xiao Ying weren’t as surprised as I was. It seemed like they had long gotten used to Xue Gie’s state.

Xue Gie retracted her hand and sat in the bath again. Then, she started daydreaming and muttered, “This line is not good enough.”

“Mm,” In the silence, Sis Ceci hummed. Sis Cannon, Xiao Ying and Xue Gie looked at her at the same time. She furrowed her eyebrows, her wet hair overshadowing her unyielding gaze. “Don’t worry, we won’t hide here forever. This is only the peace before the storm. If the time really comes, would you…” Sis Ceci looked at Xiao Ying, Sis Cannon and Xue Gie sympathetically, “be afraid?”

“No!” Sis Cannon, Xiao Ying and Xue Gie stood up in the water and saluted in unison as they replied fearlessly.

Since the beginning until now, I didn’t quite understand their conversation. However, I faintly felt that beneath the peace and quiet in Noah City, there was a mysterious energy preparing to break through the darkness!

Seeing their courageous expressions, I felt deeply moved. Although there wasn’t any enemy or war before them, they still carried a heroic bearing that said they were ready to face death unflinchingly. It would have been absolutely impossible to see that kind of spirit in the people my age back in my world.

“People of Noah City!” Suddenly, Arsenal’s voice rang across the water. “Sis Meizi has given birth! It’s a girl! Both mother and baby are safe! Let’s cheer for them!” Then, joyous music echoed throughout the entire bathhouse.

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