Book 7: Chapter 73 - The Future Capital Queen Town

We just had to sort the rubbish outside. Once categorized, we could easily store them in the building, because there were hundreds of rooms.

Then, I would cleanse the land in batches. The radiation here had been from the blue crystal energy crystal. Its radiation range wasn’t as huge as the usual radiation zones. So, I should be able to cleanse it entirely. By then, the place would become a perfect livable zone!

“Raffles! I want to relocate Queen Town here!” I said excitedly.

Raffles blinked at me, stunned. The crying men stared at me blankly too.

I looked around the building in excitement, saying, “Look! There are so many rooms here. There are gardens, ponds and even an underground lake! The radiation outside was from the blue crystal energy crystal but I absorbed it all. I only need to cleanse outside this place. Once the rubbish is sorted out, we can plant a forest here to create a brand new city!”

Plus, the hotel building had been preserved well, saving us the effort of building a house.

Raffles’ eyes glistened, as he came around to the idea. He gazed at the building excitedly with fresh eyes. “Haggs and I can have a whole level for our lab! No! He can have one level while I’ll have another level!”

“That’s right! The entire level! Look, there are so many rooms. It’d be more than enough to have one level per person. We can store many resources. The place is well-equipped with facilities too. As soon as we connect this place to an electricity source, this would be a great place! What do you think?” I glanced at the people in Zone 2 excitedly, asking. They immediately shook their heads. To them, it was hell. How could it become heaven?

I gave them a smile. “Do you want to follow me back to Queen Town? Or would you like to stay here to transform this place for me?”



They exchanged a look.

“Uncle Cook… I don’t want to stay here anymore…” The children cried and the adults quickly coaxed them, “Alright. We won’t stay here.”

They looked at me simultaneously, showing expressions of both reverence and distress. “North Star… No, Your Highness. We… don’t want to stay here…” They hung their heads low. “Please bring us away.” They pleaded softly, worried that I wouldn’t agree with their request.

I nodded understandingly. “Alright. It’ll still take some time to transform this place. Plus, we are fighting a war against Nubis now…”

“Against… against Nubis?!” They gawked in surprise.

I smiled faintly at them, reassuring, “Don’t worry. We will win. I’ll first bring you back to Queen Town for treatment today.”

They slowly came back to their senses. But they continued to gape at me in disbelief, at my calm smile.

“Thank you, Your Highness! Thank you!” They quickly bowed, expressing their gratitude.

Flurry brought the people in Zone 2 back. Ice Dragon would send another three flying vehicles in.

Ice Dragon moved the people onto his main ship while moving the resources out of its storage. Later, we could bring more resources when we came back to Zone 2 for its transformation.

The building was filled with bustling robots.

Ever since I’d said that I wanted to move Queen Town there, Raffles got more and more excited. He was deciding which level he wanted his lab to be at. He and Haggs had been thinking of expanding Margaery’s castle because the castle had too few rooms for the two mad scientists! They had too many research projects to carry out, but they did not had the bandwidth to do as much as they would like to. Both of them were too busy.

They needed two teams of scientists!

However, there were too few educated people, let alone scientists. Now, only Silver Moon City had a scientist team.

The hotel’s electricity had been cut off so the elevator couldn’t operate. Despite possessing the biggest blue crystal energy crystal, they hadn’t used electricity for themselves.

Using blue crystal energy required a designated converter. As mere miners, they’d had no right to use the blue crystal energy.

I opened the elevator door and looked down. The shaft was dark, reminding me of the time I’d gone on an adventure with Harry back then. I felt a sudden urge to seek adventure.

I jumped off and turned on the magnetic field on my armor to slow down my descending speed.

The scouting robots flew down with me, surrounding me as they lit up the place below.

Before me wasn’t a wall but a blue lake!

The robots shone the light into the lake. The lake was clear with blue lights twinkling.

Suddenly, the lake was covered in light spots. They were bioluminescent creatures! Instinctively, the creatures gathered towards the light source to bathe their bodies in the light.

They swam before me, shimmering.

They were like little elves with long shimmering cirrus trails, fluttering like an elf’s long hair. Some of them looked like the glow-in-the-dark lily, blooming before me.

“So beautiful…” Raffles’ image appeared next to me, watching the magical creatures swimming. “They are alive. They survived at the end of the world. The ground above protected them from the radiation.”

“Isn’t turning this place into Queen Town a good idea?” I’d wanted to leave Margaery’s capital long ago. The palace was filled with blood and I constantly felt chills down my spine whenever I stayed there.

Mm,” Raffles nodded in agreement. “Let’s begin then.”


“Begin working! To turn this place into our new Queen Town! This place will definitely be more bustling than Blue Shield City!” Raffles said confidently. His eyes were shimmering with hope.

“But we don’t have enough manpower.”

“We can send some robots here to sort out the rubbish outside. We acquired many working robots in the North Sea. The robots are of an older model. They can’t be used in the war but they happen to be fit for working here.”

I smiled. That’s right. We can start by sorting out the rubbish. I am looking forward to the day when the ugly duckling Zone 2 turns into a swan. It will shock the world!

Ice Dragon took off once again, leaving some of the robots behind. They ran on solar energy so they could stand under the sun to charge their batteries whenever they ran out.

Lucifer was reluctant to leave so soon. He seemed to want to live in huge, hotel-like buildings too. I’d nearly forgotten that his home was a hotel just like this place. That was why he had feelings for buildings like this. 

Everyone boarded Ice Dragon and it became so noisy.

The people from Zone 2 were gathered in the dining cabin. They sat there, looking around curiously and excitedly.

Gru, Lisi and Carter continued to treat their wounds. The people were still emitting a fishy pus smell.

Gru was careful when he was treating them, because he had come from a mining zone too. He had once been a miner too and should only have been a child back then, just slightly older than the children from Zone 2.

The people in Zone 2 didn’t expect that Gru had once been a miner, and shared the same experiences as them. Now, they let down their guard against Gru.


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