Book 7: Chapter 72 - Cleanse

People fell from above one after another, like deers that had been forced to the cliff by the hunter and jumped off tragically yet heroically.

The world suddenly became so silent that I could hear their clothes fluttering as they fell. They hugged each other tightly, covering the children’s eyes as they fell straight down towards me. In the blink of an eye, they were right in front of me. And the world was about to be filled with heart-shattering heavy landing noises.

*Bang! Bang! Bang!* Just like the mysterious blue crystal energy that landed during the end of the world...

Suddenly, a gale whipped at my long hair and the people suddenly stopped above me! They hovered in mid-air, looking shocked. 

Teardrops landed on my face. Their cold tears were filled with hopelessness.

They hovered above me as the gale force winds lifted their clothes. They stared at me painfully and hopelessly with their final courage.

The gale was so strong that their faces were rippling, breaking the blisters on their faces that were caused by the radiation. Their hair that was falling out due to radiation, was also swept up into the high sky by the winds.

I extended my hand and reached for the gale. Cold wind wrapped around my fingers and the spirit flower on the back of my hand bloomed. Blue light spots slowly left the hovering people’s bodies while the spirit flower extended its stamen to take in the light spots.

Their angry expression was replaced with surprise. They watched in disbelief as the blue light spots left their skin, hair and clothes to flow into my hands.

I absorbed all the radiation that they carried as the wind grew weaker. They gradually fell to the ground all around me. Standing among them, I lifted my head to look up at Flurry hovering in the sky and nodded in gratitude.

Flurry stood high and mighty. I couldn’t see his expression but he didn’t leave as he had earlier.

I lowered my face to look at the people around me and spoke, “I know that you don’t believe me but I am really here to help you…” 

“You killed Brother Karloff!” A child roared at me, shedding tears of anger. “You are a demoness! A demoness!” He roared in tears.

The surrounding men immediately shielded him, eyeing me warily.

I was glad that they felt angry, that they would rather die than submit. They were far more humane than those people who had behaved like obedient slaves. 

“I didn’t kill him. I brought him back to the spaceship to heal him,” I stated calmly.

“Impossible!” The men got to their feet, standing next to one another and shielding the children behind them. “Why would a Ghost Eclipser save anyone?! You might as well kill us now, you demoness!”

I gazed at them quietly. Just as I was about to speak, a loud voice resounded from above, “She is not a Ghost Eclipser! You morons! She is the North Star! She is…” Flurry clenched his teeth and finished, “...the only person who would save you!”

“The North Star!” Suddenly, everyone stood before me in shock. It took them a long time to come back to reality… 

After I’d cleansed the blue crystal energy crystal, the surrounding radiation had yet to fade. It would take some time. With my current capability, I couldn’t cleanse such a large piece of land in an instant, so Raffles still couldn’t come close.

I cleansed the entire building, forming a livable zone within the radiation zone. The level of radiation would gradually rise as one moved further away from the building, up to level six, before it would slowly drop again.

The scouting robots began to inspect the building, rapidly creating a scanned map of every level in front of Raffles.

Raffles’ holographic image appeared next to me, frightening the men who stood huddled together.

Ignoring them, Raffles inspected the mining machine. Its pipes traveled up from both sides. The end should be in one of the levels above, because the people had not been able to reach this spot due to the radiation in the past.

The robots sent the medical equipment in. I took out and brought the spray designed to heal radiation wounds over to the people of Zone 2, but they quickly retreated backwards.

“You, are you really the North Star?” They watched me in doubt.

I looked at them with the spray in my hand. “I am glad that you know the North Star. If not, I reckon you wouldn’t believe that I came to help you."

I was annoyed by the title of the North Star as it was a heavy responsibility. But sometimes, it also acted as a name card for me to save the world.

When I said that I was Luo Bing, no one would trust me and follow me. But the moment I said that I was the North Star, people would immediately show confidence in me.

The people turned silent, glancing at each other. I put the medicine before them, saying, “I can’t manage all of you. Can you heal yourself? Do you know how to use this?” I asked gently.

They shook their heads.

I pushed the cap off and went up to a person. He was scared while the others watched him anxiously.

The moment I lifted the spray, he closed his eyes in terror. I sprayed his face gently, covering his wounds with refreshing liquid. Unnoticeable Nami robots hidden in the spray rapidly healed his wounds.

“It’s awesome!” They exclaimed in surprise, as though they hadn’t believed earlier that the spray was medicine but instead a terrifying liquid that the Ghost Eclipsers used for torturing them. Only when one person took the risk and used it, did they finally believe that it was really medicine.

They laughed happily as I distributed the medicine to them. Quickly they took it and began to heal their own wounds. They chuckled as they healed their wounds, then they began to cry…

I stood by the side, waiting for them to calm down.

“This is a castle hotel!” Raffles said excitedly next to me. The holographic map of the hotel appeared before me, the rooms clearly visible. There even used to be an ecological garden on every level with a good soil foundation!

It was just that it had become a mining zone before, so all the plants had withered and the soil had turned polluted. Now that I’d cleansed the building, the soil could be used for planting again! 

Plus, there was of course a pool since it had used to be a hotel. Every level had an exquisite public pool, hot spring and fountain. And the water source was derived from an underground lake!

In other words, the level that we were at currently wasn’t actually the lowest level of the building. There was a transparent building even deeper in the ground, reaching into the underground lake and forming an underwater room!

This was an excellent location for residing!

The hotel was well-equipped with facilities. Not only was there a mall, but there were also a children’s theme park, culture square, cinema, library, restaurant and more. The architecture hadn’t been damaged at all. I even felt that this place should be the new capital!

Once I had this idea, I couldn’t stop thinking about it!


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