Book 7: Chapter 71 - Seek To Be Free

Kicking out, he scrambled back hastily. He roared at me, terrified, “So what if you are the new Queen?! So what if you are the old Queen?! You are all Ghost Eclipsers! All of you are the same! You came to save us?! Hahaha! How is that even possible?! Who else would come and save us! Even Silver Moon City didn’t come to save us. Who else would save us?!” His eyes turned blank and he lowered his face, muttering, “We don’t want to live like this anymore… We don’t want to live such a life anymore… We are going to die anyway…” His gaze dulled and the corner of his lips twitched. He continued, “I might as well die a simple and direct death!” All of a sudden, he lifted his hand, evidently ready to slam at his forehead!

I raised his severed arm and slapped him without hesitation!

*Slap!* Slapped by his own arm, he rolled over, passed out.

I hadn’t expected his arm to be so sturdy. I’d knocked him out with just one hit!

I squatted next to him and furrowed my eyebrows as I studied him. “You left me no choice! The good days are coming. It’d be such a pity to die now.” I held his arm to his shoulder and took out the regeneration spray from my travel medical kit to spray at the connecting point. Now, his arm was stuck back on temporarily. 

“Raffles, send a medical robot to transport him back,” I instructed as I secured the arm with a fastener.

“Alright, be careful. Ice Dragon detected a miniature center of the radiation zone in the building, where the radiation is very strong. That’s why the radiation in this area is this strong. If the people continue to walk towards the center, they will definitely die!” Raffles said anxiously.

I glanced down at the knocked out person and suddenly understood the people’s intention. They shared the same idea as the person in front of me. They want to-!

“They want to kill themselves!” Xing Chuan’s voice resounded in my ears. “Cough, cough. Lil Bing, stop them.”

They wanted to kill themselves because they didn’t want to live in agony any longer. They had no hope left in life. They had spent their whole lives at the edge of the border of the Ghost Eclipsers’ territory, yet Silver Moon City above who could see them clearly had never lent them a helping hand. Who else would save them?

They felt utterly hopeless and believed that only death could set them free from the hopeless, agonizing life.

Immediately I stood up and looked behind me. The people who had been surrounding the door earlier were already gone. They had definitely walked further down.

A new Queen or the old Queen, they are all the same. Instead of living in humiliation and agony, we might as well die!

His hopeless speech replayed in my head. Their hopelessness made them unable to believe in the hope before them. They wouldn’t blindly believe my speech of saving them. They’d simply assumed that I had another agenda.

At once I broke into a run towards the building and kicked down the door. Inside, the building spiraled downwards underground. There was no one on the ground level.

I ran over to the railing and looked down. The people were helping each other, stumbling down the stairs. At the bottom of the spiral building, there was a faint blue light shimmering.

“Hey!” I shouted. They stopped and looked up. I shouted at them, “I am here to send you food!” In the past, the people would immediately reveal an excited smile once I told them I was there to send them food. Food was very tempting to everyone in this world.

I thought they would stop trying to kill themselves if I told them I was there to send food.

But I was wrong. They ran down even faster. Some stronger men even carried the children over their shoulders as they ran down.

What annoyed me the most was people bringing their children with them when they were killing themselves. 

However, in their world, they were simply leaving them in hell if they let their children live. The less powerful children were destined to end up as a meal on the table among the terrifying Ghost Eclipsers.

Instead of putting them through a pathetic life, they might as well end their lives all together.

It was my first time seeing the temptation of food fail so spectacularly. It showed how determined they were to seek death!

Talking was useless, I had to walk my talk!

Just like how earlier, I’d only managed to save the person after I’d knocked him out.

The current situation was similar but I couldn’t hit so many people with just myself alone. But I could still stop them from killing themselves.

They probably thought that I wouldn’t go after them anymore because the radiation would only get stronger further down. Other metahumans would be simply courting death if they were to pursue them any further.

But I wasn’t any other metahuman!

Hence, I jumped over the railing without hesitation. I dived head down, flying past the people who gaped at me in shock. Our eyes met for a short moment as they gaped at me in surprise, not knowing what I was doing.

I smiled at them, charging down right to the bottom of the building.

The blue light got closer and the light spot grew bigger. At the bottom of the building was a miniature blue crystal energy mining machine. In the middle of the mining machine, was a human-height gemstone with blue crystal energy shimmering within!

It was a huge blue crystal energy!

The blue crystal energy we’d found during expeditions in the past was only about the size of a gemstone, because they’d been commonly processed into jewelry. The blue crystal gemstone that I’d found in Kro was already considered a big one.

I’d never thought that there would be an even bigger one here! What had this gemstone been used for sixty years ago? What had it gone through during the end of the world?

Turning on the magnetic field on my armor enabled me to hover in the air temporarily and slow down my landing speed. I flipped over and landed before the huge blue crystal energy gemstone.

I lifted my face and gazed up at the dumbfounded people, shouting, “I really am here to save you! Give me a chance to help you. Live!” I extended my hands and pulled off the connection of the pipe to the gemstone. Blue crystal energy flooded out from the gap, soaring at me.

The blue light spots turned into blue hovering ribbons entangling my body, flowing into my body!

I spread my arms and took them all in.

It had been a while since I’d last recharged my energy. Like a sponge, I thirstily absorbed the light spots while they too enthusiastically immersed into my body as though they’d finally reunited with their family. The energy all over my body replenished and my hands glowed.

Yes, this is how I feel when I absorb blue crystal energy. This is real charging!

The entire gemstone slowly dimmed and Raffles’ voice resounded in my ears, “Lil Bing, the radiation is getting weaker!”

As I sucked the gemstone dry, the blue light on my body gradually faded. Now, they can’t kill themselves. I smiled, looking up. Only to see them jumping off the railing…

My smile froze when I saw them jumping down from above. They had the courage to jump into the embrace of death but they had no courage to give themselves another chance to live…

They were too silly. Too silly…


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