Book 7: Chapter 70 - Another Mining Zone

Hovering in mid-air, Ice Dragon activated its radiation isolation magnetic field, layering protection to weaken the radiation invasion. The radiation on the ground would be higher than in the sky, hence Ice Dragon remained hovering instead of landing.

“Why did we stop? Have we arrived in Zone 2?!” Lucifer asked, running over. Gru, Lisi and Carter followed behind him. Seeing the radiation isolation magnetic field, they stopped, stunned, their faces anxious. 

Seeing Lucifer come over, I asked, “Is Xing Chuan still sleeping?”

Mm, Brother Xing Chuan is still sleeping. The Queen is looking after him.”

It was tough for Xing Chuan to stay up all night. Traveling wore him out, unlike when he'd been staying in Queen Town.

“Your Highness, what’s wrong? Are we in a high radiation zone?” Gru and the others stared outside anxiously.

“Lisi, Carter, do you know much about Zone 2?” I asked Lisi and Carter.

They shook their heads together.

“Zone 2 has been providing the old lady with blue crystal energy. They are very mysterious,” Lisi explained, glancing at Carter. Carter then added, “I heard that the people in Zone 2 are chosen from every zone. Our troop member from Zone 2 was sent to us when he was very young, different from those of us who grew up in our own zones. Plus, Zone 2 has never had to send human pigs.”

There’d been barely anyone from Zone 2 when we’d had the meeting. In total there had been only two or three of them. They all had high radiation resistance but they didn’t remember much of their hometown. They hoped to return home after the war to look for their family.

Knowing that I would be going to Zone 2, they hoped that I could bring seeds to their hometown to grow a fruit forest there. But who knew that Zone 2 was actually a high radiation zone.

Even if we built a mountain city like Zone 1, they wouldn’t be able to grow food crops due to the strong radiation.

I looked at Raffles. “I’ll go by myself. You stay here.”

“Be careful,” Raffles exhorted with concern.

“Protect Professor Raffles and everyone else,” I told Lucifer, Gru and the rest.


Quickly I sat in the cockpit and commanded, “Prepare for detaching.”

“Alright. Prepared to detach.” Ice Dragon began to separate and my seat instantly moved down, sealing the top. Then I was in a flying vehicle, charging towards the people at full speed.

Ice Dragon flew back, moving away from the radiation zone.

I couldn’t imagine what the cyst looking building in the high radiation zone could be. It didn’t seem like an anti-radiation building because the radiation it was giving out was even stronger than the surrounding areas.

When I got closer to the people, they became visibly anxious. They stuck close together, looking up warily at my flying vehicle.

Then, someone in the building waved at them, beckoning at them to get in quickly and everyone began running into the building. I saw children who seemed to be aged twelve or so, but I didn’t see any woman.

The children ran slower so they were far behind.

I then landed the flying vehicle and drifted before the children to block their way. Frightened, they fell onto their behinds next to the flying vehicle. All of them looked terrified. Their faces and their exposed bodies under the tattered clothes were covered in severe radiation burn marks too, flowing with yellow pus.

I suddenly understood why Zone 2 looked like the blue crystal energy mining area I’d seen back then. It was a mining zone! But, I hadn’t seen the center of the radiation zone so they shouldn’t be mining at the center of the radiation zone. There was definitely a lot of blue crystal energy, explaining the strong radiation in the area.

Opening the door, I looked at the terrified children on the ground in surprise. Then, I turned towards the building. The people quickly closed the door but they didn’t leave. They were watching us anxiously in fear.

I turned back to look at the children. They stared at me in fear. For a long time, we looked at each other without saying a word. 

I didn’t know what to say because I was too surprised at the severe wounds on their bodies, while they were obviously terrified.

They were like fragile young fledglings who had fallen behind, looking at me with fear.

Suddenly, a huge palm-like shadow darkened the ground under me. Instinctively I dodged outside the shadow. I had been fighting against metahumans for so long that I was sure that shadow was not to welcome you.

*Bang!* There was an earth-shattering loud bang.

A huge rock hand slapped at the original spot where I’d stood! My flying vehicle was instantly flattened into a piece of scrap metal under its hand.

The huge rock hand suddenly raised and grabbed the few children who had fallen behind. Then, the rock man soared from the ground and ran towards the building.

*Bang! Bang! Bang!* His heavy footsteps shook the ground like an earthquake! My flattened flying vehicle was sent flying from the impact. Not just my flying vehicle, I also had difficulty staying on my feet due to the vigorous tremors. 

Just when he was about to reach the building, a gray shadow suddenly soared through the air and landed before him. It was Flurry, decked in armor.

Flurry’s sudden appearance surprised me. Raffles and the others must have seen what happened and sent backup to protect me, but I’d never expected it to be Flurry.

It seemed that Xing Chuan had woken up, because Flurry would only follow Xing Chuan’s command.

While I was still in a daze, Flurry had already lifted his hand. Seeing him make a move, the rock man immediately threw those few children towards the rooftop of the building. Then, a hole opened up in the top of the building and the children fell through the hole, joining the rest of the people.

The rock man stayed outside to continue the fight. He spread his arms at Flurry.

Appearing perfectly calm, Flurry elegantly swiped his finger across the air. Nothing appeared and nothing seemed to have happened, yet the rock man let out a tragic scream, “Ah!” Then, his right rock arm fell off his shoulder and landed on the ground.

“Ah! Ah!” The rock giant shrank as he wailed in agony, taking the shape of a human. His right arm was bleeding a river, while his severed rock arm on the ground became an ordinary human arm too.

Flurry was about to raise his hands again but I immediately stopped him, shouting, “Flurry, stop!”

Flurry glanced at me in the high sky. He then turned and flew to the top of the building, taking a seat as he looked away, as though it was torture for him to have to protect me.

The armor on Flurry could bear two levels of radiation on his behalf. So, technically, Flurry’s radiation resistance level was at least at level five and above.

I ran up before that person and saw that his face was covered in burn marks from radiation. He held his shoulder, covered in sweat. Sweat flowed down his face, along with yellow pus.

I picked up his arm on the ground and pressed it on his shoulder. Noticing, he immediately raised his hand at me. I blocked and gazed at him seriously, saying, “I am your new Queen. I am here to save you!”

However, my words didn’t seem to have any effect. He was merely stunned for a while, before he quickly retreated.


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