Book 7: Chapter 69 - Zone 2 Had High Radiation

“With Lil Bing’s temperament… she yields to a soft approach but rejects force… Cough…” Xing Chuan coughed into his fist, saying, “You should be able to learn from my failure… don’t you agree, He Lei?” Xing Chuan lifted his gaze strenuously to look He Lei in the eye.

Everyone shot strange looks at He Lei.

He Lei held his forehead in shame as he sighed, “I am not like you. You are far more persistent than I am.”

He Lei’s words surprised me. Not only me, even Xing Chuan was stunned too. Harry, Ah Zong, Raffles and the rest all stared at He Lei in shock. The arrogant He Lei had actually complimented someone. 

He Lei relaxed. Dropping his hand, he glanced at Xing Chuan. “You should rest…”

Cough, cough, cough…” Xing Chuan kept smiling in between his coughs. “In my remaining days… to be forgiven by all of you… and to spend time with all of you… I am grateful…” Everyone showed complicated expressions at Xing Chuan’s intermittent, weak speech. 

Slowly, Xing Chuan lifted his face to look at Harry, He Lei, Ah Zong and Raffles in turn. “My only hope… now… is to see all of you… work together to assist Lil Bing… to take over Kansas Star… and support Lil Bing to save this world…” Xing Chuan’s eyelids gradually dipped as he spoke, before his eyes finally closed in exhaustion.

“Brother Xing Chuan…” Lucifer took out a blanket, full of heartache for Xing Chuan.

I took the blanket from his hand and draped it over Xing Chuan as everyone watched in silence.

I looked around at everyone. “He refused to sleep and insisted on waiting for your updates! Go and rest up. Remember, we have to learn from Xing Chuan’s experience. We can continue the triumphant pursuit but we definitely can’t exhaust our soldiers.”

Everyone nodded simultaneously.

With a wave, I sent the images of the rebuilt Zone 1 and Zone 3 to them. “This is the rebuilt Zone 1. We also found a water source for Zone 3. Show everyone so that they can be at ease.”

“That’s impressive!” Napoleon and Gehenna were surprised at the scenes.

Uncle Mason glanced at them smugly. “It’s all because we have Raffles. Isn’t that right, Raffles?”

Raffles looked down bashfully, blushing as he replied, “Uncle Mason, I didn’t do much. What you’ve achieved is far greater than anything I’ve done.”

“Professor Raffles, what nonsense are you saying?!” Gehenna exclaimed emotionally. “What else can be greater than resolving the issue of hunger and keeping warm?! Look! You can even plant food crops in a radiation zone! That’s so amazing! Sis! When this war ends, can you lend me your Raffles?”

“Me too!” Napoleon got excited too.

I smiled.

Harry crossed his arms, looking at them arrogantly. “Get in line. We only have one Raffles!”

“Harry, did you forget about Haggs?” He Lei reminded glumly.

Harry was speechless.

Poof.” Ah Zong burst in laughter at the two of them. “So now you two don’t fight with your fists, but with your words instead?”

Harry glared at He Lei coldly. “Don’t you dare think that it’s all over now!”

He Lei’s face turned glum. “I will not do it again! I only want to win this war now. This is the best I can do for my tribe! As for everything else,” He Lei furrowed his eyebrows and continued, “I have no right to think about it.”

Harry and Ah Zong exchanged a glance. Harry nodded faintly.

Ah Zong smiled flirtatiously. “Lil Bing has yet to rest too. Let’s call it a day and let her rest.” 

“Yup. Let sis rest,” Gahenna said and went offline.

Napoleon and Uncle Mason went offline too.

I glanced at Harry. Before I could say anything, Harry went offline too, followed by He Lei and Ah Zong. The three men seemed to have reached a tacit agreement between themselves. No one wanted to talk to me alone, or… they were too embarrassed to talk to me alone.

The knot between us had yet to be resolved. It would remain in everyone’s heart as long as Harry had yet to transform back into a human.

Before us, the scenery was still gloomy, but the morning star was slowly ascending. It shone, exceptionally dazzling in the night sky.

Among Margaery’s livable zones, Zone 2 was the livable zone with the least clear stance. The people there were neither Margaery’s people nor did they maintain a friendly relationship with Silver Snake and the others. It was the livable zone at the edge of the entire region, just like the borderlands in the world I was from.

On top of that, every livable zone was situated far apart from each other. If they hadn’t already been on friendly terms, Silver Snake and Bei Luo wouldn’t have kept in touch frequently. Because the people at the end of the world did not believe in others besides themselves.

So, Zone 2 was like an isolated existence. Not even Silver Snake was certain of its condition. He only knew that Zone 2 was in charge of sourcing blue crystal energy for Margaery.

Ever since I had taken over Queen Town, the people had either gone on high alert and observed us like Bei Luo, or ran to Nubis like the zone leader of Zone 7. But Zone 2’s leader’s stance was unclear. We might experience the same situation as when we’d passed by Zone 8 back then, and walk into an ambush. 

After taking a break, the spaceship arrived in the air above Zone 2. Below us, we spied a huge rubbish area that resembled a landfill piled up with all of the world’s rubbish.

Piles of rubbish passed under our spaceship. Those piles contained various kinds of rubbish, like electronic appliances, furniture, building materials, glass. It looked like it had been gathered from expeditions from elsewhere.

Although it was rubbish, there must have been many useful things at the end of the world. Judging from Raffles’ excitement, he could definitely build a spacecraft using the rubbish here.

We didn’t see any humans even after flying above for very long.

It wasn’t a good thing to not see anyone on the battlefield, hence we stepped up our caution and activated the protective shield while preparing our defences.

“Lil Bing, look!” Suddenly, Raffles pointed to the front. A dome-shaped, translucent cyst-like building had appeared ahead of us. People were walking towards the building.

“Zoom in.” Ice Dragon adjusted the camera zoom following my command. A team of people stumbled as they helped one another to walk towards the building. All of them bore severe wounds from radiation!

“Strong radiation detected. The building has strong blue crystal energy,” Ice Dragon warned. “Do not go any closer. Professor Raffles’ body can’t take it.”

Ice Dragon was equipped with an anti-radiation magnetic field. However, he couldn’t completely resist overly powerful radiation. There would still be some radiation seeping into the spaceship. The best Ice Dragon could do in that case was weaken the radiation.

The problem was that Raffles was only a level two anti-radiationer. So, as long as the radiation outside exceeded level six, Raffles would be in danger.

Hence, we couldn’t go forward. Ice Dragon could only stop here.


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