Book 7: Chapter 68 - New Of Victory From The Battlefront

“That’s right! Take revenge on this world!” Silver Snake shouted with burning enthusiasm and anger, raising his arms.




Everyone raised their arms, chanting enthusiastically. Xing Chuan’s smoldering speech ignited the spark that had been oppressed at the bottom of their hearts for far too long. The spark ignited a burning flame that couldn’t wait to burn across the whole world and cleanse every last corner of it.

I glanced at Xing Chuan. He seemed rather calm, his eyes fixed in front of him. As a breeze ruffled the scattered white hair by the side of his face, he lifted the corners of his lips into a cold smile.

He was still as merciless as before. He could mercilessly use his father to convince more people to join us without blinking an eye. Clearly this was his revenge on his father.

He might be despicable, but he was despicably loving.

Xing Chuan, thank you. Thank you for everything that you do for me now.

Once the spark had set the prairie ablaze, the power would be overwhelming. The flame of their revenge would not go out, regardless of time and space. They could not wait to go right away to the battlefront, and fight against Nubis.

I sent Silver Snake to bring them back to see Ah Zong in Queen Town, who would allocate them accordingly.

The war had already started, but we had yet to receive any military bulletins from the battlefront. My heart was hanging in the air. I was confident in Harry and the other troops, and I also knew that I should be calm as a queen, but my personal relationship with them impaired my ability to keep my cool.

The spaceships took off before us, greeting the final twilight of the world. Gradually they disappeared along with the sunset, like fearless warriors chasing after the light. 

The people in Zone 3 saw us off. We took off and headed towards Zone 2.

The night sky engulfed us, while next to us the galaxy flowed across the dark expanse of space. Our surroundings had already returned to tranquility, but our hearts remained unsettled.

The Queen sat in her cabin blankly, not saying a word. I didn’t know how much she knew about the current situation, but she should at least know that Su Yang and her identity wouldn’t be able to remain hidden for much longer.

Flurry stood by the window, watching the galaxy churning under the starlight outside. Xing Chuan had torn off his elegant mask, revealing the truth of why he enjoyed SM [1]. However, just as Xing Chuan had said, he didn’t leave but stayed with us, to see and to hear.

Plus, he probably didn’t know that it would be too late even if he left right away to inform Su Yang. On the contrary, he would arrive right in time to see Nubis’ army attacking Ghost King City.

Meanwhile, we were waiting in the cockpit for a military update.

No one spoke. We were destined to have a sleepless night.

The starlight dimmed, while the ground below gave way to barren wasteland again. The dark night sky segued seamlessly into dark ground, as though we were drowning in a boundless darkness, without any idea when we would be able to see light again.

Just then, a twinkling morning star appeared in the east. Although it was only vaguely visible at the end of the darkness, it was filled with hope, encouraging the people who’d lost their belief and hope, letting them know that light was coming.

“Master.” Ice Dragon appeared before us.

“How’re things with Harry and the other troops?!” I immediately asked.

Raffles looked worried, while Xing Chuan retained his composure. Lucifer clenched the wheelchair’s armrest next to Xing Chuan. Gru, Carter and Lisi anxiously watched Ice Dragon.

Ice Dragon smiled at us. “Why don’t I let Harry and the others report personally?”

Then, a number of figures appeared before us one after another.

Harry, He Lei, Gehenna, Napoleon, Uncle Mason and Ah Zong appeared before us.

Harry looked refreshed without even a hint of the distress he’d shown when he’d first left. He waved his hand at me smugly and showed me a thumbs-up, saying, “First victory! In an hour!”

“An hour?” He Lei finally spoke. It was his first time speaking before me since he’d left Queen Town. He glanced at Harry solemnly, teasing, “Too slow."

Harry narrowed his eyes. Murderous intent soaring, he taunted, “Let’s compete again next time!”

Seemed like they’d made a bet before they’d left.

“Don’t blindly chase after speed in a war. Cough.” Xing Chuan reminded, “I am the best… bad example… Cough, cough… You have to learn from my mistake…”

Harry and He Lei glanced at Xing Chuan simultaneously with complicated expressions. In the end, they nodded in agreement in unison.

Uncle Mason nodded. “It’s great to be young. So competitive! Don’t get carried away!”

“That’s right. We can’t be arrogant,” Gehenna timely added.

Napoleon smiled at him, teasing, “Mason is talking about the youngsters. Gehenna, you are already a middle-aged man. Don’t pretend to be young.”

“Hahaha!” Harry burst out in laughter, while Gehenna’s face turned black.

Ah Zong snickered flirtatiously.

Mm… I’m beginning to like this big family,” Napoleon commented, fiddling with his hat.

Seeing them so energetic, Raffles and I could finally be at ease.

“It’s great that everyone is doing great…” Raffles hesitated for a moment, then asked, “Any casualties?”

“Report!” Harry suddenly turned solemn, reporting, “East Troop sent eighteen men and took down Zone 3 in the East in one hour and ten minutes. One severely injured, three minorly injured, no death! The casualties have returned to Queen Town!”

“There’s actually one severely wounded?! Humph!” He Lei let out another light scoff. He then faced me solemnly and reported, “Report. The North troop took down Zone 4 in the north. We sent thirteen men. Zero, casualty!” He Lei emphasized his last two words, glancing at Harry sideways.

“This is ridiculous!” Harry pouted, unwilling to admit defeat. He retorted, “You have speed metahumans and space metahumans. Pfft.

“Harry, don’t worry,” Ah Zong assured, smiling at him. “Silver Snake is going to bring more people to the battlefront. They are Zone 8’s leader, Bei Lei and Zone 5’s leader, Inge. They are going to join the war!”

“What?!” Not only Harry, Uncle Mason, Napoleon, Gehenna and the rest were shocked too.

I gazed at them happily, continuing, “That’s right! Zone 8’s leader, Bei Lei and Zone 5’s leader, Inge heard that we’re attacking the Ghost Eclipsers, so they immediately came to join the war. Ah Zong, have they met up with you?” 

“Yes!” Ah Zong was thrilled with excitement too. “They brought many metahumans, including speed and space metahumans!”

“That’s great!” I looked around at everyone solemnly, exhorting, “But everyone, don’t underestimate our enemy. We have to be like He Lei, to have zero casualties!”

Harry looked away angrily.

He Lei blushed at my compliment. He averted his eyes, still too ashamed to look at me directly.

“That’s right,” Ah Zong commented. He sniggered at He Lei, saying, “Men should use their strength on the battlefield, not in places when strength shouldn’t be used.”

Then, I blushed too.

Raffles stole a glance at me. He’d been feeling uneasy ever since what had happened with He Lei, but he’d never asked me about it because he respected me.


1. Sadomasochism 


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