Book 7: Chapter 67 - Take Revenge On The World

“How, how did you do it?! Since when was there such a big lake?” The oneechan clown gaped in surprise.

“We just made it today!” Silver Snake replied proudly. “I know that you have many animals in Zone 8. But isn’t the grass insufficient? I believe Professor Raffles can resolve your issue!” Silver Snake said, pointing at Raffles proudly. 

Raffles blushed bashfully. He lowered his head, replying, “Everything was just solved using science. Wherever there are plants, there will be water. According to this theory…”

“Professor Raffles, take a break. You will get tired from talking too,” Silver Snake cut Raffles off, looking over at Bei Luo and Inge arrogantly. “You have to make arrangements for your people at home to welcome Her Highness.”

Inge turned to glance at the baby boy, who in turn looked down at Bei Luo and the oneechan clown.

Bei Luo and oneechan clown thought for a while, before they regained their calm and said, “Your Highness, our condition in Zone 8 is better than the other zones. Your Highness’ resources are limited. You can allocate them to zones that are having a tougher time than us. They need Your Highness and Professor Raffles more!”

Bei Luo’s words moved me. They were like the Ghost Eclipsers’ hope, the pioneers of the future world.

“Don’t be disgusting!” All of a sudden, Flurry erupted with a roar. Inge, Bei Luo and the metahumans from the two zones looked over simultaneously, and were shocked to see Flurry.

Inge moved his lips but there was no sound.

“Isn’t that Flurry the Ghost Messenger?” The baby boy smirked coldly around the pacifier in his mouth. He mocked, “How did our master disgust you?”

Flurry smirked in disdain, eyes narrowed. Within his elegance was also the arrogance of a noble. “If you aren’t afraid of death, why did you follow Margaery? You could only live until now because you sent beautiful young men to Margaery as tribute!”

With Flurry’s words, the mood dropped instantly to freezing point. Everyone was silent. They lowered their heads without saying a word.

Humph…” Just then, Xing Chuan chuckled lightly and spoke up, “In terms of individual superpower… You, Flurry, are the strongest here… Have you ever challenged any ghost king…”

Flurry clenched his teeth, as furious as when he’d been unable to refute me the night before.

“Don’t take your anger towards yourself and vent it on others…” Xing Chuan said coldly, “Go to the battlefield like them if you want to repent your sin!”

Turned out that Flurry was angry at himself!

“You torture other people and let other people torture you to vent the agony at the bottom of your heart. If you enjoy the physical pain so much, you can fight the enemy on the battlefield!” Xing Chuan said, wearing a cold smile. Raffles got more anxious at the sight. Every single word that Xing Chuan spoke revealed Flurry’s deepest scars, exposing the darkest secret at the bottom of his heart before everyone!

Xing Chuan’s brutality wasn’t just a front. He would mercilessly dig deep into your soul and find your weakest point to tear you apart.

Flurry’s smile faded. His face turned pale as a sheet. His body was trembling at Xing Chuan’s cold, merciless, straightforward comment. Even the Queen glanced at him, her eyes full of pity.

But Xing Chuan continued to tear Flurry’s soul apart, digging up the cowering wretched Flurry who had submitted to the Ghost Eclipsers like everyone else here that was hidden at the bottom of Flurry’s heart. “Their burning fire, cold ice, tearing, gnawing and biting will definitely satisfy you! Cough, cough, cough…

“Brother Xing Chuan, that’s enough!” Lucifer patted Xing Chuan’s back hastily and quickly took out warm water from the wheelchair trunk for Xing Chuan to drink. In his worry, Lucifer didn’t notice that he’d called out Xing Chuan’s real name.

Everyone stared at Xing Chuan in surprise, while the Queen was scared pale.

I glanced at the Queen, then looked at Raffles. He understood what I meant and he walked up to the Queen. Holding her arm gently, he suggested, “It’s better for you to head back to rest.”

The Queen didn’t respond, only quietly allowed Raffles to bring her away.

Inge moved his lips in shock while the baby boy exclaimed in surprise, “Xing Chuan?! The Xing Chuan from Silver Moon City?!"

“Impossible!” Silver Snake looked at the elderly Xing Chuan, asking doubtfully, “He, isn’t he the Ghost Prince, your hostage?!” 

“We have seen Xing Chuan. He is a young man. How can he…” The oneechan clown added, shaking her head. “They probably share the same name. Don’t panic. Plus, didn’t our information say that His Highness Xing Chuan is currently preparing for war in Silver Moon City?”

Everyone calmed down at once, thinking that they merely shared the same name.

Xing Chuan gazed at them, unruffled. Just as they relaxed, he revealed, “The one on Silver Moon City is my clone… Cough, cough…

The people who had finally calmed down were all stirred up again!

I looked at everyone. “The Great Ghost King’s real name is Su Yang. He is the heir of Silver Moon City!”

Everyone then turned from shocked to dumbfounded, gawking.

I glanced at Flurry. “You can leave if you don’t want to hear anything. However, to be frank with you, I have blacklisted the Great Ghost King as my enemy since the moment I found out that he is using all of you for the sake of taking his revenge on Silver Moon City. It is only a matter of time until we are fighting against each other in the war. If you’d like to head back to give them information, go ahead.”

Flurry clenched his fists and turned to leave.

“Do, do we really let him go?” Silver Snake became anxious.

“He won’t leave,” Xing Chuan said determinedly. He looked around at everyone, continuing, “the Great Ghost King has never thought of changing the fate of the people who live among the Ghost Eclipsers. What he wants is to use the Ghost Eclipsers’ power to take revenge on Silver Moon City. Once both parties have been severely weakened, he will return to his throne on Silver Moon City and turn around to eradicate all of you!”

Everyone who’d been gawking in surprise slowly closed their mouths. Now their eyes were burning with flames.

Whatever the Ghost Prince Xing Chuan, the Great Ghost King’s son, said was more than compelling!

Humph. In fact, not only did he not think of letting you live, but he has also never thought of letting the Sixteen Ghost Messengers live. Because Silver Moon City will not take in the Ghost Eclipsers’ children. Cough, cough. Flurry and the other Ghost Messengers are very powerful, so he will definitely execute them in the end in order to prevent them from counterattacking and posing a threat to him!” Xing Chuan took a deep breath to soothe his breathing. No one interrupted him, instead they all listened to him seriously and respectfully.

Everyone patiently waited for Xing Chuan to catch his breath. Although the lakeside was filled with people, it was so quiet that one could hear the breeze creating ripples on the lake.

Recovering slightly, Xing Chuan continued, “The only one you can trust is the North Star, Queen Luo Bing. Because she is not taking revenge on Silver Moon City, instead she really wants to change the world. She wants to change this filthy, bloody and inhumane world, and wash away its filthy past. It’s a sacred war only if you follow a saint to the war. Only a sacred war can cleanse off your sins!” Xing Chuan paused. He lifted his eyes, gazing at them with a king’s sharpness and dignity as he declared, “Let us take revenge on this world! This world that we didn’t want. Let us destroy it and reinstall order!” 

His hoarse voice hit everyone’s chest forcefully. Every pair of eyes ignited with an unprecedented burning flame!


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