Book 7: Chapter 66 - A Spark That Set The Prairie Ablaze

Next to Inge was an extremely short boy dressed in a fur-collared shirt. Holding a pacifier in his mouth, he looked like he was only five years old.

However, he wasn’t a five-year-old boy but a twenty-year-old man!

He was listed in Margaery’s records as ‘Baby’, which described him to a T. Baby was actually Inge’s deputy general. His superpower was to shrink things, and it worked on pretty much anything. His power also had a secondary effect on living things that could be described as reverting to one’s past state.

In other words, he could shrink objects and reverse the age of a living thing.

Silver Snake immediately stepped forward to block them. “Bei Luo! Inge! What are you trying to do? I told you that Her Highness came to help us. I will not let you hurt her! If you just take a look at what she did for us, you’ll know she’s for real!”

Inge remained silent, watching Silver Snake without a word. Because he was too tall, Inge seemed to be looking down at Silver Snake expressionlessly in a rather cool manner. 

The baby boy clambered up Inge’s legs onto his back. Leaning on Inge’s shoulder, he smiled at Silver Snake with his pacifier in his mouth.

Bei Luo and the clown walked towards us, while many other metahumans got off the spaceship behind them. However, they didn’t follow behind Bei Luo, and instead only stood in front of their spaceship.

Seeing that, Silver Snake swiftly raised his hand. The metahumans in Zone 3 quickly landed behind Silver Snake too, stepping up to shield me. Both parties looked bitterly hostile.

“We have people too!” Silver Snake stood before them, eyeing them glumly as he spoke, “I will not let you hurt Her Highness!”

Bei Luo glanced at him arrogantly, while Inge stared at him without budging an inch.

Suddenly, Inge moved his lips but there wasn’t any sound. However, he’d definitely said something.

“Idiot! We are here to join your forces!” The baby boy shouted from Inge’s shoulder.

“Silver Snake, you misunderstood us. We came to help you fight the war.” Bei Luo pressed his hand on Silver Snake’s shoulder. He looked past the wall of people and fixed his gaze upon me. “Your Highness, please let us join the war!”

I was stunned, even surprised.

Then, the clown next to Bei Luo lifted his hand and wiped off his make-up, revealing a delicate girl’s face. She smiled at me. “Your Highness, we’ve exchanged blows before. You know our capability. So, let us join the war!” Her forceful voice had an oneechan[1] vibe.

I hadn’t expected the clown to be a woman.

Silver Snake was stunned, gaping at them. Then, he hugged Bei Luo in surprise. “Why didn’t you say so earlier?! Why didn’t you reply to me when I contacted all of you?!”

Bei Luo glanced up at Inge, who moved his lips again. The baby boy puffed up his cheeks and said, “We got so excited that we didn’t know what to say. We believed in whatever you said. You are our brother. So, you wouldn’t have lied to us!”

“It has been so many years. We’ve been living among the Ghost Eclipsers for so many years! No one has ever led us to fight back!” Bei Luo said emotionally. His face reddened from excitement. “So, when we found out that Her Highness is the North Star and she wants to lead us to fight back, to declare war against the Ghost Eclipsers, we got so excited that we didn’t know what to do! We, we-!” Bei Luo was so hot with emotions that he couldn’t continue.

“Everyone has been holding it in for too long,” the oneechan clown continued. I stepped forward to stand next to Silver Snake, closing the distance between me and them. The oneechan clown glanced at me in excitement as she pointed at everyone standing before the spaceship. “When everyone heard about the war, we couldn’t wait to rush to Queen Town. But then we found out that Your Highness had left to send seeds to the other livable zones. So, we decided to come here and look for you.” Not knowing what else to say, she glanced over at the others anxiously.

I looked over at the metahumans standing behind them, who were rubbing their hands and palms, all worked up. They wanted to say something to me but they didn’t know where to start from. They seemed to have too many things that they wanted to tell me.

“Your Highness, please allow us to join the war!” Bei Luo said to me loudly. “I apologize for what happened during our first encounter because we didn’t know it was you and we weren’t sure of your intention. That was why we launched an attack.”

“What?! You attacked Her Highness?!” Silver Snake grabbed Bei Luo by his collar, roaring, “Your Highness, don’t give them the seeds!” Silver Snake sounded like a kid who acting rashly out of spite. Everyone could tell that he was joking.

I looked around at everyone, moved. I felt so emotional that it was hard to speak. “Alright. Sure!”

I could see the sparks in their eyes. If Pelos, Moto, Eletta, and Juye were the ones who’d delivered the first spark, the scene before me now could only be described as when the spark had set a prairie ablaze! There were more and more metahumans who wanted to fight in the war, and wished to change their future. They were joining us, joining the revolution that would change the entire world’s layout!

This was a great thing that stirred up people’s hearts!

“That’s great!” The oneechan clown gave Bei Luo an excited look as she cheered, “Her Highness allows us to join the war!”

“What about your home?” Silver Snake glanced at Bei Luo and Inge. “Her Highness is going to send the seeds to Zone 5 and Zone 8, and rebuild our homes!”

Bei Luo and the oneechan clown lifted their faces to look at Inge, while Inge and the baby boy looked back down at Inge and the oneechan clown. Seeing how they could only look at each other speechlessly, it seemed like they hadn’t thought that far.

Clearly, they’d gotten carried away once they’d heard about fighting against the Ghost Eclipsers. They’d rushed over rashly to join our army, but hadn’t thought about who was going to welcome us when we arrived at their respective zones once they left.

“Our homes are doing fine. We have enough food.”

“It’s different!” Silver Snake said proudly, “Her Highness and Professor Raffles are amazing! Inge, Zone 5 is not suitable for planting too right? But Her Highness actually managed to plant food crops in Zone 1! She even cleansed their water!”

Inge’s eyes shot wide open and he moved his lips. Again I had no idea what he’d said. It kind of felt like he was on mute. You could see his lips moving but you couldn’t hear a word of what he was saying.

“How is that possible?!” The baby boy exclaimed as he clung to Inge’s shoulder, “Zone 1 is full of stones! The ground is even irradiated. How could they have planted food crops?”

“You don’t need to worry about how they planted it. Her Highness and Professor Raffles have the ability to make it happen! Professor Raffles found a water source for us too! Come! You must take a look at our Soul Lake! You have to come and take a look!” Silver Snake sounded like he was showing off the treasure in his home. Pulling Bei Luo’s hand and the hem of Inge’s shirt, he led everyone towards Soul Lake.

When Silver Snake brought them over to the unusually clear and rippling Soul Lake, everyone stood by the lake in astonishment.

Flowers were blooming on the lakeside, while on the side was a hillock covered in flowers and trees. In front of this captivating scenery, one could hardly believe that this was at the end of the world.

1. Japanese term referring to an older sister. Used as slang to mean a cool older sister character. 


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