Book 7: Chapter 64 - Found the Water Source

Culture and knowledge were both important.

Finding a water source and an underground river was simply scientific exploration to Raffles, but it was God’s miracle work to the people in Zone 3. They were astonished at how magical Raffles was.

Many legends would probably come about like that. When the later generations would speak of their legends thousands of years later, it would be the God of Wisdom, Raffles, who summoned spring water so that the people of the world would no longer be thirsty.

After moving the wooden tablets away, everyone began to work. The area was where the underground river passed by closest to the surface of the ground. So, it was the best location to extract a river.

The metahumans in Zone 3 used their superpowers to pull the trees out by their roots and moved them to the side. The workload that day was heavy, no less than building a mountain city the day before.

Carter dug a pit again. His superpower to dig pits was extremely useful! He’d used it to build things for Margaery in the past.

Half a day passed by in the blink of an eye, and a huge, deep pit had been formed before us. The moved soil was piled up into a hillock on the side, and the trees were replanted onto it. Gru had even grown flowers all over the hillock. It was so beautiful that it attracted the women and the children to pluck flowers happily.

“We are almost there!” Raffles lifted his hand. Everyone stopped their tasks on hand and stood by the pit, looking at Raffles nervously, whether they were those near us or those standing opposite the pit.

Raffles slowly put his hand down and pointed at the center of the deepest spot, saying, “Right there!” Everyone’s gaze was fixed on the spot that Raffles had pointed to like a spotlight.

Silver Snake immediately came over and said, “Please give me this chance!” He clenched his fist, looking at Raffles excitedly. He then looked at everyone, shouting, “Let me do it! Let me dig up the first mouthful of water for everyone!”

“Yes!” Everyone shouted in unison. The sound reverberated across the sky.

Silver Snake lifted the shovel, eyeing the center of the deep pit with excitement.

Raffles reminded Silver Snake, “The waterway passing here is narrow, so the pressure will be be…”

“I’m doing it!” Before Raffles could finish his sentence, Silver Snake jumped into the deep pit and slid down toward the middle.

“High…” Raffles said the last word of his sentence, putting down his tablet. He chuckled, saying, “He’s a metahuman. He shouldn’t be killed by the water pressure.”

“Huh?” I immediately looked at Raffles and asked, “What do you mean?”

Raffles smiled innocently and said, “The water pressure will be high, at about a few tons. So it is very impactful.”

“Huh?!” Will Silver Snake really be okay?

“Water, here I come!” Silver Snake held the hem of his trousers up, carrying the shovel, as he ran to the deepest part of the pit. He lifted his face and spread his arms, looking at everyone, shouting, “We are finally going to have water! Ah!” He raised the shovel high in the air and stabbed at the middle forcefully!

The entire place fell silent. There was no response at the spot he’d stabbed. Silver Snake looked at the shovel curiously, and extended his hand to hold it.

“Don’t pull it!” Raffles quickly shouted, but Silver Snake was too far away and he couldn’t hear. He held the shovel and pulled it out. The water spurted out and wet the soil under his feet.

“Ah! Ah!” Silver Snake shouted emotionally. “Do you see that?! It’s water! It’s water! We have water now! Hahahaha! We have water!”


“We have water now!”

“We have water!” Everyone cheered.

Raffles quickly waved at Silver Snake, yelling, “Hurry up and run!” Silver Snake looked at us, smiling proudly while he waved his shovel.



I shouted along with Raffles, but the surrounding cheer was too loud, covering our yell easily. Silver Snake was confused, looking at us waving our hands frantically.

Suddenly, the entire land quaked and rumbled, as if someone were playing drums underground. The surrounding people took a step back simultaneously.

Silver Snake looked under his feet curiously. Suddenly... Bang! A water stream as thick as a stone pillar spouted from the small hole into the sky. Silver Snake instantly disappeared before us!

The clear, refreshing water turned into rain mist and showered on our faces. The refreshing mist was like the Water Goddess planting kisses on our faces, washing away our tears, our sweat, and also the dirt in our hearts. It was a magical baptism.

Water constantly flooded out from the gap and gradually filled up the pit. There was soil in the murky water, but the surrounding people jumped in happily.

“Can they… swim?” Raffles asked.


How could a person who lived in a place that had no water know how to swim?

“Come up! You might drown!” we shouted at the shore, watching the water passing their waist. But everyone cheered and played in the water. No one heard us shout. Plus, Silver Snake was nowhere to be seen. I wasn’t sure where he was!

“I’ll save them!” Lucifer spread his wings, looking at everyone in the water anxiously.

The water was rising very quickly. It had already reached chest height.

“How can you save so many of them alone?” I turned to look at Flurry, standing next to Xing Chuan. I said, “Hey. Aren’t you loud? Get everyone out of the water.”

Flurry’s face grew grave and stayed silent. His expression seemed to say that I had no right to order him around.

The Queen looked at Flurry gently and asked, “Flurry?” Flurry forced a smile, but he didn’t look as if he wanted to save everyone.

“You didn’t do anything in the past, and you’re still not doing anything now. Hmph!” Suddenly, Xing Chuan bellowed hoarsely. Flurry was stunned.

Xing Chuan placed his hand on the wheelchair and he moved past Flurry, saying, “The Ghost Eclipsers disgust me. Stay away from me!” Xing Chuan’s disdainful remark hurt Flurry.

He creased his eyebrows. Suddenly, he lifted his hand and a gale blew past us, rustling our hair. In an instant, a huge, translucent face appeared above the lake, shouting, “Idiots! Get out! You will drown!”

The ear-deafening roar shocked everyone. At the very next moment, they fled in a panic. The water was getting deeper, and it was getting strenuous to escape. They kept falling down in the water and choking. These people, who had been fearless against water, like newborn calves unafraid of tigers, panicked. They used their superpowers to get themselves and the surrounding people out of the water.

Lucifer and Lisi quickly went forward to help too.


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