Book 7: Chapter 63 - Split Heaven and Earth Apart to Make a River

“How can you treat others like rubbish now?! You have strong superpowers, but you didn’t rescue your own people. You didn’t exterminate the Ghost Eclipsers in this world, but let them continue to be slaves for decades. You’re the rubbish!”

I pointed at the land, saying, “Take a good look! These people you look at with disdain, they’re working hard to change their fate. They’re working hard to change the soil. They’re fighting for me! If they don’t deserve to live, do you people who did nothing but watch deserve to live? You said that they watched the others die. Didn’t you do the same?”

“We will fight. Didn’t the Great Ghost King collaborate with you to fight against the Ghost Eclipsers?” Flurry sounded as if he were questioning me in reply.

“Did you send any troops?” I smirked as I asked, and Flurry was instantly stunned. I looked at him with a cold smile, saying, “Your Great Ghost King didn’t send any of you because he wants to maintain his strength while we fight to the bitter end against the Ghost Eclipsers. After it weakens my strength, he can better manipulate me.” Flurry watched me while his eyes quivered under the moonlight.

I took a final glance at him, saying, “What do you want? Have you ever thought about it? What happens after the Great Ghost King takes down Silver Moon City? What do you want? That is your real belief. Don’t be misled by the deception.” I turned and left. They had never thought of what kind of life they wanted. The days of living as Ghost Eclipsers only fueled them with anger, and they only wanted to vent their anger, but they had never thought about how to live after that. They were merely a bunch of weapons without souls that Su Yang had trained up.

The next day, we woke up in their cheering early in the morning.

“It sprouted!”

“It sprouted!”


We immediately went downstairs and saw people crowding at the end of the horizon. The black soil was covered in green, like green hair densely growing across black skin.

The tiny green sprouts spread their leaves healthily, as if they were asking for a hug from Mother Nature.

Raffles and I looked at the scene happily. I turned and lifted my chin to look at Xing Chuan on the balcony. The Queen smiled gratefully next to him. Behind her was Flurry, who had lost his gentlemanly smile. He looked at the scene with hatred boiling in his eyes, as though he hated everyone’s smiling faces.

“This looks so cute, just like the ones in Queen Town!” Lucifer was excited every time he saw sprouting greens, because they were all food. He added, “There must be irrigation to make them grow faster!”

“Water… What do we do about it?” Everyone looked at one another worriedly.

“We don’t have any metahumans who can control water!” They began to panic.

“Rain control will do too.”

“What do we do?”

“Yes, what should we do?”

“Don’t panic! The purpose of the Queen’s visit is to resolve our water issue!” Silver Snake said, spreading his arms, and everyone was excited.

“Really?! That’s great!”

“Her Highness is really our Goddess!”

“Thank God for sending Her Highness!”

A similar tear-shedding scene happened here. Everyone’s tears during the journey could practically form a river. However, the river flowed into my heart. It was the motivation for me and my team to move forward!

“Beep, beep, beep, beep.” The tablet in Raffles’s hand suddenly beeped and he looked at me excitedly, saying, “I found the water’s course!”

“Found it?!” Silver Snake exclaimed as he came forward.

Raffles held his tablet up, and it showed a blue flowing object buried underground, like a dragon laying prostrate underground, waiting for a day to emerge from the earth!

Silver Snake looked at the unusual, broad object and his smile slowly faded, saying, “This is…”

“What is it, Silver Snake? Is there anything special at this location?” Raffles and I were confused when we saw that Silver Snake had suddenly lost his smile.

Everyone was curious when Silver Snake suddenly went silent. They looked at him in silence and waited. Silver Snake was quiet for a while before he looked at us, saying, “Follow me."

He led the way alone and his back looked sorrowful. We followed behind Silver Snake. Xing Chuan found it strange, so he followed too. The Queen and Flurry followed behind him.

When the wooden tablets appeared before me and Raffles, we understood why Silver Snake had revealed such a grim look. The location was at the cemetery for the people who had volunteered to head to Margaery and sacrificed themselves.

“Every child who left…” Silver Snake choked back sobs as he touched the wooden tablets. “We would put up a sign for them…” he said, his face covered in tears. He added, “We could keep living up until now… because of them…” Silver Snake wailed, “I’m useless… I couldn’t protect them…” He hugged a few wooden tablets in front of him and cried like a child.

Everyone in Zone 3 sobbed, standing before the wooden tablets.

“Wait until we rebuild our home… we will come and keep you company…” Everyone cried, hugging the wooden tablets. Their tears flowed down the wooden tablets into the soil.

This was where they remembered the young heroes who had sacrificed themselves to ensure their tribe’s safety.

The children of Zone 3 who had survived in Queen Town had followed Harry, He Lei, and the others to war. They couldn’t return immediately, so I had to rebuild their homes for their family to live a good life. It was the only thing I could do for the young heroes who had passed, and the young men on the battlefield.

Xing Chuan watched quietly off to the side while the Queen teared up. I looked at Flurry and he looked away, refusing to view the scene before him.

“Professor Raffles, can we save this piece of land…” Silver Snake said, crying. “We can’t let our descendants forget about these people…” Silver Snake sobbed.

Raffles looked at him solemnly. “Once we unearth the underground river, it is only a matter of time until they are flushed away, so you can save the wooden tablets…” 

“And build an ancestral temple,” I said.

“Ancestral temple?” They wiped their tears and looked at me.

I looked at them solemnly, explaining, “A place to put the deceased spirit tablets, like these wooden tablets, is called an ancestral temple. You can gather all these tablets and place them there. They won’t be exposed to rain and wind then. Everyone can mourn for them anytime, and the later generations will remember them!”

Everyone looked at Silver Snake and he immediately nodded, saying, “Alright! Let’s do it, build an ancestral temple! Everyone, help to gather the wooden tablets and let Professor Raffles dig a river!”

“Yes!” They cheered in the dense forest.

Silver Snake picked up the wooden tablets and touched them as if he were touching his family. He said, “You protected our people. It turns out that you’re protecting this treasure too. We owe you too much, too much… Don’t worry. The people whom you protected before, I will protect them on your behalf. I swear on my life!”

Silver Snake closed his eyes and hugged the wooden tablets in his arm… The wooden tablets were deeply buried at the bottom of his heart. They were unforgettable…


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