Book 7: Chapter 62 - Who Has the Right to Live On

They saw that it was me, and they immediately behaved reverently. They bowed and greeted, “Your Highness!”

I smiled at them, saying, “Go ahead. There are many things to be done tomorrow.”

“Yes!” They moved awkwardly, so awkwardly that they were practically using only one side of their bodies.

I fixed my gaze upon Flurry. He had lost his usual elegance. Or, I should say, he had lost the mood to maintain his gentlemanly bearing.

Flurry hugged his head, breathing heavily as he said, “Our master… is our enemy…” He chuckled like the night breeze that carried a tinge of coolness. He said, “Hmph. So what… So what… He raised us, he molded us.”

“That’s because you have powerful superpowers. You can protect him, and you can…”

“I said that I didn’t want to listen anymore!” He suddenly roared at me, breaking the wooden fence with his hand. His sharp gaze was like a howling gale. He held the broken fence in his hand and glared at me, saying, “I said that I didn’t want to listen anymore!” 

His loyalty for Su Yang led to his reluctance to accept reality. But he was right too. From their point of view, Su Yang had sought their talent and made them humans, staying away from the Ghost Eclipsers. They’d also believed in changing the future.

So, Su Yang was their source of belief. Just as I was in Silver Snake’s and Eletta’s hearts. I was shaking his beliefs, and it caused him so much pain.

I looked at him calmly, saying, “This is the reason why I didn’t reveal the truth - because you’re foolishly loyal to your Great Ghost King! Hmph!

“In our hearts, he is our master! Silver Moon City is his enemy too!” he said. He looked away and threw the broken wood outward. Then, he supported himself against the fence, resuming his calm.

The night breeze blew against his hair, while the moonlight poured a thin layer of frost onto his face.

It was difficult to change one’s religion, let alone one’s beliefs. I didn’t intend to change him, but I thought he and the others in Ghost King City had the right to know the truth. Then, it would be their choice if they wanted to continue living in that illusion.

“What’s the point of you doing all this? Handing such important seeds to these Ghost Eclipsers!?” he asked scornfully. He lifted his gaze and looked at the distant fields in disdain.

“Heh.” I chuckled lightly and said, “Don’t forget that you’re a Ghost Eclipser too. Don’t you have your own tribe and your own family? You were definitely chosen to go to Ghost King City. Don’t you wish that your hometown could be covered in fertile land, and your people could no longer work as slaves and suffer from starvation?”

Flurry glanced at me disdainfully, saying, “Hmph. They don’t deserve to be sympathized with, because they only knew to obey when the Ghost Eclipsers bullied them!” he said through gritted teeth, eyes shimmering with hatred. He hated the slaves who hadn’t fought back. 

I had experienced the same feeling before. The feeling had been especially intense when I was in Zone 10. One would feel the most intense disgust and exasperation at their failures. Their groveling behavior and irreducible servility made one hate them to the bones. One would even think that death wasn’t enough to do justice to them!

“When the Ghost Eclipsers killed them and ate them, they only knew to kneel and beg for mercy or to shove other people out! Hehe…” Flurry let out a burst of hysterical laughter, but his face was distorted in agony. “They begged the Ghost Eclipsers?! Didn’t they know how to fight back? They only knew how to shout for help. ‘Help!’” Flurry cupped his cheeks with his hands, mimicking their screams disdainfully. “‘Please! Let go of my children! Please! He’s fat! You can eat him instead!’ They should have stood up against the Ghost Eclipsers!” Flurry suddenly roared at me, pointing below. “These people are still alive! They’re living in Margaery’s livable zone because they contributed young boys! They’re living here because they sacrificed other people’s lives! Aren’t they ashamed to be alive?!”

Slap! I slapped Flurry. He looked at me in shock while I stared at him coldly, saying, “What did you do?!” Flurry was stunned.

I grabbed him by his collar and pulled him down before me. I stared coldly into his eyes, asking, “It has been so many years! What did you do?!” I roared at him. “These people stooped to compromise because they didn’t have the capability to fight against Margaery! But how do you know they didn’t want to fight back?! It is pathetic that they sacrificed some people in order to protect more people. But they thought of those sacrificed children all the time! Do you think that they could forget that hatred?! That’s why they’re working hard to seize a chance to fight back! When I defeated Margaery, they charged toward Queen Town to rescue their people! Your superpower is much stronger than many of them, but did you fight back?! If you didn’t, you don’t deserve the right to badmouth anyone!” I shoved him off and he stumbled backward at the fencing he’d broken earlier, looking lost.

In unique times, under special circumstances, if they were to go through trials according to the law of my world, how many of them could continue to live?

That was why they needed a chance to make a difference, to pick up the dignity they’d once thrown away and be changed people, to be the first batch of the new generation in the future world!

I continued to stare into his eyes as he failed to refute me. I continued, “Have you saved your people? Have you worked on changing the Ghost Eclipsers’ situation? You were in Ghost King City. You became one of the Sixteen Ghost Messengers. It was such a supreme position, but you didn’t do anything! I met a person who ate his younger brother’s flesh with Nubis, just to find a chance to take revenge. He was loyal to Nubis, but he carved his hatred into the bottom of his heart. He has never forgotten his plan to take revenge. He bears humiliation as he lives, just to seek a slim chance for revenge! I think he did much better compared to the Sixteen Ghost Messengers! He’s more respectable compared to all of you! At least he was working hard to look for a chance, but all of you…

“You have such great superpowers, but you only listen to a selfish man who only wanted to take revenge against Silver Moon City! If he were sincere about saving all of you and all the people who were bullied by the Ghost Eclipsers, and changing the Ghost Eclipsers, he would have taken action long ago! He united Gehenna and Napoleon, as well as the Sixteen Ghost Messengers. Why didn’t he declare war against Margaery, Nubis, and the other Ghost Eclipsers?! It’s because he wanted to use them to take revenge against Silver Moon City!” My argument shocked Flurry.

I smirked at him, asking, “Who didn’t want to fight back? Who developed the same habits as the people on Silver Moon City, ignoring the people on the ground? Who let the Ghost Eclipsers’ brutality slide?” Flurry went silent after my roar, watching me dully.


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