Book 7: Chapter 60 - Everyone Has Their Duty

“Your Highness, are you going back to Queen Town?” Flowery and Grassy ran up to me and held my hand. They looked at me, reluctant to see me go. “Can you stay for a few more days? Will you come and visit us again?”

Everyone heard them and turned to look at me too.

Our schedule was full. We couldn't stop for too long. It was the early stage of building development, and due to the lack of food, we had to resolve the hunger issue. That would be followed by clothes, supplies, and even psychological needs.

“Flowery, Grassy, the Queen needs to go to the other livable zones. Like what she brought for us, she is going to send the seeds to every livable zone!” Eletta explained proudly.

Everyone gasped in admiration. They also looked at me and Raffles in awe.

“Your Highness, you are a good person!” Everyone’s eyes welled up with tears.

“I got to see a good person in my lifetime…”

“In this world, I got to meet a good person like the Queen…”

I looked at everyone helplessly and comforted them. “Don’t cry.”

But everyone wailed tearfully. Their torturous lives had made them drown in despair.

“Everyone should be happy!” Eletta shouted at everyone. “We are going to have food soon! Besides food crops, there is hemp. Do you know what hemp is? It’s for making clothes!” Eletta told them the knowledge he had picked up from Raffles. 

“Wow! We can make clothes!”

“That’s so magical!”

Everyone wiped their tears and became thrilled with excitement.

“That’s why everyone should be happy. Let’s send the Queen off with a smile across our faces. She will be happy too!” Eletta encouraged the villagers and broke into a wide smile. Everyone quickly put on their biggest smile too.

I smiled at everyone, replying, “We’ll come back again. We’ll come back very often in the future. There are many more resources to send here. We’ll be back to teach everyone how to reap harvests and weave. And, I’d like to announce!” I increased the volume of my voice. “Eletta is going to be the new zone leader for Zone 1. You can talk to Eletta if you have any questions. He’ll contact me directly.”

“Oh!” Everyone cheered. They immediately surrounded Eletta and lifted him up.

“Eletta, you’re so awesome!”

“Yay! Eletta is the zone leader! That’s great!”


Eletta looked at me in surprise while I smiled at him, saying, “You deserve it.” Eletta was dumbfounded. He didn’t respond for a while. 

When our spaceship took off, Eletta stood near my huge statue dully. It was a funny sight. He, who had once hidden behind Moto, had become the leader of Zone 1. I believed he would need a while to adapt to his new identity.

“Master, Underworld Ghost sent a message: Ghost left the city.” Ice Dragon smiled cunningly, saying, “I already sent the message to the four troops.”

I smirked and thought to myself: The war shall begin now.

My next stop was right before me: Zone 3.

Harry, He Lei, you shall complete your missions, while I continue to work hard and transform our nation!

Zone 3 had once been a lumber mill. The surroundings were filled with a luxuriant forest. After the end of the world, although it was a livable zone, it had been affected by acid rain. A large region of trees had withered and died. The remaining trees had gradually adapted to the harsh conditions and slowly grown lush again.

Zone 3 had decent wooden houses because they had trees. The living conditions at the end of the world fully showcased the saying: ‘The mountain dwellers live off the mountains. The forest dwellers live off the trees.’

Not only had they built wooden houses, but they had also built stockades.

There was a newly developed empty field next to the forest. The people seemed to be busy making it into a paddy field. They looked full of drive.

The huge shadow of our spaceship was cast down from above them. They became anxious and they looked up simultaneously with their guard up. Suddenly, a bright voice shouted, “The Queen is here. Quick, kneel down!” It was Silver Snake.

Then, there was an embarrassing scene. Everyone who had been busy earlier threw away their tools and knelt on the ground, praying, as though they were worshiping God.

Sigh. What can I say to make them stop worshiping me?

I am a human! Not God! Nor am I a con artist!

Our spaceship landed on the empty land outside the stockaded village. Silver Snake’s spaceship was there too. The shuttle machine was right next to it. Although there were shuttle machines all over Margaery’s livable zone, they actually required a lot of energy and had required Margaery’s permission to use them. So, there were some livable zones that didn’t even use them once a year. The energy had had to be provided to zones that sent Margaery her supplies.

Now, we were going to start using the shuttle machines. I can make many energy crystals. Well, it feels as though I really have many things to do.

I ran out of the spaceship. Before Silver Snake could prostrate himself, I immediately held him and said, “Didn’t I tell you not to worship me like that?”

Silver Snake chuckled. He turned and told everyone, “Everyone, get up. Get up.”

There were a few people who looked like lieutenants behind Silver Snake. They stood up and looked at me curiously. Then, they exclaimed in admiration, “Wow. The Queen is so beautiful. No wonder the Zone Leader didn’t want to come back!”

“Shut up!” Silver Snake roared. “I am Xiao Ying’s man! Don’t get it wrong!”

Silver Snake is loyal. Mm… ‘Loyal’ sounds strange for a man. 

“Yes, yes, yes.” Everyone chuckled in embarrassment. They turned and shouted at the people behind the stockade, “Hurry up and come out. The Queen is here!”

In an instant, many heads popped out from behind the door. They looked at me curiously. Then, they gawked and gasped in surprise.

“Wow. The Queen is so beautiful.”

There were old and young, adults and children in the village. They looked as if they were doing much better than Zone 1. It felt like traveling in time from the stone age to the feudal era.

The people in the village were in better clothing too, although they looked dirty and were covered in stains. Some even looked as if they were covered in a layer of wax, shimmering under the sunlight.

They began to unload the goods. Raffles brought his equipment and entered the village happily once again. He liked having a busy life like this. It was a full life filled with challenges.

Zone 3 was in a much better state than Zone 1. Silver Snake had high prestige in his territory. So, everyone accepted our assistance right from the beginning.

We had come to Zone 3 to see them and to carry out an important mission, which was to resolve the water issue in Zone 3. Zone 3 had no water. They could only wait for rain.

However, there was barely any rain. In turn, there were insufficient water reserves. So, their clothes were dirty. They had to reserve the limited water for consumption purposes. They had no extra water for doing laundry.

Even though Zone 1’s living conditions were bad, there had been a muddy water pond. Raffles’s mission was to find a water source for Zone 3. 


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