Book 7: Chapter 59 - The Spark Is Spreading

“I…” The Queen suddenly spoke from behind me. I turned slightly as she walked up to me. “Now I know why Chuan is crazy over you. You are a kind girl. Silver Moon City has no lack of girls, but you are the only kind one.”

I turned to look at the crescent moon in the air. It looked like Silver Moon City. “There are many kind girls, but Silver Moon City taught them to be arrogant. They only view the people og Silver Moon City as humans.” I looked at the Queen. No doubt she felt that more strongly than I did.

The Queen looked down and said, “Yes. Until now, they haven’t changed. I came to the Ghost Eclipsers, but I had never thought of saving these people. In Su Yang’s eyes, they are merely slaves or the Ghost Eclipsers’ food. Su Yang thinks that they aren’t worth saving or helping.” I drew back my gaze and stayed silent.

“No matter how many resources a nation has, it will be lonely if they aren’t given or shared to people who need them…” The Queen looked at the crescent moon in the night sky and said, “Silver Moon City could have saved a lot more people…” 

Silver Moon City had decided not to save anyone because Hagrid Jones was still carrying out his human evolution plan.

“My trip didn’t go in vain,” the Queen said happily. She looked at me tenderly and said, “I was worried for Chuan, but I am now at ease when I see Chuan has the motivation to live."

I was nervous when I heard her tone. It sounded like something one would say before one left. However, she couldn’t return to Ghost King City, because there would be a war soon. Sometimes, I felt guilty lying to the kind Queen.

“Are you leaving?” I asked.

The Queen smiled and shook her head. She replied, “Chuan has finally accepted me. I want to stay with him and keep him company. Can you give me a chance to make up to him?”

I felt relieved, and I smiled when I said, “He loves you. He’d be glad if you stayed.”

“You meant… he… loves me?” The Queen looked at me in disbelief.

I nodded and told her, “Back in Silver Moon City, although he hardly brought up the past, I could tell that he missed you…”

“It seems that he told you many things. Can you share them with me? You know he…” Yu Xi sounded lonesome. “ unwilling to share too much with me.”

I smiled faintly. “You should ask him yourself, because he doesn’t like other people talking about him behind his back.”

The Queen smiled gratefully and said, “I never expected your relationship with him would be like this. You know him well.”

“Because I only tell her everything about me.” Suddenly, Xing Chuan came out of the house. Lucifer had pushed him out of the darkness of the house.

The Queen immediately went forward and looked at him with worry. She exhorted, “Hurry up and go back into the spaceship. The night breeze is strong. You can’t catch a cold.”

Xing Chuan looked at me and said, “Raffles is looking for you.”

“Alright.” I walked past him and left, while the Queen watched me leave. She looked reluctant for me to leave, for Xing Chuan to be alone with her.   

The bottom of the statue shone, and Raffles was busy inside. I walked in and said, “I heard from Xing Chuan that you were looking for me.”

“Yes, yes, yes. Hurry up,” he said without looking at me. He was still fiddling with the equipment in front of him.

The room that Carter had dug out was filled with various equipment. Although the room wasn’t finished, it was already decent.

I walked up to him and saw another smaller room inside. It was dark inside, like a confession booth in a church.

“This will be the place where everyone contacts you…” Raffles pointed at the small room proudly as he said, “Everyone can speak in whispers, or make a wish here. The data will be stored in Ice Dragon. He will then categorize and organize them. Then, you can listen to each and every one of their innermost thoughts!”

“Wow! Won’t I be very busy then?”

“That’s the point! I want you to be so busy that you can’t leave the capital city…” He turned toward me. He hung his head low and his clear eyes were glistening. Then, his lips slowly moved lower. “I…” A soft kiss landed on my lips and didn’t leave for a long time…

Whether it was the peaceful eastern hemisphere or the chaotic western hemisphere, to have and to hold was the most precious relationship I shared with Raffles and Harry.

The next morning, the villagers from Zone 1 began to sow seeds. They behaved entirely differently from the day before. They were like warriors who were itching for war with unflinching strength.

Lisi and the other psychokinesis metahumans moved the polluted water to a cleansing pond, while another group of people installed the cleansing machine.

When Raffles poured the cleansing cotton balls into the polluted water, the dust instantly stuck onto the cotton balls and the water became clear. The villagers from Zone 1 couldn’t suppress their excitement when they saw clear water, and they took off their clothes and jumped into the pond. 

All of Zone 1 was made up of men. So, they forgot about the existence of two women, the Queen and I. They took their clothes off and stripped naked before us, and leaped into the pond. Xing Chuan stood up from his wheelchair in shock to cover my eyes. The Queen looked at us and burst out into laughter under the sunlight.

We began to move the equipment back onto Ice Dragon. After spending two days together, the villagers in Zone 1 were loath to part with us. They even looked uneasy too.

“Don’t worry. The Queen will forever be our Queen. We will still be here.” Eletta pointed at Chew Li and the others. “We will complete the upcoming work. We will have food to eat and clothes to wear! We will have many more resources to decorate our new home!” he said with smoldering passion, just like a leader.

Anyone could be the spark in another person’s heart. The more sparks there were, the wider they would spread. Eletta was the spark in Zone 1!

“Yes, yes!” Everyone cheered in excitement.

“It turns out that Eletta and the others aren’t leaving. That’s great. That’s great! He can keep in touch with the Queen!”

“Will there be women?!” Someone shouted and everyone laughed.

Eletta’s cheeks were red. He said excitedly, “There’s a powerful metahuman who follows our Queen. He is called Lieutenant Ah Zong. His superpower is to change one’s gender permanently. So, if anyone is willing, you can become a woman!”

“I, I want to become a woman!”

“Me too!”

“And me!”

Everyone signed up eagerly!

“It will be a great contribution to our tribe if you are willing to become a woman!” An elderly man stood up enthusiastically. He was quivering in excitement as he said, “You will be the first batch of women in our tribe. We want to build you statues for our descendants to know how great you are!”

“Grandpa Soily’s brought up a good suggestion!”

That group of young men heard that the villagers were going to build their statues, and they blushed bashfully.


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