Book 7: Chapter 57 - Mountain Town Springing Up from the Ground

Raffles looked at them with a smile. His harmless appearance successfully put the villagers at ease, and they were no longer terrified.

“I designed this mountain town for you…” Raffles quickly explained. His speech would speed up whenever he was excited. Xing Chuan looked at Raffles and wore a faint smile across his calm appearance.

“Everyone, look.” Raffles pointed at the blueprint that was almost the same height as him. The Queen and Flurry looked at it solemnly along with the villagers. “We will dig into this mountain. Of course, you don’t have to worry. We will build walls and pillars to support the weight. In other words, it definitely won’t collapse…”

The villagers seemed to finally understand that it was built for them. They exclaimed in surprise.

“Wh-what? This is for us?”

“No, no, no. We are fine living on the ground…”

“Yeah. How can we trouble you? We, we don’t deserve this…”

“The Queen is building a house for us. How is this possible…. How is this possible…”

“Everyone, be quiet,” Eletta exhorted them with a smile. He looked proud and confident as he continued, “Please pay attention to Professor Raffles." 

The villagers nodded simultaneously and looked at Raffles attentively.

Raffles continued, “We will dig a deep pit outside the stone houses to lay soil that isn’t polluted by radiation. So, in order to prevent pollution from the rainwater, there will be another deep pit of equal size on an upper level, used to store water. We will install a cleansing setup so you will have clean water to drink in the future!” 

“Clean water!”

“We get to drink clean water!”

“That’s great! That’s great…”

Someone choked back sobs…

“God finally noticed us!”

“I get to drink clean water…”

“God! God! God!”

“Thank you, Professor… Thank you, Your Highness. We get to… we…” The villagers’ voices ran hot with emotions. They hung their heads as they wiped their tears.

“Don’t cry. I mentioned earlier that our Queen is different from the Ghost Eclipsers…” Eletta said, looking at everyone else, not knowing if he should smile or cry. He seemed to have tried explaining this for a long time, but no one had believed in what he said. He said, “We will have a great future following the Queen…”

“We didn’t even dare to imagine back then… what kind of good life we could have… It is already God’s blessing for us to be alive…” Everyone wiped their tears, and what they said was heartbreaking.

Flowery and Grassy looked at everyone anxiously and held each other’s hands tightly. I looked at them with a smile and urged them, “Don’t cry. We have more important things to do. Everyone, pay attention.”

The villagers quickly wiped their tears and looked at Raffles. Because their faces were dirty, the dust smudged across their faces when they cried.

The Queen looked at us and went into deep thought. Flurry became surprised, and he wore a touching expression that didn’t belong to a Ghost Eclipser. It seemed that he had never seen such a sight before him, and he was moved.

Raffles pointed at the blueprint and explained, “In order to not block the sun, the upper levels will be comparatively smaller. Then, there will be a layer of soil and a layer of water. The size becomes smaller every two levels. At the very top, I am thinking of building a sky garden!” Raffles was excited. He was satisfied with his design and he added, “We will plant flowers and grass that are suitable for level two radiation zones. They can change the environment here. Now, let’s get to work. Carter, we will start with you!”

When Raffles was showcasing his blueprint, the villagers’ expressions turned from fear to admiration. Then, they looked at Carter admiringly. 

Carter looked at the blueprint and began to wave his hands. In an instant, the mountaintop became flat. He moved the part that he’d removed to the side. In the old fable from my world, the foolish old man used a hundred years to move a mountain, but Carter could do it within a minute.

The villagers were astonished, and they applauded. “Wow!”

Clap clap!

Every time Carter removed parts of the mountain, there would be vigorous applause. He looked calm, but he was blushing hard. He paid close attention to his work because it was meticulous work. The mountain might collapse if there were any mistakes.

In less than half a day, a mountain was emptied out and a mountain town took shape. It looked like a rough, tall house with a sky garden.

“Wow!” Everyone immediately cheered in excitement when Carter finished his part of the job. Carter hung his red face and moved to the side. The admiration and compliments were for him, but he behaved as if he had done something wrong.

“Lisi, it’s your turn.” Raffles looked at Lisi.

Lisi waved his arm while Eletta looked at everyone else and exhorted them, “Hurry up and move out of the way.” The villagers immediately spread out.

Lisi stood before the mountain town and placed his hand on the ground. The land quivered and the dried soil began to loosen. Lisi slowly lifted his hands as if he were carrying something. In an instant, a hillock of soil popped out from the ground, and the spot immediately turned into a deep pit. The soil underneath was ordinary black soil. The familiar, refreshing smell of soil immediately filled the air.

Lisi poured the soil into the alternating layers of deep pits. The entire mountain town could accommodate thousands of people. It was more than enough for the people in Zone 1. As we were building a city now, we had to envision the future. The city would soon be filled with a thousand people.

“Wow!” The villagers cheered again. By the time Lisi poured the soil into the deep pit, the sun was setting in the west. The orange rays of sunlight poured over the mountain town.

It was my turn now, after Lisi put the stones that Carter had dug out into the deep pit.

Everyone watched me as I walked into the empty city. Raffles’s design was meticulous. The bottom was as spacious as a palace, but it wasn’t for people to reside in it. The surrounding walls were hollow and sunlight could shine through. According to Raffles’ design, there would be electricity later on. So, they didn’t have to worry if there was no light in the deepest corners.

I stood in the middle of the palace and slowly placed my hand on the ground. Come on, my little spirits. Cleanse Stone City, and cleanse every inch of soil here.

Blue light motes began to surface from all directions. The palace twinkled in blue when the blue light motes surfaced.

They entered my body and flowed into my bloodstream until there was nothing left. The blue crystal energy in the mountain town couldn’t even light up half of my finger. My cleansing power was improving, and there was barely any radiation left.

Although it was only a level two radiation zone, food crops could hardly survive there without my intervention.

I dusted off my hand as I stood up. I looked at the palace before me and saw beams of sunlight shining through the hollows on both sides. They landed on both sides of the palace neatly, with a unique tranquility and natural temperament.

I was impressed. It was great to have superpowers. A magnificent mountain town had taken shape in an instant!

Okay! Let’s do this!

I was in an extremely good mood. I took huge strides out of the palace. When I arrived at the door, a huge shadow was cast before me. I saw that a segment of land that had been filled with mountain rocks had been leveled into a square. It was located right in front of the mountain town. There was a huge statue towering in the middle of the square. Judging from the back, it had to be… A female?!

Raffles isn’t putting up a statue of me again, is he?!


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