Book 7: Chapter 56 - Building Together

“What’s that?” The two children looked at me timidly. As they were too curious, they had approached me when they realized that I was harmless.

I picked up a green pear for them, saying, “Try it. This is a delicious fruit.”

“Wow!” Their eyes opened wide. It seemed that there were only two children in Zone 1. One of them was a girl who asked, “What is fruit?” They became even more curious.

The Queen smiled and looked at them gently, saying, “You’ll know after you eat.” The two children couldn’t fight the temptation of the fruit, and extended their hands.

“Flowery, Grassy! No!” Suddenly, a man in tattered clothing ran over. He picked up the two children and retreated. The two children’s hands moved further and further away from the fruit. Their eyes were fixed upon the fruit in my hand.

The man quickly backed off and immediately knelt down to kowtow, saying, “Your Highness, I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”

Eletta and the rest of the people looked in my direction. The two children became scared when they saw the man’s terrified expression. They quickly lay prostrate on the ground as though it were an instinctual reaction.

The man kneeling seemed to have reminded the rest of the people. They quickly knelt down anxiously too. In an instant, the bustling city suddenly became silent. Only Eletta and a few other men were left standing.

I was upset when I saw how humble they behaved and how they reacted like slaves. Due to the oppression they’d suffered over the years, they’d forgotten that they were humans too.

Flurry and the Queen seemed to be used to such humble behavior. They found it normal.

Eletta immediately ran over and helped the man up, saying, “Hurry up and get up. Uncle Anima, the Queen is different from the Ghost Eclipsers. She isn’t a Ghost Eclipser. I told everyone before! Hurry up and get up!”

However, no one got up, but continued to kneel on the ground.

“Hurry up and get up!” Eletta and the others went to help them up. I looked at them and stopped them. Eletta and the others looked at me anxiously while I smiled back. I grabbed two fruits and squatted in front of Flowery and Grassy.

The man shivered in fear. He didn’t dare to move an inch.

“Flowery, Grassy, who gave you your names?” Name-giving carried one’s culture. The people in the past gave children easy names, such as Doggy. However, there weren’t any dogs in this world. So, it restricted their naming sense.

Flowery and Grassy didn’t dare to speak, but they stole a glance at the fruits in my hand. I put the fruits in front of them and said, “Eat them. They are for you anyway.”

They extended their hands timidly. They grabbed the fruits quickly, holding them in their hands happily.

“Do you want to grow flowers and grass here?” I asked gently. The Queen and Flurry watched me from where they were.

Flowery and Grassy were much more at ease with fruits in their hands. They lifted their dirty faces to look at me curiously.

“What is a flower?” Flowery asked.

“What is grass?” Grassy asked.

I chuckled and looked at Gru, who was nearby. There were more people here than just me, Raffles and Xing Chuan. Gru, Carter and Lisi were here too. They had come along in the cargo hold. After we arrived in Zone 1, they took charge of unloading the goods from Ice Dragon.

“Gru! Come here,” I beckoned at Gru.

Gru rushed over and squatted next to me. “Your Highness.”

“These children have never seen flowers. Show them what flowers are.”

Gru smiled and looked at the two children tenderly. Then, he grabbed a handful of stones in his hand and looked at them with a mysterious expression, saying, “Watch closely.” In an instant, green leaves grew through his fingers and became a stalk of fresh flowers. The brightly-colored flower petals opened into a beautiful pink China rose!

“Wow!” The two children exclaimed in surprise.

Although Gru didn’t know the names of the flowers he grew, his superpower was to grow various kinds of flowers.

“For you.” Gru handed the flower to the children happily while the surrounding villagers gawked in surprise. They forgot to be terrified of me as they lifted their faces to look at the swaying flower in the children’s hands. It became the only bright spot of color in the grey town.

I turned to point at Raffles who was studying the place, saying, “Do you see the brother over there? He can fill this place with flowers, grass, food crops, and fruit trees very soon.”

“Wow! That’s awesome!” Flowery and Grassy cheered happily. They hopped and clapped in excitement.

I stood up and patted the dust off their knees. I held their hands and looked at everyone. “Don’t stay on the ground. How can you finish the work if you just lie prostrated here? Hurry up and get up! There are many things to do!” I said loudly as if I were giving a command. It made them feel as if the situation were more natural and normal.

My commanding tone took effect. They quickly stood up and gathered near Eletta in reverence and awe.

“Gru, let Carter and Lisi go over,” I ordered.

“Yes!” Gru immediately waved at Carter and Lisi. Carter was good at opening holes, while Lisi’s superpower was to move objects with his mind. He had specialized in loosening the soil when he’d helped with farming in Queen Town.

I pulled Flowery and Grassy toward Raffles. The villagers were extremely anxious, but they didn’t dare to come forward. They watched us with worry and fear. They looked to Eletta anxiously, as though they were asking Eletta to save the two children.

Eletta couldn’t help it. He raised his hands to reassure everyone not to worry. In the end, everyone wasn’t in the mood to work, but hid far away as they watched to see where I would bring the children.  

It wasn’t easy to change one person’s worldview, let alone those of an entire tribe. Among Ghost Eclipsers, it was common to consume children. So, they felt insecurity and fear.

I brought Flowery and Grassy to Raffles. He stood before a huge mountain that looked like three lofty buildings side by side.

He smiled at me, saying, “This mountain is great. It isn’t too small or too big, just right. The southeast can be used to plant vegetables while the other half can be used for residences.” As he spoke, Gru, Carter and Lisi ran over.

I heard him and nodded. “Let’s begin then.” I looked at Carter, saying, “Get to work.”

“Yes!” Carter rubbed his hands and rolled up his sleeves. The Queen and Flurry pushed Xing Chuan over too. The villagers hid behind Eletta and the few men as they came over.

Raffles took out a disc, and the disc hovered on his palm. The two children gasped in curiosity again. Rays of light shone out from the disc and formed a blueprint. It was a beautiful and magnificent mountain town covered in terraces.

“Wow!” The villages exclaimed in surprise. They looked at the blueprint in surprise and suspicion. They didn’t know it was for them.


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