Book 7: Chapter 55 - Harmonious Mother and Son

The Queen’s love towards the Great Ghost King was moving. She had abandoned Silver Moon City and its heavenly lifestyle and dived down to Kansa Star to look for her lover. Then, she had lived with him on a planet that was full of radiation and lacked food. The Queen’s love was great; truly until death did they part.

Stone City became bustling when they saw Eletta. When the dust subsided a little, Eletta waved at the people behind the city wall and beckoned them to help.

At first, only a few who were more courageous came out. When they moved the food back and the others saw, the rest swarmed out to help Eletta move the food. It was food that made them forget to fear me or even notice my existence. They walked right past me, but their gazes were fixed on the food. They chuckled, and some even drooled.

The dust finally subsided completely and sunlight poured over the land, revealing the entirety of Stone City. Everyone was busy moving goods, while the spacious land in Stone City was filled up. Our robots were busy moving building materials to rebuild Zone 1 too.

The people who were moving goods didn’t notice as we already entered the city. We were going to build a village on the mountain. Raffles began to inspect the area to determine which mountain was suitable to turn into a new Stone Town. I began to segregate the goods while Lucifer helped me.

Xing Chuan sat next to me and picked up a fruit to eat. The Queen who followed behind was surprised to see him eat. Flurry looked thrilled, too.

The Queen slowly came back to reality. Flurry held her by the arm while she carried the hemline of her dress. She didn’t get close to Xing Chuan, but detoured to stand next to me.

I smiled at her, saying, “Your Highness, excuse us. We should be taking care of you in Queen Town, but we have tasks on hand.”

The Queen looked at the various supplies piled up in front of me. She looked at the baskets of vegetables and fruits curiously in front of us, saying, “This is…” She leaned forward and picked up a fruit to look closely. Even in this dust-filled region, her elegance was undiminished. The people in Xing Chuan’s family were all elegant.

“This is Silver Moon City’s…” Her eyes revealed a tinge of yearning.

“Yes, Raffles once worked in Silver Moon City. He brought these down secretly.” I picked up a fruit and ate it too. It tasted better than the fruits back in my own world.

Although my world had great mountains and water, and also advanced technology, somehow the food that was grown using huge polytunnels and fertilizers to catalyze its growth lost its sweetness. It tasted more like chewing candles. It was a pity that children had no idea what the true sweetness of vegetables and fruits tasted like.

Then, my dad had begun to plant his own crops, and the harvests contained nature’s sweetness. There was no need for MSG; no matter how one cooked them, they would still taste delicious.

The Queen lifted it up to her face and sniffed. Then, she smiled.

“Take off your mask. No one recognizes you here,” Xing Chuan said coldly.

The Queen was stunned. Her dumbfounded expression seemed to show that Xing Chuan had never taken the initiative to speak to her.

Flurry looked surprised too. He looked at the Queen anxiously. In Ghost King City, the Great Ghost King and the Queen had never taken off their masks.

The Queen looked at Xing Chuan emotionally and gripped the fruit in her hand. She slowly lifted her hand and took off her mask. Flurry was instantly stunned.

The Queen revealed a relieved smile under the bright sky. She looked at Xing Chuan with pity, asking, “Are we closer like this?”

Xing Chuan didn’t look at her but nodded. “Mm…”

The Queen revealed a grateful smile and her eyes welled up with tears. She immediately looked at me, asking, “Is there anything I can help with?”

Looking at the Queen who was active and excited, I felt awkward. I pointed at the basket in front of us and said, “You can sort the food.”

“Alright!” The Queen immediately rolled up her beautiful lace sleeves and began to pick and choose. As she did so, she suddenly wiped away the tears that rolled down her cheeks. Then, she continued to pick and choose again.

Flurry stood by the side and watched for a long time. Suddenly, he looked as if he’d come back to reality and went to help too.

As the Queen picked fruit, Xing Chuan suddenly extended his hand. She couldn’t help but break into a smile. She placed the fruit in Xing Chuan’s hand, and Xing Chuan put it into the fruit basket.

The Queen wiped her tears away again. Then, she resumed selecting fruits with Xing Chuan. This might have been the first time the pair of mother and son had done something together. In the world I came from, it was called a parent-child activity, but right now Xing Chuan was much older.

I was glad to see the mother and son pair finally living harmoniously.

“Why did you bring these here?” The Queen picked the fruits as she asked curiously.

“This is the difference between Lil’ Bing and Silver Moon City… Cough, cough…” Xing Chuan said softly.

The Queen looked at him with a worried expression when he coughed, asking, “Do you have a blanket?”

“Yes!” Lucifer immediately came over and took out a blanket from the trunk of the wheelchair. The Queen saw that the trunk had every necessity in it, and she looked moved.

When Lucifer put the blanket over Xing Chuan, he continued, “Silver Moon City never shared their seeds with the people on the ground. They wouldn’t help the people who were pressured by the Ghost Eclipsers. They wouldn’t share any resources. What’s the purpose of Silver Moon City’s existence?” The Queen sighed as Xing Chuan spoke.

“That’s why… Lil’ Bing is the final hope of this world…” Xing Chuan looked ahead calmly.

The Queen looked at him quietly and then looked at me, saying, “I never thought that Ah Yun would be reborn when he was with you. You are the girl that he is in love with, right?” I smiled faintly and nodded.

“Do you still hate him now?” The Queen asked anxiously.

I continued to smile. “He and I…”

“You don’t have to worry about us. Cough, cough…” Xing Chuan suddenly said, as though he were worried that his mother would ruin our harmonious relationship. The Queen smiled and nodded continuously. Then, she got back to work picking out fruits again.

Actually, we had enough manpower, but I couldn’t interrupt them. So, I secretly mixed the vegetables and fruits into one basket and put them behind the Queen.

When I lifted my gaze, I saw the dumbfounded Flurry and Lucifer. I gave them a thumbs-up and Lucifer chuckled happily, saying, “I am going to help Brother Raffles!”

“Mm, go ahead,” I replied. Flurry blinked and lowered his head to continue working.

Two children in tattered clothes ran around happily. They cheered as they ran around the baskets of food. They looked at the green vegetables that they’d never before seen curiously.


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