Book 7: Chapter 54 - Arrived in Zone 1

“He wanted to make her immortal like himself, but she rejected it…” The memories of Hagrid Island surged. The island that was calm and tranquil, the island that always had blue skies with the occasional sea breeze, the island that was covered in billowing crops like waves and rustled as if someone were singing at the end of the river of time. The singing turned into wind chanting in one’s ear.

“How do you know…” He hung his head and asked hoarsely.

I had once wanted to use everything in Hagrid Island to deal the heaviest blow to the high and mighty, arrogant, and selfish Xing Chuan. But now, that blow seemed to be redundant.

Xing Chuan had already guessed that he was a man-made person’s child. Why did I need to tell him about the existence of another Xing Chuan?

“So, you are a family.” I didn’t reply to Xing Chuan’s question. “You are merciless and cold to others, but extremely affectionate about the women you love…” I was deeply moved by Xing Chuan’s love towards me. I felt an intense and overly obsessive love from him.

“Why do I need to love others…” He said calmly. “Cough, cough… What do they have to do with me… They don’t love me either… Cough, cough… Heh…” He chuckled lightly.

Hmph, you have guts to say that.”

“I am dying… What’s there that I don’t dare to say out loud…” He turned slightly and looked at me. “Plus… I said it before. I won’t lie… to you. Regardless of what it is…”

I knew that he’d said that he would never lie to me. Other than the time he had turned Harry into a water ghost, he’d kept that promise. At the very moment, we had no secrets.

As for Hagrid Island, Xing Chuan didn’t pursue it further, nor did I continue to talk about it.

The Queen’s spaceship followed closely next to us. They followed us out of Queen Town, which was covered in food crops and fruit trees. We slowly flew into a barren area. It was once Margaery’s livable zone, but it had become my new home and territory.

Soon, there were familiar yet foreign mountains. The rolling mountains had no green. The sight of grayness could make one think that it was the border of the Underworld filled with wandering ghosts and painful souls.

After flying past the billowing grey mountains, we passed a spacious basin. In the east of the flat basin, there were stone houses. Surrounding them were broken stones and piles of gemstones.

Among the piles of gemstones, there was an equally grey pool of pond water. It was as murky as cement water, but there were people scooping it up to drink.

The people seemed to have noticed us, and they looked up simultaneously. They quickly hid behind the surrounding broken stones hastily. Then, I saw Eletta and a few men from Zone 1 waving at us excitedly.

We parked outside Zone 1, then Eletta and the other men ran out of the broken city walls to greet us. The people in Zone 1 hid in the city, all anxious and yet curious. They were terrified of my arrival, but Eletta and the others made them less worried. Their curiosity overtook their hearts, and that was why they were watching from behind the city wall. But they looked as if they were ready to run for their lives, too.

Ice Dragon slowly descended and kicked up dust that filled the air. In such an environment, the thick dust was bad for the human body, even though there wasn’t any radiation.

The dust danced in the air. Raffles and I had no choice but to get off the spaceship wearing face masks. Lucifer put one on Xing Chuan, too. We opened the cargo hold so that Eletta and the other men could carry the bumper seeds out.

When the dust outside subsided, we opened the hatch. This world covered in dust reminded me of the foggy atmosphere of Beijing. Everything in sight was blurry. 

There was a figure waving in front of us. The dust in front of us began to subside, and a tunnel of clear air opened. Someone ran over; it was Ah Ming. He was one of the men who had come to Zone 1 with Eletta. He could control dust. I could tell that he was from Zone 1 just from his superpower.

The tunnel formed between us and Ah Ming as dust revolved outside it. It was a magical feeling, as though I had entered the tunnel to reincarnation. He ran before me and bowed in excitement, exclaiming, “Your Highness!”

I looked at the surrounding dust, asking, “When will the dust subside?”

“It will take a while. My superpower is limited,” he said apologetically.

I smiled at him. “Don’t put yourself down. Metahumans can constantly evolve.”

“Really?!” He looked at me in surprise.

“Yes. You have to use your superpower more for it to change!” Raffles explained further, and Ah Ming became extremely excited. He looked more confident, too.

“Your Highness, Professor Raffles, please follow me. And…” He looked to my side and was stunned. They had never expected us to bring the Ghost Prince along. 

Then, he looked even more confused when he looked behind me. Xing Chuan looked calm as he looked at the round tunnel engulfed in dust.

Raffles and I turned back, and we saw Flurry helping the Queen off the spaceship. They had brought dust helmets too. Flurry anxiously looked at Xing Chuan, who was now facing him.

I didn’t know if Flurry would still be infatuated with Xing Chuan after he had seen Xing Chuan’s aged face. But judging from his expression, he was still worried about Xing Chuan. Flurry watched him quietly for a while. Then, he hung his head in desolation and pity. He continued to keep the Queen company. 

The Queen looked at the surrounding dust suspiciously as she looked at us from afar. I wanted to turn to greet her, but Xing Chuan stopped me by holding my arm.

I looked at Xing Chuan and he remained silent. Lucifer looked at Xing Chuan and then back at me anxiously.

I creased my eyebrows and nodded at the Queen from afar. The Queen hung her head in disappointment. Obviously, Xing Chuan would let her follow, but wouldn’t let her come close.

“Let’s go.” Raffles sighed gently and tugged my arm.

I had a good impression of the Queen. I found it pitiful to leave her alone off to the side.

Ah Ming immediately reined his curious gaze in and led the way ahead of us. Halfway through the tunnel, we saw another tunnel through the wall on the other side. We could see Eletta and the other men busily moving the supplies.

They saw me and they immediately stopped to bow. “Your Highness!” They looked at me excitedly. They were as excited and as respectful as the people in the world I had come from would be whenever they saw the God of Wealth.

“Hurry up,” I said. Then, they got back to work. They were boiling with passion. No matter how heavy the supplies were, they didn’t complain about exhaustion.

The Queen stopped too. She looked suspiciously at Eletta and the other men who were busy moving things. When she saw green vegetables, she seemed surprised.


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