Book 2: Chapter 19 - More Than Just Radiation Resistant

Xiao Ying looked around at everyone curiously. “Are they alive or dead?”

“Raffles! Take a look, what kind of egg is it?” Uncle Mason immediately said.

Raffles picked up an egg from the pile of gooey puke, not minding it despite his mysophobia.

Harry immediately took off his drenched scarf to clean the egg in Raffles’ hand. It was slightly bigger than a quail egg, but a little smaller than a chicken egg. The eggshell was green with a tinge of white, and there were brown spots on it.

“It’s an egg! It’s really an egg!” Raffles lifted his hand up excitedly and inspected the egg under the moonlight. The moonlight shone through the eggshell, vaguely illuminating the egg yolk within. Somehow, it was a touching sight. It was as though we had seen a new life.

“You don’t say! I can tell that it’s an egg!”  Sis Cannon’s voice was always bright and clear, “We’re asking you what egg is that!”

“How is it? Raffles! Is it fertilized?!” Sis Ceci asked anxiously. The question was very important as it would determine if the three eggs were to be incubated or consumed.

Everyone looked with anticipation, and the few guys even swallowed their saliva. There was no egg in Noah City. It was said that eggs were expensive and an egg could exchange for several loaves of Noah City’s black bread.

That very moment, everyone’s gaze was fixed upon the egg in Raffles’ hand like hungry wolves. It looked as though they were going to pounce at eat the eggs the moment Raffles said they were unfertilized.

“They have to be fertilized! It’d be great if they were! We’d finally have a living animal!” Mosie looked at everyone excitedly, and they all nodded in unison. As long as they were alive, harvesting eggs wouldn’t be a problem. Of course, that also relied on our luck, if there were a male and female that could reproduce.

Sia put his hands together and turned to pray at the moon like a devoted believer, *Ohmm.* 

Khai rubbed his chin and pouted, “Tsk tsk. What could it be? Could it be a chicken?! What does a chicken taste like?”

“Maybe it’s a duck!” Everyone guessed excitedly.

“It might also be a turtle or a bird! Although that’s not as delicious.”

“Regardless! We have never eaten any of those!”

“It’s best if there were a male and a female. Then, not only would we have eggs, we would also have meat for consumption!”

Everyone was hot with emotions.

Raffles carried the egg carefully in his hand, “I have to run through a detailed DNA test in order to determine what egg this is.”

Judging from the look of the egg, I’d say that it’s a chicken or bird egg.

“Hurry up then!” Harry said. Then, he took the other two eggs from my hand and wrapped them up carefully in his scarf before passing it to Raffles. He shouted, “Hurry up and escort Raffles back!” 

Everyone immediately escorted Raffles anxiously as though they were moving a baby. 

Joey pushed over the wheelchair that Second Sis had used earlier for Raffles to sit on it, as if Raffles had become a pregnant woman.

In the blink of an eye, everyone hurried back to Noah City. Even the guards were welcoming them hurriedly.

I stood dumbfounded on the spot. “Er, can I wash my hands at the reservoir?”

However, everyone had already surrounded Raffles and disappeared into the brightly lit tunnel that connected to Noah City. I was the only one still standing under the moonlight.

Forget it.

I ran to the reservoir alone. It wasn’t far away and looking around at the grass, I would never have expected it to hide so many surprises. Just how huge is Noah City? How long has it been here? There’s even grass growing over it already.

I spotted the gleaming reflection of water under the night sky, sparkling in the bright moonlight.

From atop the city gate earlier, it had just looked like a long crack in the ground. Now that I had gotten closer, I realized that it wasn’t a crack but a huge swimming pool! The clear water shimmered beautifully in the moonlight, but it was still filled with radiation and other pollution; it would have to be cleansed before it could become consumable water. This water that looked clean was actually life-threatening to ordinary people.

However, I was a radiationer. Hence, it was harmless to me. Besides the fact that it couldn’t be drunk because of its texture and the other pollutants with radiation, it was similar to acid rain. However, it contained more chemical components than acid rain, such as chemical compounds and micro-elements of heavy metal that were harmful to the human body.

Previously, the water that I’d drunk with Second Sis had already gone through the first stage of cleansing, which had removed the pollutants in the water. Raffles had said that the first stage was the simplest process of all; the removal of radiation would take a much longer period of time.

Due to the fight earlier, the huge reservoir wasn’t full but I still couldn’t see its bottom. The entire reservoir was segregated into many smaller reservoirs, separated by a steel sluice gate that stretched two meters tall above the ground. If the water reservoir was full, it would flow over the sluice gate. The sluice gate was one person wide, broad enough for a person to walk on it. By the side, there were stairs that led down to the sluice gate too.

I walked down the stairs and stood on the sluice gate, before bending down to wash my hands. The clear water reflected the bright moon and the starry night sky, so clear it looked as though someone had just cleaned it.

Unconsciously, I was enchanted by the beautiful scenery. Suddenly, the glimmering starlight on the water swayed, giving me a shock. Is there a spaceship? I looked up suspiciously at the moon, but there wasn’t a single spaceship in the night sky.

Stunned, I suddenly realized something. Immediately, I looked into the water and was dumbfounded! The entire reservoir was filled with glimmering blue light spots. Faint blue light covered the water surface, resembling a layer of blue sparks or a dense gathering of fireflies.

It’s them again! Those were the light spots I had seen during my first visit to the reservoir, and also during the radiation resistance test. They were the same!

The blue lights shone on my face, and started diminishing quickly from the surrounding water as though someone had blown them out. Slowly, the remaining light spots around my hands extinguished too. I retracted my hands in shock, bringing the light spots along with me; they looked like a string of blue lights had wrapped around my fingers.

I scooped the remaining light spots out from the water and they surrounded my hands. The clear water reflected the light spots that I had picked up.

Then, those lights attached to my hands slowly dispersed. However, it was different from the previous time. After the lights disappeared, my hands started glowing in blue under the moonlight! It was different from before! They, those light spots, seemed to have gone under my skin!

I felt my heart clench and I was suddenly afraid. But, I didn’t seem to feel anything different in my body. What exactly are they? What is going on?

Did the light spot disappear into my skin? The amount was very few back then, is that why my hands weren’t glowing before? But what about later? My hands won’t keep glowing like this, right?!

Right now, my hands were like glow sticks, shimmering under the night sky.

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