Book 7: Chapter 53 - Uninvited Guest

Gru and the rest were busy moving the food and resources onto Ice Dragon. Lucifer pushed Xing Chuan out in his wheelchair. We were going to board the spaceship to head to Zone 1.

Suddenly, Ice Dragon appeared next to us and smiled, saying, “Master, there’s an unknown spaceship approaching."

“Unknown spaceship?” Ah Zong immediately became heavily guarded. Everyone stopped whatever they were doing on hand, too.

“Is someone trying to launch a surprise attack?!” Xiao Ying became anxious.

Little Har and Little Raf immediately spread their wings and puffed up their feathers. They looked as if they were prepared for war. 

Howl!” Little Bing howled, and the three of them took off and circled in the sky above Queen Town.

I looked at Ice Dragon. “Get them to reveal their identity.”

Ice Dragon smiled and bowed politely. “Alright, Master. Connecting.” He looked away and began to get in touch with them.

“Who would it be?” Raffles looked worried. “At this time?”

“Connected. Begin image transfer,” Ice Dragon said, and his image changed. We were surprised when we saw a long, form-fitting, elegant dress.

“This is…” Raffles and the others looked at the elegant and gentle masked woman suspiciously.

“She is the Queen of Ghost King City.” Ah Zong smiled flirtatiously and glanced at Xing Chuan.

I was surprised at the Queen’s arrival. Could the Great Ghost King hear anything? The Queen was elegant and beautiful. However, the clasped hands in front of her stomach showed how nervous she was.

“I came here to see Ah Yun. I have the right to see my son!” Her voice ran hot with emotions. However, it was normal for any mother who wanted to see her child.

“If you try to stop me, I will resort to military force!” She stared at me as she threatened me using her identity as the Queen of Ghost King City.

I looked at her calmly. I wasn’t afraid of her threats. I, Luo Bing, am not even afraid of your son. Why would I be afraid of you?

“You can ask him directly,” I said faintly, and the Queen was shocked by my reply.

I turned to look at Xing Chuan, saying, “Your mother came to see you.” Then, I moved away and Lucifer pushed Xing Chuan’s wheelchair to where I had just been standing.

The Queen’s eyes looked shocked from behind her mask. “Chuan… You…”

“Go back. I don’t want to see you,” Xing Chuan said coldly. The Queen hung her head in disappointment.

“Hold on.” Xing Chuan seemed to have changed his mind. He lifted his head and looked at the Queen, asking, “Besides you, who else is here?” Xing Chuan sounded as if he were interrogating the Queen.

The Queen looked to the side subconsciously. “Flurry drove the spaceship.”

Flurry is here.

Xing Chuan remained calm. “Flurry, you saw me unmasked,” he said coldly. 

Flurry had once been infatuated with Xing Chuan. He was likely attracted by Xing Chuan’s unique temperament. But then, he had seen Xing Chuan unmasked.

Xing Chuan lifted his chin and looked at the Queen coldly, saying, “Come. Follow our spaceship and don’t move around as you wish.” He waved, commanding, “End the connection.” The Queen’s image vanished.

Everyone looked at Xing Chuan while he coughed into his fist. “Cough, cough, cough, cough…

“Everyone, get back to work.” I looked at everyone and they went back to do what they had been doing earlier. Lucifer pushed the coughing Xing Chuan onto Ice Dragon.

Haggs walked up to us in the robot, saying, “We are leaving.”

“Mm. You and Little Carl, be careful. Jun and Zong Ben, too.” I looked at Jun and Zong Ben, who were in the air. They waved at me and entered another spaceship. Then, Little Carl pulled the huge portable lab and entered the spaceship with Haggs. The spaceship took off in front of us and departed to West Port.

Everyone was busy with their own tasks. It was a great feeling.

“Should we really let the Queen tail behind us?” Raffles looked at me.

I looked at Ice Dragon, saying, “Xing Chuan has his own arrangements. Plus, there will be a war in Ghost King Town soon. Xing Chuan wouldn’t want the Queen to be involved in the chaos.” Xing Chuan loved his mother. He had always yearned for his mother back in Silver Moon City. Plus, it was Su Yang who had sold Xing Chuan. It wasn’t his mother, Yu Xi.

We bid farewell with Xiao Ying and we took off. We flew in the direction of the Queen’s spaceship. After we greeted them, we began to advance to Zone 1. The Queen’s spaceship tailed us quietly.

Xing Chuan sat in the observation deck in the resting area. The Queen’s spaceship flew next to us like a dependent wild goose. It was a miniature white spaceship, the kind with one or two cabins. It looked like a pigeon next to our medium-sized cargo spaceship.

I stood next to Xing Chuan and looked at the pigeon, saying, “The Queen loves you.”

“She loves the wrong person,” Xing Chuan said.

“There’s no right and wrong in love. Su Yang mistreated you, but he treats her well. He loves the Queen a lot.” There was no doubt about it.

“Humph. It seems I’m really his child. We only love one woman.” Xing Chuan chuckled bitterly in self-mockery. “That’s why we shouldn’t be the old monster’s descendants. He doesn’t love anyone. I reckon my father is man-made too.” He smiled coldly. His hoary face with its treacherous smile made him look like the disloyal minister character from TV shows. 

I looked at him. He was right. Su Yang was man-made.

“I am a man-made person’s child. Hmph, this is so ridiculous.” Xing Chuan laughed bitterly. “I have always looked down on man-made humans. I didn’t see them as living things. Their deaths and injuries were unworthy of my notice because they could always be made again. In the end, I was actually one too. Hmph… Hahahaha!” He burst out in laughter, but it was filled with sorrow and misery. Still, I was glad to see that he had the strength to laugh like that without coughing.

Xing Chuan had gotten it right, but he didn’t know that he had a "host body”.

“Hagrid Jones loved only one woman in his entire life, his wife,” I said.

“Humph,” Xing Chuan laughed coldly. “I know about Hagrid Jones. He had a wife named Yin Yue. She was a professor too. You said that Hagrid Jones went up to Silver Moon City, but I have never seen a woman named Yin Yue. If he loved her, why didn’t he shield her from the end of the world? Why didn’t he let her stay immortal? Hmph, he’s so merciless and cold. What kind of a man is he to abandon his wife?”

I looked at him quietly for a while. I remained silent for a while before I told him, “He didn’t abandon her. He built an island that could avoid the end of the world for her, because he wasn’t sure if his plan would succeed. So, he protected his wife and gave her a paradise where she could live in peace and comfort. He came to Silver Moon City alone because he didn’t want his wife to carry eternal infamy along with him.”

Xing Chuan lifted his chin in shock and looked at me. His black eyes were filled with suspicion.


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