Book 7: Chapter 52 - Sending Off Four Troops

I watched the spaceship gradually disappear into the sky. “My world went through five thousand years of war. Do you think we are experienced enough? We have a lot of books about warcraft."


“Do you have no warcraft in your world?” I turned to look at Xing Chuan. I had read books on the subject, but I hadn’t read many of the ancient books here.

Xing Chuan lifted his hoary face and said, “When the world reached the highest point of civilization, who would think of waging war? In the eyes of the civilized, it was a barbaric act that people despised. So, who would think that war could happen? If no one thought so, no one would pay attention to it. The wars that happened a few centuries ago faded from their memory. Those books and ancient books slowly disappeared too…” 

“It’s a good thing. It’s a good thing that no one wanted war…”

“Among a hundred people, ninety-nine of them saints... If the last person were to have any wicked ideas, the ninety-nine saints would have the power to resist…” Xing Chuan chuckled lightly as though he were mocking the civilized people.

“Yeah… That’s how the end of the world came about…”

“The end of the world?” He looked up at me while I looked down at his face, which looked much older compared to Hagrid Jones. It was as though Hagrid Jones had exchanged his age with him. “Your grandfather, Cang Yu, is Hagrid Jones. He is the one who started the end of the world.”

“What…” Xing Chuan sat in his wheelchair in shock.

Silver Moon City had become a desert island at the end of the world. No one could tell whom Hagrid Jones had brought away from the desert island. But one thing was for sure: There were hardly any pure humans among the current residents. Because the purest humans were in a place outside Kansa Star.

As Underworld Ghost left, the four troops prepared to take off. They would be stationed at the borders of the livable zone so they could quickly launch an attack when Nubis’s generals left the capital city.

The four huge spacecraft halted outside Queen Town. The sunlight shined upon their hulls and they looked like beasts ready to be launched. It was a magnificent and spirit-lifting sight.

The four troops stood next to the spacecraft in an imposing manner. They looked to be in high spirits,heroic in bearing.

I stood in front of Gehenna, Napoleon, Harry, Mason and He Lei as I watched them.

Since the other day, He Lei dared not look me in the eye. He’d gotten to avoid me during military training. But now, he could only look sideways on the ground as he stood before me.

In truth, Harry and Ah Zong were busy training the soldiers too. No one had been distracted by me because there wasn’t much time left for us to think about relationships.

Harry looked at Xing Chuan in the wheelchair next to me. Xing Chuan looked back at Harry. He creased his eyebrows and coughed, “Cough, cough… Don’t worry. Before you return… I won’t die…”

“Mm.” Harry looked at him grimly. Then, he turned to Ah Zong and Raffles. “Ah Zong, Raffles, I’ll leave Lil Bing with you.”

Ah Zong smiled flirtatiously. “Don’t worry. My troop and I are ready at all times. Don’t enjoy the fight too much and leave no opportunity for us to use our superpowers.”

Harry chuckled. He raised his eyebrows at Ah Zong, saying, “You’ll have lots of opportunities.” Harry seemed to be implying something else. Ah Zong was stunned, while He Lei’s eyebrows were tightly knitted.

Gehenna and Napoleon stood by the side. Somehow, they looked awkward. They hugged each other’s shoulders as though they were trying to keep themselves warm. Uncle Mason sighed and shook his head.

“No one would dare when Lil’ Bing is in Queen Town,” Raffles said jokingly. “You have to return safely. You know that’s what Lil’ Bing cares about the most."

Harry nodded. His expression became complicated when his gaze met mine. He Lei hung his head and didn’t look at me.

Behind them were the officers and soldiers of all four troops. Their eyes were glistening and they were waiting for my command.

The war was underway, and our love affairs were cast aside. I believed that it was the same for Harry and He Lei. In the war, we had only one identity, which was that of a warrior!

I stood under the blue sky and bright sun as I watched them. They were my family members now. I would worry about each and every one of them who was going on an expedition.

I shouted bright and clear, “You must return!”

“Yes!” Everyone replied in unison, and the sound reverberated in the air.

Queen Town suddenly became empty after the officers and soldiers of all four troops left. Harry and Ah Zong had told me to not worry in Queen Town. But how could I not be worried?

However, the four troops would have peace of mind when I stayed back in Queen Town. I became their queen bee and gave them reassurance.

“Let’s prepare to depart,” Raffles said. Then, a robot walked up next to him and waved at me. Little Carl was following next to him with Raffles’s portable lab behind him. 

I looked at the robot and the portable lab suspiciously. He turned to face me, saying, “Lil Bing, I’m Haggs. I’m going with Jun to his parents. We’re going to continue our research there.”

“We can go separate ways using the superconnection robot. Then, we can carry out different tasks,” Raffles explained further while Haggs loaded his things onto the cargo spaceship.

In truth, it wasn’t their first time separating. They often did so back in Silver Moon City. However, Haggs had had a great bionic robot in Silver Moon City, but it couldn’t enter the center of the radiation zone.

“Ah… All of you are leaving. I’m going to be so bored watching over our home alone.” Xiao Ying looked at us dully. Silver Snake was getting ready to return to Zone 3. He would first send food and seeds back. Then he would promote the relationship between Zone 5 and Zone 8 with Queen Town, so they would understand what the current situation was and have more confidence in us.

Joey and Sia were joining the war along with Harry. So, Xiao Ying only had Fat-Two left.

Howl!” Suddenly, a wind picked up. Little Har and the other lucid birds came over and landed next to Xiao Ying. They clumped together and squashed Xiao Ying in between their fluffy bodies as though they were saying: We’ll keep you company.

Raffles looked at the three lucid birds and said, “They should be in heat soon. We might have new members this year.”

Is it?! Little Har and the other lucid birds are finally grownups! 

Lucid birds took about a year to grow into adults. However, the female reproductive system took a long time to develop, probably about a year or two. Then, it was an even longer wait for their heat period. Hence, it wasn’t an easy task to wait for lucid birds to give birth.

I was glad that the Flying Corpse King had given us Little Har and the other lucid birds. Otherwise, they would have been eaten. It wasn’t easy for lucid birds to lay eggs.

“Sis Ceci is here too!” Ah Zong smiled at Xiao Ying. “Butterfly is very cute too.”

Xiao Ying smiled, “Yeah, Butterfly is so cute. I want to help but Sis Ceci won’t let me.” Xiao Ying pouted envirously.

“You can give birth to one yourself.” Ah Zong winked at Xiao Ying. “Fat-Two has great stamina.”

“Brother Ah Zong!” Xiao Ying instantly blushed, while everyone burst out in laughter.

“Don’t make fun of Xiao Ying,” I said as Xiao Ying hid within Little Bing’s feathers bashfully. I looked at Ah Zong and said solemnly, “Keep in touch at all times and report the military situation to me.”

“Yes. Don’t worry and go ahead,” Ah Zong said.

I felt strange. He sounded…


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