Book 7: Chapter 51 - Thirty Men for Four Cities

“Hold on. How about me?” Napoleon leaned forward and pointed at Nubis’s huge livable zone. “Shouldn’t I have one-third of his territory?” Gehenna and I paused and looked at him.

“You aren’t sending any men… Cough, cough. Why do you get any…” Suddenly, Xing Chuan, who had been sitting quietly off to the side, suddenly spoke.

Napoleon was stunned. He looked surprised, as though he had just noticed Xing Chuan, “There’s another person here. This is… This is!” He looked at Xing Chuan in surprise, “The prince?!” His expression became confused. He stared at Xing Chuan directly and found him familiar.

“The Prince is right!” Gehenna knocked on the table to catch Napoleon’s attention again. “You didn’t send any men. Why do you get any territory in return?!”

“I brought my spacecraft here. I contributed!” Napoleon emphasized that he had contributed a spacecraft.

Gehenna crossed his legs and leaned back in his chair. He looked at me arrogantly, saying, “Sissy, your Uncle Napoleon said that he wants some land just because he contributed his spacecraft.”

I chuckled. I looked at Napoleon with a smile, saying, “After we take down Nubis’ capital city, I will give you two spacecraft in return.”

Napoleon was left speechless. He pouted and creased his eyebrows. He gasped and squinted at Nubis’s livable zone. He looked distressed.

“I think you’d better watch over your own livable zone,” I said.

Napoleon immediately became nervous. There was a glimpse of coldness in his eyes. He looked as if he had his guard up, as though I were interested in his livable zone as well.

I looked at him, saying, “Once the war against Nubis’s livable zone starts, will the man-eaters in your livable zone stay put? I believe they won’t just sit and wait when they hear that we’re eradicating man-eaters. Napoleon, there will be chaos within your livable zone soon.” Napoleon looked even more tense, and I continued, “Don’t worry. After you clean up and settle down your livable zone, I will pass you some seeds.” 

He was shocked. He asked doubtfully, “Would you really give them to me?”

I smiled. “Because you contributed, in return, I will pass you some seeds.”

Napoleon leaned back and nodded. His eyes flickered as though he were thinking about something else. Suddenly, he took down his hat and set it aside. He turned slightly to face me, saying, “How about this? I will send twenty men, including myself. Give me the four cities near me. What do you think?” He finally reined in the exaggerated expression he used when he was putting up a show. He looked unusually serious. Napoleon was finally up for a discussion.

I looked at the four cities nearer to him. There was a huge region of water there.

“Thirty! Nothing more!” He pointed at himself, saying, “I can fight as ten alone! Plus, my livable zone will be chaotic. I have to keep some of them at home!” He looked anxious.

I smirked. “Alright. Thirty men and four cities to you.” Napoleon was sending thirty men, including himself. He was getting an extra spacecraft and four cities in return. He wasn’t on the losing end.

He was taking a quarter of the livable zone while Gehenna and I were taking the rest of it. He wasn’t too greedy.

Phew…” Napoleon let out a breath of relief. He smiled, “Great! I, Napoleon, only recognize you as the Queen. I will no longer follow the Great Ghost King!” He was suddenly stunned, and he looked at Xing Chuan awkwardly.

“Don’t need to look at me… Cough…” Xing Chuan coughed lightly. “In my heart… it has always only been… her…” 

I looked at him from the corner of my eye. I was grateful. He was sort of entranced by me. 

“Hehe, hehe…” Napoleon laughed awkwardly. He was left speechless, and he couldn’t help but measure Xing Chuan up and down. He was surprised that the Prince looked much older than the Great Ghost King. “Psst… Somehow I find the Prince really familiar…”

Er…” Gehenna extended his hand to catch Napoleon’s attention again.

I never expected that Xing Chuan would lean forward. “Because I am Xing Chuan,” he said grimly. Then, he leaned back and revealed the once arrogant Xing Chuan. It was as though he were mocking Napoleon as an idiot for not recognizing him.

When he said his name out loud, not only was Napoleon surprised, but Gehenna and I were surprised too. We were surprised that he had admitted his identity.

He was helping me. As he’d mentioned, he’d only had me in his heart from the beginning.

“Xing Chuan!” Napoleon stood up in surprise and looked at Xing Chuan in shock.

Xing Chuan smirked. “The Great Ghost King that you follow... Hmph, my father was originally Silver Moon City’s Prince. You were fooled. He’s using all of you to return to Silver Moon City and take his throne back! You’re so stupid and uncivilized. So easy to con.”

“D*mn you! Don’t say another word!” Napoleon grabbed his hat from the table and threw it at him. Gehenna immediately hugged Napoleon while I caught the hat that Napoleon had thrown over.

Xing Chuan had done that to infuriate Napoleon, purely to trample on his dignity.

“Napoleon, calm down!” Gehenna hugged Napoleon. “I knew it. I know your tantrums! That’s why I’ve been hiding this from you! I quit following the Great Ghost King long ago.”

Napoleon looked at Gehenna in surprise. “You knew that long ago?!” Gehenna glanced at me. Napoleon followed his gaze and looked at me too.

Gehenna let go of Napoleon and continued, “The Prince is now the Queen’s hostage, because we can’t believe in the Great Ghost King anymore. Fortunately, the Prince is loyal to the Queen. So, the Prince is in the same boat as us. Napoleon, you have to remember what you said just now. You can only follow the Queen from now on and quit following the Great Ghost King. Don’t jump ship again at a crucial time.”

“Who do you think I am?!” Napoleon roared. “Even if I’m loyal to the Ghost Eclipsers, I will not be loyal to someone from Silver Moon City. Pfft! D*mn it! I was conned for so many years. No wonder he always wears a mask. He’s afraid that people will recognize him. I, Napoleon, swear that I will only follow Queen Luo Bing from now on!” Napoleon said passionately.

I smiled and threw his hat back, saying, “Welcome to our big family!” 

Napoleon extended his hand and caught his hat. He put it back on and bowed at me politely. “Napoleon pledges loyalty to you. May I ask when you’re going to deploy the army?”

I smirked. Then Gehenna chuckled and patted his back. “Don’t panic. Soon, everything will be under control.” Napoleon chuckled and laughed maliciously along with Gehenna. 

Napoleon was impressed at Queen Town’s drastic change. Just like Gehenna, he fell in love with the food in Queen Town. He cried while eating it too. We sent the food onto his spacecraft, and the people in his spacecraft cried as well.

I never expected that it would be so easy to win one’s heart in this world. I only needed to feed them with real food.

We watched Underworld Ghost’s spacecraft leave from the city gate. The war had been kickstarted for real at that moment.

“Did you… learn all of this from the world you came from…” Xing Chuan asked gently.

Jun and Zong Ben hovered above us for a while before they landed next to me. They stood on the armrest of Xing Chuan’s wheelchair and fooled around.


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