Book 7: Chapter 50 - No Manpower, No Land

“Impressive, Sissy! You are so cunning!” Gehenna immediately shut his mouth. Then, he chuckled awkwardly. “Er… Cough, cough. Alright. I understand now. I shall wait for your call. We will deploy whenever you say so. Hahaha.”

Gehenna was glowing with health and he was confident about the war. Originally, we’d been worried about Nubis’s capital city and its power, but we’d resolved the problem.

As for the Great Ghost King’s plan to hold back their power to take control of us in the end, it would come to nothing as well. You tried to work against me. Hmph, don’t blame me for doing it to you instead.

Plus, Xing Chuan didn’t seem to object to my plan to go against his father.

“Your Highness, do you… trust me?” Underworld Ghost calmed down and looked at me.

I smiled at him. “Go and look for Raffles. Remove the inhibitor on your forehead. Then, go back. Be careful. Stay in the city and try to look for Nubis’s host body. When our four troops arrive in the capital city, I will give you a chance to kill him.”

Underworld Ghost ran hot with emotions. His lips and emerald eyes quivered. Suddenly, he knelt before me and almost prostrated himself in front of my feet. “Your Highness! Thank... Your Highness...” he said, choking back sobs.

Gru brought Underworld Ghost down again. Gehenna looked in the sky and said, “Napoleon should be here soon. I’ll go and get him. I won’t let him fly his spacecraft in.” Then, Gehenna jumped off from the roof.

“Ah Zong can feel people’s emotions. He can smell all kinds of chemical compounds secreted due to various emotions. Whether Underworld Ghost lies, Ah Zong can easily tell...” Xing Chuan said casually.

I stole a glance at him. “I didn’t ask Ah Zong. I have my gut feeling. Do you know why I didn’t believe in you back then? Because my sixth sense told me that you had certain intentions.”

Hmph...” he chuckled lightly. “I have never... hidden my intentions... It’s merely because I’ve become older now... that I have the intention... Cough, cough, cough... but no strength...” He coughed into his fist as though he were mocking himself.

I smiled and lifted my chin to look into the distance. I saw a spacecraft slowly flying toward us. It traveled through the air like a huge black whale above a blue ocean.

“Napoleon is here!” Gehenna’s excited cheer resonated in my ear. 

I smiled. “Alright! Put on a show with me later!”

“Sure! I’m the  best at it!” Gehenna said, smiling.

Of course I knew that. He was the leader of that bunch of drama queens. Otherwise, why would I get him to put on a show with me?

“Napoleon has his own plan in mind. So, he won’t believe in anyone...” Xing Chuan said softly, “In order to secure his power, he can only lean on an authority. In his livable zone, there are many man-eaters because they are powerful. Napoleon needs them to safeguard the entire livable zone. Such a person... cough, cough... You can’t treat them sincerely...”

I couldn’t help but chuckle lightly. “Hmph, who doesn’t behave like that in this world? Silver Moon City picked only those powerful people. You were constantly ranking them. Those at the end of the ranking would be thrown off Silver Moon City. The only difference between you and the Ghost Eclipsers is that one side eats humans and one doesn’t. Other than that, it’s all the same.”

“Hey... when you put it this way... I think... you are right. Cough, cough...” he creased his eyebrows as he coughed. He took a deep breath and slowed down. “Maybe such a person who follows the trend might be easier to trust.”

The breeze blew against the black soil before me. The air was filled with the refreshing soil smell that I was familiar with. It was the smell of earth. Soon, Kansa Star would be covered in such healthy soil.

Gehenna piloted his own spaceship to pick up Napoleon and his two followers in Queen Town. I told him to bring them to the meeting room directly.

Napoleon and his followers looked surprised. It seemed that they were surprised by the view along the way. Napoleon’s twin followers stayed outside the meeting room. Gehenna, Xing Chuan and I stayed in the meeting room to welcome Napoleon’s arrival. The map of Nubis’s livable zone was still on the table in the meeting room.

“My, my, Your Highness. Queen Town looks brand new. I am surprised,” Napoleon exclaimed in surprise. Judging from his expression, I could tell that he was really astonished. “I heard from Gehenna that the greens are all food. Is that true?”

“Of course!” Before I could reply, Gehenna said proudly as though Queen Town belonged to him, “I’m telling you. Not only the Queen Town that you just saw, but Sissy Bing is also going to cover the entire livable zone in food. She’s going to plant them in my livable zone too! We don’t have to eat tree bark anymore. Hahahaha!”

“So many of them?!” Napoleon was even more surprised.

Gehenna raised his eyebrows. “Hurry up and lick her boots. If she’s in a good mood, she might plant them in yours too!”

Napoleon was stunned. It was obvious that Gehenna’s comment had hit his greatest point of temptation.

I looked at Gehenna. “Gehenna, let’s continue with our meeting from earlier.”

“Sure.” Gehenna immediately got down to business. He knew that it was a sign for him to start acting, because we hadn’t had any meetings earlier. He scratched his head naturally and asked, “Where were we?”

He lived up to his title of King of Drama Queens. He was doing so well. I said, “We were discussing how we should distribute Nubis’s livable zone when we took it down.”

“Oh…” Gehenna wasn’t putting up an act then, because he knew that I was serious. After we took down Nubis’s livable zone, we would definitely segregate his territory.

Napoleon, who was next to Gehenna, immediately squinted at Nubis’ huge territory. There were quite a number of gaps within the livable zone.

Gehenna pretended to gesture around the map, saying, “How about this? I’ll take the half nearer to me. There are more radiation zones there. Sissy, you’re more capable than I am. You can take all the good ones! Without you, we can’t have much good food!”

I nodded with a smile, “I shall accept your offer then. I want the capital city too. The capital city is normally the best livable zone. Look at Queen Town. The food crops grow so well here because the ecological conditions are great." 

“No problem.” Gehenna waved with great generosity. “Don’t mention it. What’s mine is yours. What’s yours is still yours. We might as well merge as one nation and you can still be the Queen!” Gehenna was sincere about that. I could tell from his expression and tonality.

In truth, I reckoned Gehenna was dying to move into Queen Town even if he couldn’t get Nubis’s land.

“The livable zone is too huge. It will be too tiring for me. I will send you technical support. Your livable zone will be covered in food crops like mine very soon. No one will starve again,” I said in a tempting way. Gehenna’s smiling eyes formed a line too.


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