Book 7: Chapter 49 - No Hurry During War

Not only was he a Honeycomb baby, but he was also a warrior. When Gehenna had attacked Blue Shield City, he and the Honeycomb boys had fought against them to safeguard the west map! They’d have rather died than submit to them!

Who would hold the Honeycomb boys in contempt for what they’d done? They were respectable warriors!

When Ah Zong was training, even Xiao Ye didn’t dare to fool around. Maybe everyone had expected Ah Zong to be gentler, and even I’d thought so. But in the end, everyone had been surprised at how stern Ah Zong was. For example, when they were running for stamina, Xiao Ye would open the transfer gate for anyone who dragged the entire troop behind and throw them into the pool.

Ah Zong’s punishment was extremely strict.

On top of that, there was Zi Yi, who always soared with murderous intent. No one dared to think that Ah Zong would treat them with tender loving care.

Harry who normally joked around with them, He Lei who upheld quality brotherhood with them, or Ah Zong who was loving and caring, showed different sides of themselves during military training. The men who admired them were surprised.

Even though military training was strict, the logistics team working at the paddy field looked at their brothers in admiration. However, farming needed them. It was a bumpy harvest for the first batch, and they were growing the second batch.

Jun and Zong Ben were instructing the lucid birds to help flip the soil.

I stood on top of the palace balcony as I watched their training, while Xing Chuan sat next to me in his wheelchair to get some sun.

“When do you intend… to launch an attack… Cough, cough…” He coughed softly. He looked much better than when he had first come to Queen Town. Lucifer was still keeping him company. He would play games or eat off to the side. He would find fun on his own too. “It should be a great time now…” he continued.

“You can’t be in a hurry during war, nor can you be slow. It requires good timing.” I turned to look down at Xing Chuan with my hands behind my back. “Don’t you know what went wrong during the war in Steel Ghost City?”

He creased his eyebrows and hung his withered face low. “I underestimated our opponent. I was too arrogant…”

“And too much in a hurry. The three troops were on a winning streak. Although the morale was high, they were exhausted. If you had taken a break and contained everyone’s morale, it would have had a greater explosion of power.” He nodded as I spoke.

I turned back to look at the four troops. “These people used to be Margaery’s troop. Although we finally got them on their feet and restored their morale, war requires their collaboration and tacit understanding. So, they have great superpowers but they have yet to understand one another thoroughly. Military training is also meant to increase their unity and to let their leaders understand their soldiers.”

“It was Silver Moon City’s biggest loss… to lose you…” he said.

I chucked lightly, “It has nothing to do with Silver Moon City anymore.” I turned back and looked at him, while he lifted his chin to look at me in confusion. I smirked at him coldly. “I will take it down personally and kill the old monster.”

He looked surprised at my casual remark. No matter who it was, as long as they heard that I was going to attack Silver Moon City, they would look shocked and disbelieving. After all, Silver Moon City was like the existence of God in this world. Attacking Silver Moon City was as unbelievable as defeating God in my own world. It naturally shocked them.

“Sissy! Sissy!” Gehenna ran over hastily. “When are you going to deploy your army! It’s the best time to do so!”

See, another one in a hurry.

Gehenna ran up to me. “The war plan is done. The spacecrafts are here. Why aren’t you deploying the army yet?”

“Not all the spacecrafts are here yet. Napoleon’s isn’t here yet."

“I contacted him. That b*stard is arriving today. We can deploy the moment he arrives!” Gegenna could wait no more. “If we drag on, what do we do when they lose their high morale?”

“They won’t lose it. They’ll maintain their high morale as long as the goal is to kill the man-eaters,” I said calmly. Everyone’s body held such a flame, while the firewood was made of hatred, anger and desire for a new life. At the very moment they saw their enemy, the firewood would instantly be ignited!

Gehenna scratched his head anxiously. Suddenly, his body stiffened as though he had just noticed Xing Chuan. He looked at me in surprise and glanced at Xing Chuan. “What… is going on?”

“He’s our military consultant,” I said naturally. Xing Chuan slowly came back to reality from the shock that had overcome him when I’d said I was going to attack Silver Moon City. Then, he was stunned again when I said that he was our military consultant. I glanced at him and looked at Gehenna, continuing, “He dealt with the Ghost Eclipsers for so many years and fought a year-long against them. He knows them better than we do.”

Gehenna scratched his head, saying, “That’s true. It’s impressive enough to reach the Great Ghost King’s border. Back then, His Highness Xing Chuan was famous here. When he reached our border, we were kind of anxious. Who would have guessed that the once shining Xing Chuan would become like this… Er…” Gehenna immediately stopped and looked at Xing Chuan awkwardly.

Xing Chuan wore no expression. He didn’t seem to care what Gehenna said. Gehenna blinked awkwardly and quickly looked at me. “Cough. So, when are we deploying our army?” He quickly switched the topic.

“Hold on,” I replied.

“Hold on?!” Gehenna pouted. “Vanish and the others said that they want to bring their wives and children over if we wouldn’t be deploying our army anytime soon…” He sounded as though they had decided to go home to hang up their laundry and do some house chores if there would be no war yet.

I chuckled. “Very soon. Hold on for a while.” As I replied, Gru brought Underworld Ghost over.

“Your Highness! Underworld Ghost is here!” Gru stood off to the side while Underworld Ghost walked towards me.

“Your Highness.” Underworld Ghost bowed politely at me.

I looked at him seriously, commanding, “Underworld Ghost, fly a spacecraft back to Nubis’s capital city.”

Underworld Ghost looked at me, “You… are letting me go back to the capital city?”

“Yes, go back and tell them that the Great Ghost King sent people to ambush you. Tell them that Nubis is imprisoned in Ghost King City too,” I said, and looked back at Underworld Ghost grimly.

“Huh? This, this!” Underworld Ghost panicked. “But I’d be the only one returning. They would find it suspicious!”

“Yeah! Everyone else died. Who would believe him if he were to go back alone!” Gehenna found it suspicious too.

I smirked. Before I could say anything, Xing Chuan said, “Tell them that the Great Ghost King sent him back on purpose. Cough, cough… It’s a kind of provocation…” He said what I’d wanted to say.

“Oh.” Gehenna understood then. “I see. It’s a provocation! That will do! If it were me, I would immediately charge out!”

“What I want is for them to charge out.” I smirked coldly. “How could the Great Ghost King stay out of it by not sending any men? We can attract them over. Even if they don’t leave the capital city completely, it will weaken the guarding power within the capital city. This is beneficial for us.”

That was what moving the tiger from the mountain meant. To lure someone away from their base.


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