Book 7: Chapter 48 - Drilling Troops

“That’s why the old monster threw you off Silver Moon City for you to emerge and perish on your own?” I was surprised at how calm I was. It was as though we had been entangled in our previous lives and met again in our next. But everything had washed away and we were calm. All the entanglement in our past had vanished into thin air.

“Yes… He consumed my superpower and life force. Then, he threw me off Silver Moon City… Cough, cough…” He lifted his chin and looked at me, “I still had some superpower left then. I wanted to transform Harry back before I died. It was the only thing… that I could do for you and Harry… Also, the last thing…”

I hung my head in silence. Transforming Harry back had become his last wish.

“You fell from Silver Moon City and disappeared…. They said that you died. Even the old monster thought you were dead… But I didn’t believe it. I believed that you were still alive… somewhere we didn’t know… I lost you and I didn’t want you to lose Harry because of me. You needed him and he would definitely find you… I believed that Harry would find you… But I never thought… Cough, cough, cough…

“Harry found me,” I spoke as he was coughing. He gradually stopped coughing and looked at me through the gauze. I turned to look at the bright moon outside the window. “When you went to look for him, he had left the lake because he went to look for me. If he hadn’t come for me, he would have… been transformed back…”

Harry had become a water ghost because of me. Because Xing Chuan loved me and was jealous of Harry, he had transformed Harry into a water ghost. Because Harry’s ring had responded to mine, Harry had come to look for me and missed the opportunity to transform back.

If any steps had been taken differently, the outcome would have been different.

When Xing Chuan had harmed Harry, he’d once brought Harry’s ring back to me to prove his death. In the end, I’d brought the ring back to the water when I massacred the city.

As long as Harry hadn’t had the ring, he wouldn’t have known that I had left Silver Moon City and he wouldn’t have left the lake to look for me.

“Xing Chuan, do you know that I was living well in my own world…”

“Your own… world?” Xing Chuan’s surprised, hoarse response interrupted me.

But I continued muttering to myself, “My only trouble was the school tests, like the mock test, weekly test, mid-term test, language test, math test, English test, chemistry test, physics test, biology test, geography test, and science test... I didn’t understand why I had to sit for so many tests. My ambition was to become part of the special police force. I couldn’t put everything I learned from my dad to waste…” My dad had taught me so much and I’d had nowhere to put them to use. “I liked guns too. I found guns cool. When I got into high school, I would have signed up for the army. But one day, I was dragged into this world. I met you and He Lei. You were like twinkling stars in the sky and I admired both of you. But in the end… You were equally selfish and disrespectful about my feelings. It was so disappointing. You made me feel annoyed and heartbroken. Xing Chuan…” I turned to look at his surprised gaze behind the gauze. “We can’t turn back time. We can’t change our beginnings, but we might be able to change our endings. Harry forgave you. Can we get along in the future?”

He sat on the bed in shock. The gauze fluttered in the night breeze and exposed his expression of disbelief and his suspicious gaze. “Where… did you come from?”

“Another planet. Another world. Raffles said that it might be a parallel world, or maybe a mirror planet. He said that the universe might be like a mirror, to achieve a balance. In other words, Kansa Star is here and Kansa Star has a satellite. Using the universe as the center…” I spread my arms, using my two hands as two different galaxies. “The other side would exist in the mirror galaxy, with another similar planet that corresponds to Kansa Star. So, regardless of whichever theory is true, Xing Chuan, I don’t belong in this world. From the very beginning, I couldn’t adapt to your worldview, nor could I understand your worldview, because we don’t belong to the same world.

“The technology on your planet is so advanced? What energy did you use to realize planetary teleportation?!” Xing Chuan was from Silver Moon City, and he had sufficient knowledge to understand what I said. So, he wasn’t overly surprised, but accepted the fact that I was an alien as well as Raffles’ hypothesis. However, he thought I was a planetary traveler and that I had taken a spaceship here.

I shook my head. “I didn’t come here in a spaceship. A wormhole suddenly appeared in my world and dragged me over. Xing Chuan, I traveled to this world and first met you and He Lei. Don’t you think we should appreciate such a magical destiny?”

“You came from another world… to meet He Lei and me…” Xing Chuan hung his head lower while he muttered, “You came from another world… to meet me… but I… ruined it all… from the very beginning… I ruined it all! Cough, cough, cough, cough!” He coughed vigorously again, fueled with remorse. 

I watched him quietly for a while and put down my tablet. “That’s all for today. Lucifer, let him rest.”

“Yes, Sister Bing!” Lucifer began to pat Xing Chuan’s back gently.

I lay on my bed and turned off the lights. It was destined to be a sleepless night. The dim moonlight shone through the window. Somehow, I had told Xing Chuan. It felt as if it were the right time, and it had happened naturally.

“Sister Bing, what do you mean earlier? I don’t understand at all. What is… ‘mirror world’? What is… ‘parallel universe’? And what does it mean when you said that you came from another world?” Lucifer asked gently.

I foldeed my hands behind my head and looked outside the window. “Don’t butt your head into adults’ matters.”

“Oh…” Lucifer was upset.

There were no secrets between Xing Chuan and I. After we had hurt each other so many times, it felt as if we were back at the beginning. We had returned to the time when we’d first met. He’d hidden in the corner of the prison and watched me… in secret…

Xing Chuan, let’s get to know each other all over again. Let’s start from the beginning.

The second morning, Queen Town woke up to the noise of military training.

After Harry and He Lei had fought their battle, they didn’t speak to each other but focused on military training instead. The four troops trained simultaneously and formed a magnificent sight with soaring morale.

Harry and He Lei had different methods of training. He Lei was solemn and stern. His troop dared not fool around in front of him. Harry would joke around with his troop during break time. Uncle Mason was Harry’s father. He was naturally the same. As for Ah Zong, he was extremely stern. I thought he had been brought up in Honeycomb, so he would… no, I shouldn’t think of Ah Zong that way. That would be humiliating.


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