Book 7: Chapter 46 - From Now Onwards, Be with Us

I brought Harry, Ah Zong and He Lei back to the lab. Surprisingly, Haggs and Raffles were still there. They saw me and looked at Harry simultaneously.

Harry’s injuries had vanished completely, while He Lei was still covered in bruises. Harry was confused when Haggs and Raffles looked at him, asking, “Why are you looking at me?”

Haggs and Raffles didn’t speak, but moved away. Xing Chuan’s memory was playing behind them.

Harry was stunned as he watched Xing Chuan in the image. I stood in between Haggs and Raffles as we watched Harry’s expression gradually growing complicated.

He was like me. He didn’t want to talk about Xing Chuan, nor did he want to take another look at him, because he hated Xing Chuan for transforming him into a water ghost. However, he knew that Xing Chuan was trying to save him by transforming him into a water ghost. In the end, Xing Chuan hadn’t transformed him back out of selfishness. So, we pretended that Xing Chuan never existed most of the time, so our hearts could remain calm.

But now, we’d seen that Xing Chuan had wanted to transform him back but missed the opportunity…

Harry had never expected Xing Chuan to come back and look for him. Xing Chuan had never expected Harry to leave the lake.

Since Harry had become a water ghost, Xing Chuan began to want to die, rather than stay alive. The two of them had been separated on both sides of the world for two years.

There was a long silence in the lab. Ah Zong and He Lei became quiet when they saw the image.

Harry didn’t speak for a very long time. No one spoke. We were all helpless before fate’s joke. He stood quietly before the flashing images. He looked dumbfounded. He slowly turned to look at Xing Chuan and chuckled lightly, saying, “It seems like both of us aren’t in luck."

Xing Chuan was still sleeping, and his white hair fluttered in his weak breath.

The men became quiet and they turned to look at Harry. Harry turned toward the door and placed his hand on my shoulder. “He can only continue to live relying on you. He can’t even die in the radiation zone. Hmph…” Harry shook his head while he chuckled lightly, as if mocking. “How could he die so easily here? Let him live. Tell him that I forgive him.” He looked as if he was working hard on letting go his feelings towards Xing Chuan. He let out a long sigh and walked past me. His back showed a trace of the free-spirited Harry.

Hating a person didn’t need courage, but forgiving a person needed great courage.

I knew that feeling. The feeling of drowning in the marshland of hatred, where I couldn’t leave the feeling of pain behind no matter how much I struggled.

“Let’s go. Leave them alone for a while.” Ah Zong looked at He Lei. He continued to cover his face to not look at me as he followed behind Ah Zong. When he reached the door, he paused and stole a sideways glance at me. In an instant, he vanished and Ah Zong’s pink hair fluttered in the air.

Ah Zong turned to look in the direction where He Lei had disappeared to. He smiled faintly and left coquettishly. I turned off the image in front of me.

“It was his selfishness that did harm to Harry and to himself!” Haggs said coldly.

“Haggs, growing up in an environment like his, a person would definitely become selfish,” Raffles said gently. “He had no parents when he was young. The sister that he was in love with was killed by his grandfather. That’s why he was dying for love, and he was extremely obsessive over the people he loved.”

“That doesn’t change my mind about him.”

“He wanted to transform Harry back. Maybe he wanted to wait until Bing fell in love with him.”

“Idiot! He caused so much pain to everyone, including himself! Hmph. I’d better turn him into a cyborg, so it will be easier to control him and he can live a long life!” Haggs sounded as if he would kill Xing Chuan.

“Haggs…” Raffles looked at Haggs helplessly. “Xing Chuan has a chance to survive. As long as he’s alive, we stand a chance to heal him. It’s because he has no intention of living that the deterioration of his body is happening so quickly. However, the symbiotic flower wants to live. That’s why it sent the message to us.”

Haggs rubbed his chin after he heard what Raffles said. “Mm… You reminded me that living things have a survival instinct. The symbiotic flower is a living thing like anyone else. Plus, it can transmit information through one’s brain. Hence, its level should be higher than most other life. Bing,” Haggs looked at me seriously. “Harry is right. You might be Xing Chuan’s motivation to live. You have to make him live so that the symbiotic flower can live.”

I was speechless. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to save Xing Chuan. After all, if he lived, the possibility of him recovering would be much higher, and the possibility of Harry transforming back would be much higher too.

However, I was upset about Haggs’s reasoning. “You can study mine if you want to study a symbiotic flower,” I said as I extended my hand.

Haggs looked serious. “I believe that every symbiotic flower has a different purpose. That’s why they pick their own masters. Why did the symbiotic flower on Xing Chuan pick him? Did they share the same desires? Or did they respond to each other’s loneliness? Why dids Xing Chuan’s symbiotic flower take the shape of a spider lily? The spider lily represents spirits in Paradise. Was Xing Chuan’s heart already dead long ago?”

Haggs’s series of questions fully displayed his interest and curiosity about the symbiotic flower.

“Oh yeah. Bing, the symbiotic flower on you took the shape of a spirit flower. It can be easily explained because your superpower shares a common nature with spirit flowers. You can even contact the spirits in the center of the radiation zones via spirit flower…” Raffles held my hand gently. “The one on Harry’s chest took shape too. It was the tattoo. It’s obvious that a symbiotic flower is emotionally connected to its master. There might be special superpowers connected to them too. For instance, Xing Chuan’s symbiotic flower has the power to transmit messages neurally. However, there isn’t such a connection between yours and Harry’s. So it means that only Xing Chuan’s symbiotic flower has this power.” 

I looked at the back of my hand, “My symbiotic flower only appears when it detects another symbiotic flower during battle.”

“Pay attention next time. Your symbiotic flower might be able to help you fight!” Raffles’ eyes twinkled with excitement. “Harry’s might be able to heal!”

“Mm, Raffles, you are right. I think it is highly possible. Why don’t we make a tool to analyze symbiotic flowers’ superpowers?” Haggs grabbed Raffles’s wrist.

“Sure! Let me prepare the blueprint!” Raffles grabbed Haggs’ wrist excitedly.

I looked at them, asking, “How should I make Xing Chuan want to live?”

“You can encourage him.” Raffles and Haggs turned their backs on me and got busy with their own plan. It was as though they were brushing me off.

“He loves you so much. You can just coax him,” Haggs replied casually to dismiss me.

I saw them muttering to each other from the back. The two of them would stop at nothing for science.


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