Book 7: Chapter 45 - He Once Wanted to Right His Wrongs

Xing Chuan resurfaced again. He drew the gun on his waist and fired off shots all across the water, and the lake surface became calm again.

He gradually stopped and his expression became dull. He slowly walked back. His arms and legs were covered in bite marks and his trouser legs were torn into pieces. There seemed to be a chunk of meat torn away, and blood covered his entire body.

He walked back to the shore and stood there blankly. His wet hair covered his face and the gun fell out of his hand. He looked more like a water ghost than the water ghost in the lake.

“Harry…  I know that you hate me… but… I don’t have much time left… When I die… who else can… transform you back…”

I was suddenly stunned next to him. He rushed there to look for Harry, not because he wanted Harry to heal him, but because he wanted to transform Harry back…

He said that he was running out of time…

Yes. He knew that his superpower was passing, and it would vanish completely and make him unable to perform…

Xing Chuan… It turns out that you wanted to right your wrong…

But then… Harry… Was already on his way to look for me…

Fate is so treacherous. They made all of us miss the best opportunity. It turns out that fate is the most brutal.

That was what the spider lily wanted me to see, his master’s memory. He was explaining to me on his master’s behalf. He was trying hard to beg for an opportunity for his master to live. Because he knew that only if I forgave him completely would Xing Chuan be motivated to live on and not desire death to repent for his sin.

I extended my hand to touch the dumbfounded Xing Chuan. He lost his strength to live at that very moment…

He tried so hard to support himself, and dragged his broken self here just so that he could transform Harry back before he died. But Harry… wasn’t there anymore… so he lost his direction.

I died… Harry went missing… He also lost the last chance to transform Harry… He lost his goal to live…

He turned and walked into Steel Ghost Town, which was filled with high radiation. Even a level four metahuman had to put on an anti-radiation suit to enter.

I watched him walk into Steel Ghost Town in shock. I watched as his skin corroded, blistered and rotted under the strong radiation. But he wore no expression. There was no agony from the corrosion of radiation, nor the coolness of courting death. There was no expression… Nothing at all… 

He was like a soulless body walking through Steel Ghost Town. The radiation corroded his skin and seeped into his flesh. Blood boiled in his wounds and yellow liquid began to flow. More yellow flowed out from the corner of his mouth, and his face was rotten beyond recognition.

But he continued to walk forward…

He walked out of Steel Ghost Town and fell to the ground. He passed out and the wind-borne sand covered him, but he didn’t die.

His skin began to heal and seal up. He was slowly recovering. His superpower was not to self-heal, but to change his body to adapt to the environment. When he was awake, he was courting death, and that was why he didn’t use his superpower. But when he passed out, his body instinctively sought to survive using his superpower and changed his genetic makeup. So, he survived even after he was severely injured.

He slowly woke up in the breeze. He saw his recovered hands and wailed tearfully. In the bluish sunlight filled with dust, he cried in agony.

The world slowly disappeared from my view. Xing Chuan remained sleeping in front of me while the images flashed next to me, retrieved from my memory.

The fragile stamen let go of my symbiotic flower and slowly returned to Xing Chuan. The ice blue spirit flowers closed and slowly returned to the back of my hand.

Xing Chuan… had once worked hard to transform Harry back… He had dragged his sorry body over and wanted to right his wrong…

He had transformed Harry into a water ghost because he was conceited. He’d been confident that he wouldn’t die so soon. He’d reckoned transforming Harry into a water ghost was a punishment.

But he had never thought that death would come by so quickly. Hopelessness had swallowed his fragile heart mercilessly. He had wanted to make it up before he died, and he believed that he could. But obviously, he had never expected that fate would prefer to see him defeated and in pain.

Fate had wanted to see how the favored one looked when he fell. And it succeeded. Xing Chuan had been shattered to pieces in the dust. He had emerged and perished on his own while waiting for the Death God to set him free.

Xing Chuan had received the punishment he deserved. Why should I still treat him with cruelty…?

I let go of his hand. Then, I picked up a blanket and put it over his back. He had hurt Harry impetuously, but never thought that he would put himself in a worse situation in the end. 

I opened the door and saw Haggs at the door. He looked at me calmly and asked, “What did you see?”

I took off the equipment on my temple and placed it in his hand. “Watch this yourself.” I walked past him and left on my own.

Xing Chuan’s symbiotic flower was begging for forgiveness and making an explanation on Xing Chuan’s behalf. Since I met him, he had never wanted to explain himself to me. He had always been like that. He hadn’t been willing to explain what he had done because he had sealed his heart up.

Not only that, he had also wanted to die. All the more reason why he wouldn’t explain himself to Harry and me. He had infuriated us over and over again, wanting us to kill him. In the end, he had never expected that Harry would forgive him and I would bring him back to Queen Town.

I walked out of the palace. The sun was glaring. The two men were covered in bruises and their faces were swollen. There was no grappling skill on display; they were like two children fighting.

The surrounding soldiers seemed to notice the strange mood. They no longer cheered, but watched the fight in silence.

I walked down the stairs. Ah Zong saw me and told everyone to move away. I walked in front of the two men. Their legs were intertwined together while their arms were clasped together.

“Are you done?” I asked sternly. The two of them immediately went stiff and quickly parted. They stood up and looked away without saying a word.

I turned around and commanded, “Follow me.” I began to walk back.

Ah Zong waved to dismiss the crowd. “Go and do your own thing.” The crowd dismissed while Harry, Ah Zong and He Lei followed behind me quietly.

“You should have had a hearty fight,” I said. They kept quiet behind me. “If so, don’t bring your personal emotions to the war and affect your troops. You should be able to do that. Right?”

“Mm,” He Lei and Harry responded. Although it was an oppressive mood, the earlier murderous intent was all gone.


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