Book 2: Chapter 18 - Left Three Eggs Behind

I looked at Uncle Mason, and he nodded back at me with a gratified smile.

Sis Ceci let out a breath of relief. Joey landed from the sky and ran to everyone excitedly, “We’re back! We’re fine!”

The flying corpse that was carrying me put me down slowly and retreated. Before I could speak again, I heard another landing behind me. A large shadow projected at the city gate under the moonlight, blocking the moonlight from shining on Uncle Mason, Sis Ceci and the rest.

Uncle Mason, Sis Ceci and everyone else looked up at the most muscular Flying Corpse King. It seemed that despite dealing with the flying corpses for so long, they had never once seen the Flying Corpse King.

The Flying Corpse King’s crown shimmered under the moonlight as though he was the ruler of all, the King of this world.

“This is the Flying Corpse King,” I introduced. “He’s here to look for Second Sis.”

Uncle Mason, Sis Ceci, and the others were still astonished at the Flying Corpse King’s size.

“Er,” Uncle Mason only came back to reality after a long while.

Just then, there were anxious footsteps from behind the city gate. The lights in the tunnel grew bright and a team of people appeared, pushing a wheelchair. The one at the front was Raffles.

The Flying Corpse King stood straight, looking even bigger as he stared at the tunnel watchfully.

Raffles ran out and was stunned by the sight of the Flying Corpse King before he could speak. He looked just like a frightened bunny.

The team that was escorting Second Sis stopped in surprise too. Second Sis who was seated in the wheelchair saw the Flying Corpse King next to me.

Her face turned excited, and she stood up. The Flying Corpse King immediately went forward. Uncle Mason and Sis Ceci moved aside to make way.

However, the Flying Corpse King was too huge. Our city gate was like a dwarf entrance before him. He bent down and extended his hand to reach for Second Sis. Second Sis hugged his muscular arm and closed her eyes. At that moment, I saw the secure expression on her face. She had finally found her lost family and her face was filled with happiness. 

The Flying Corpse King slowly carried Second Sis out, and Second Sis leaned against his chest like a child.

I ran before Raffles and patted his dumbfounded face. “How did it go?!”

Raffles came back to reality and he said excitedly, “The medication was a success! I strengthened the human DNA in the flying corpse’s body. The baby is very healthy! He won’t be in danger again!” He was as excited as if he had won an award in science achievement. “Of course, she still shouldn’t do any vigorous exercise. Oh, and…”

Raffles started babbling like a gynae. I immediately covered his mouth and he was stunned. I looked at him solemnly and said, “Alright! We know the rest.” Then, I let go of him while he smiled bashfully.

I let out a breath of relief at Raffles’ report. Turning to the Flying Corpse King, I said, “Flying Corpse King, Second Sis is fine. The little prince is fine too!”

“Huh?” He looked confused. He didn’t seem to know who ‘Second Sis’ meant.

“Gugu! Gaga!” Second Sis looked up at him and made weird noises. The Flying Corpse King nodded and looked at the wings on her back. There were still bandages on her injured wing. He looked sorry as he put her down gently and touched it with his sharp claws.

Then, Second Sis moved her wings and shook off the bandage!

The flying corpse’s recovery speed was fast. In actual fact, Second Sis’s wing had recovered a few days ago but we didn’t remove the bandage just in case.

Second Sis flexed her wings, and the Flying Corpse King broke into a smile, revealing a mouthful of sharp teeth. When the Flying Corpse King smiled, he reminded me of a soft toy, Stitch.

Second Sis held Flying Corpse King’s hand. Then, she looked at him and murmured, “Gugu ou.”

The Flying Corpse King looked at her and nodded. The Flying Corpse King and Second Sis seemed to be really close and happy together.

Second Sis turned around in the moonlight and walked to me. She spread her arms, and I immediately leaped into her embrace and hugged her tightly. I loathed to part ways with Second Sis but I knew she had to leave.

I knew that I was being dependent on her. I’d placed my feelings for my mom and dad onto her. She was my support when I missed home. I’d been treating her as a replacement for my parents because she’d protected me. She was also a mother.

Second Sis patted my back and let me go. Then, she held both my hands up and leveled them, as though I was carrying something. I looked at her, puzzled, but she only rubbed my head. Then, she moved aside while the Flying Corpse King walked before me. I looked at them in confusion.

The Flying Corpse King looked up and extended his neck. I heard a growling sound in his throat, then he looked down and vomited a bunch of things onto my hands.

I had an internal breakdown then.

I felt the world disappearing and my soul leaving my body. Hence, I couldn’t feel the warm, heavy puke in my hands.

Why? Why did the Flying Corpse King puke onto my hands?

Second Sis bent down and kissed my cheeks. I looked at her, dumbfounded. She rubbed my head tenderly, then spread her wings to fly away with the Flying Corpse King! Their huge wings fanned a strong wind against my cheeks and dried my fringe.

The flying corpses took off one after another. I finally came back to reality and ran after them. I shouted, “Second Sis, this is your home too!”

*Howl.* Second Sis replied.

The flying corpses flew past the clouds in the direction of the moon, as though the moon was their palace.

Looking down, I held back the tears in my eyes. In my blurry vision, I saw three green objects among the puke in my hands. They looked like stones, but also like eggs.

I was stunned. I turned around and called, “Uncle Mason! Sis Ceci! The Flying Corpse King seems to have given me three eggs!”

“What?!” Everyone was shocked.

“Quick, let me take a look!” Raffles ran past Harry towards me, and Harry followed over.

Uncle Mason, Sis Ceci and everyone else ran over and surrounded me.

Under the clear moonlight, there were three green spotted eggs in my hands that was vaguely visible under the strange puke.

Everyone became excited.

“They really look like eggs!” Joey exclaimed in surprise. Then, everyone looked curiously.

“Flying corpse would store food in another stomach. They must have stored the three eggs.” Williams nodded.

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