Book 7: Chapter 42 - A Man Is Childish No Matter How Old He Is

I brought Underworld Ghost back to my office.

All of Queen Town was preparing for war. The four commanders began to gather their troops for training while Xiao Ying led the mechanic team into Nubis’s spacecraft for repairs. It could be used once the repairs were done.

On the other hand, I was preparing to depart to Zone 1 as soon as Raffles shared the blueprint.

I looked at Underworld Ghost, who stood opposite the office table. I asked, “Are you familiar with Nubis’s superpower?”

“Yes.” He hung his head low and his voice was weak. “You can’t kill him. He left behind many of his reincarnation bodies.”

“Where are his reincarnation bodies?” I witnessed Nubis’s reincarnation myself in Ghost King City.

Dian Yin and the others mentioned that as long as one Nubis didn’t die, the other Nubis wouldn’t be reborn. They imprisoned him in Ghost King City so he wouldn’t reincarnate in his own capital city.

Underworld Ghost shook his head. “I’m not sure. They’re everywhere. Even if you conquer his capital city, he might still reincarnate elsewhere.

“But there should be a host body.” I creased my eyebrows and looked at him. No matter how amazing an absolute reincarnation metahuman might be, there should be a host body. As long as the host body is destroyed completely, the metahuman should be eliminated.

Underworld Ghost’s eyebrows knitted together tightly as he said, “Although I boarded Nubis’s spacecraft and became his guard, I wasn’t allowed into his palace. North Star, why aren’t you participating in the war?” he asked.

I looked at him and replied solemnly, “I know that you hate the city, but the livable zone isn’t wicked. It’s the people inside who are wicked. After we wipe out the demons in there, it will become a clean land. People can continue to live there.”

Underworld Ghost was stunned. He hung his head low hopelessly. “Without you, would they win… It isn’t only Nubis who can reincarnate in the capital city, but there are others too. Nubis has gathered too many terrifying Ghost Eclipsers there…”

“They are terrifying because they’ve done bad things. But does it mean people who don’t do bad things are weak?” I asked him in reply. He was stunned as his hair fluttered in the breeze, and I continued, “I believe in my people because they want to protect. Their urge to protect makes them stronger. We conquered Queen Town together and we took down Nubis’s spacecraft together. Next, we are going to conquer Nubis’s livable zone. I will let you watch Nubis die with your own eyes.”

Underworld Ghost looked at me in surprise. His green eyes looked deep and serene, like black jade under the sunlight. They looked hopeless, and yet light shimmered in them. He looked at me for a long time without saying a word.

“Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!” Suddenly, soldiers started cheering in excitement downstairs.

I walked to the window and saw everyone standing in a circle. He Lei and Harry were standing in the middle.

He Lei wouldn’t run away. He was simply avoiding me. He was too ashamed to see me. Harry began to roll up his sleeves as he glared at He Lei with rage.

He Lei began to take off his clothes too. He gave off an extremely impetuous vibe. He threw his shirt on the ground. His wild, sexy body glistened brilliantly under the sunlight.

The surrounding soldiers cheered excitedly. From the looks of it, they might have thought that He Lei and Harry were merely exchanging pointers through battle. Moto was the only one who looked anxious.

Ah Zong stood in the middle of the circle. He first looked at Harry then at He Lei. His gaze turned cold as he asked, “In this battle, Lieutenant He Lei, are you sure about this? You really won’t use your superspeed?” 

He Lei clenched his fists and stared into Harry’s eyes. “Come on! I don’t need my superspeed!”

“Hmph. You can run if it hurts.” Harry smirked coldly as he clenched his fists tight.

He Lei stared at Harry. “Come…”

“Bang!” Harry punched while He Lei had yet to finish his sentence. His long arm swung past Ah Zong, who was still standing in the middle, and punched He Lei’s face.

He Lei was asking for it. He was ashamed to see me and he was ashamed to be hit by me. So, he’d chosen Harry.

“Oh!” The crowd cheered. Men were always excited for “bloody” behavior. Only fighting could ignite the flames at the bottom of their hearts.

Harry drew back his fist and loosened it. He looked at He Lei grimly, saying, “Don’t worry. After this punch, I won’t be using my superpower!”

Ptui!” He Lei spat out a mouthful of blood and rubbed his chin. He stared at Harry and charged at him. 

Ah Zong turned leisurely in between them. His pink braid swung as he walked to the side. He lifted his head and smiled sweetly at me. He Lei and Harry were still fighting behind him.

Childish. But that’s good, anyway. Those two were asking for it.

“Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!” The cheers sounded like surging waves.

“Sister Bing! Sister Bing!” Suddenly, Lucifer called out hastily. I turned to look at him. He ran up to me anxiously, saying, “Sister Bing! Brother Haggs wants to dissect Brother Xing Chuan! I know that you hate Brother Xing Chuan, but I beg you. Can you please not let him die in agony? He, he’s going to die soon anyway…” Lucifer burst out in tears. I hadn’t seen him for a few days and he had already grown taller than me! He was like a seventeen-year-old young man crying helplessly in front of me.

Haggs wants to dissect Xing Chuan? No way. Haggs has always preferred Xing Chuan alive, because he can only continue to study him if he continues to live. How can he study Xing Chuan if he dies?

“Alright. Bring him back to the prison. I will go and take a look.” I pointed at Underworld Ghost off to the side.

“Mm.” Lucifer quickly wiped away his tears and brought Underworld Ghost away.

I was surprised that Haggs wanted to dissect Xing Chuan. I was as calm as water when I thought about Xing Chuan now. He no longer stirred up strong emotions in me. I wasn’t in the mood to hate him anymore. The complicated feelings I’d had for him vanished because I had let him go entirely.

He was simply like a medicine to me, a medicine that could save Harry. So, I needed him to live. And nothing else

I stood outside Raffles’s lab and heard Haggs’ cold voice.  “Raffles, how could you be so soft-hearted?! You saw how much pain Bing was in yesterday! I can’t believe that you’re just standing there watching!”

“Haggs, you saw it too. Bing finally let him go. It’s a good thing for Bing. She’s exhausted from hatred. That’s why she was in pain. We shouldn’t bring up Xing Chuan to her anymore and remind her of that hatred."

“Bing letting him go doesn’t mean that she forgives him. The existence of Xing Chuan is the origin of Bing’s pain. I want to return the pain that he caused Bing to him. Don’t you stop me!”

“Haggs!” Raffles panicked. “Don’t torture him!”

“Move away! I want to make him into a cyborg and let him live forever. He won’t be able to die even if he wants to. Hmph!

Bang!” I pushed the door open and entered. I saw Haggs holding a bone saw in his hand, with his other hand about to press down on it.


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