Book 7: Chapter 41 - Intense Murderous Intent During the Meeting

Ah Zong smirked. “I spoke for you back then. It seems I made a mistake. Whatever it is you want, the Queen must first agree with it. Did you ask her if she would be willing?” He glared coldly. Soaring murderous intent brewed in the room.

He Lei’s intertwined hands clenched tightly. His joints popped under his tight skin and turned pale.

“Lei! What did you do to Bing?!” Harry came to a sudden realization and interrogated He Lei. “I told you to send her back to her room. What did you do to her?!” He was boiling with rage.

He Lei pursed his lips tight, and he looked distressed.

“Say something! He Lei!” Harry’s roar shocked Moto as he happened to walk in.

Moto looked at Harry, who stood up stiffly. Uncle Mason pushed Harry down and looked at Moto, saying, “Moto, hurry up and bring Underworld Ghost in!”

“Oh, yes!” Moto quickly turned to do as he was told.

Harry slowly sat down and glared at He Lei. He Lei remained silent, but he simmered in gloom and darkness.

Underworld Ghost came in, wearing a superpower inhibitor on his temples. It was like a shackle for one’s head, a device capable of suppressing a metahuman’s superpowered brainwaves.

Moto quickly left the meeting room and closed the door behind him. He didn’t want to stay any longer in a room so full of murderous intent.

Underworld Ghost looked up and saw the map on our table, looking surprised. I looked at Underworld Ghost and asked seriously, “Underworld Ghost, is there a passcode to enter Nubis’s capital city?”

“Yes.” Underworld Ghost turned his gaze away from the map and replied, “One needs the passcode to get close to the capital city. And the passcode is given when Nubis leaves the city. He will only tell the gluttonous ghost generals who guard the city. No one else knows."

“What happens if one barges in without the passcode?”

Underworld Ghost shook his head. “You won’t be able to enter. The guards in the capital city are amazing. They’re the most powerful warriors under Nubis. The defense system is strong too. Attempting that would incur heavy casualties. Of course, if you, the North Star…” He lifted his gaze and looked at me. I saw hope in his eyes as he continued, “There shouldn’t be a problem!”

He was hoping for me to massacre the city, to wipe out all the Ghost Eclipsers in the capital city. He looked to me with hope and anticipation. However, I couldn’t do that. I wanted the city. Every capital city under each Ghost King was the best livable zone, the most precious living environment in the region.

I swept my gaze across the room. Harry continued to stare at He Lei. Ah Zong continued to fiddle with his pink hair glumly. He Lei remained silent. Gehenna continued to lie on the table. Even Uncle Mason continued hiding behind Harry in silence.

“Great. I think all of you heard him. So, we can’t sneak in,” I continued as if nothing had happened. “The strongest generals under Nubis are all in the capital city. It is unnecessary for us to fight head-on against them. However, if we push inward from all directions, the people in the capital city will naturally come out to attack us. By then, their power will be scattered and the generals will be separated. It will be much easier to attack them respectively!” Just as I spoke, Underworld Ghost seemed to realize the purpose of our meeting and looked at me in surprise.

I lifted my hand and swept across the table. The four troops appeared. “Gehenna, lead a troop and push in from the north where it borders your territory. Take down the four cities in the north!”

“No problem,” Gehenna finally sat up straight and looked at the map. “I’m familiar with the four cities. I’m aware of the capabilities of the guards too. I’ll bring more men with me when I return to my city. Haha! We’re attacking Nubis’ territory, I can’t just bring Vanish and a few other men.” He seemed relaxed. It seemed that he was enjoying the thought of the upcoming war.

“Alright. Uncle Mason, approach from the east.”

“Okay!” Uncle Mason finally appeared from behind Harry and leaned against the edge of the table. “I’ll take care of the east! I haven’t gone to war for so long. My bones are falling apart!” Uncle Mason stretched and rubbed his palm against his fist.

“Harry, approach from the north.” Harry only stared at He Lei. I looked at him and roared, “Harry!”

“Yeah!” He lifted his hand casually and continued to stare at He Lei.

I paused and said without looking in He Lei’s direction, “He Lei, approach from the west.”

“Mm,” He Lei replied while he continued to stare at the map before him.

“We’re marching into war, but we can’t send out our full strength. Ah Zong, your troop will stay in Queen Town for training. Be prepared to send reinforcements at any time!”

“Yes, Your Highness,” Ah Zong turned to look at me. His gaze was cold.

“Any objections for the deployment?” I asked grimly.

“No!” Everyone replied in unison.

I looked at Underworld Ghost. “Underworld Ghost, we need you to share all the information you know about Nubis’ livable zone. It will be of great help!”

“Yes! I will definitely tell you everything I know!” Underworld Ghost became the only excited person in the meeting room.

I nodded, “Alright. If there are no questions, you’re dismissed. Go and gather your troops!”


“He Lei, don’t run away!” Harry cried, but He Lei stood up in anger and disappeared from his seat.

“Hurry up and go.” Gehenna pushed Uncle Mason out of the meeting room, and the two left immediately.

“He ran away!” Harry punched the table angrily.

Ah Zong walked up to him, his expression dark. “It’s okay. He won’t be far away.”

Harry shot me a look, asking, “What did he do to you?”

“Harry!” Ah Zong immediately stopped him. “Bing, she…”

“Now you care about me?!” I slammed the table and stood up. I looked at him angrily. “Didn’t you push me away? Didn’t you refuse to be my husband? Why do you care what happened between He Lei and me?”

“Bing! I…” Harry wanted to say something but stopped. He looked distressed because he didn’t know what to do. “You know that I don’t want to…”

I looked at him sorrowfully. “You haven’t just pushed me away physically, but also from your heart! Harry, how long has it been since you called me your wife last?”

Once, he ran around me and called me his wife shamelessly. I hit and scolded him but he didn’t change his bad habit. He continued to call me his wife shamelessly.

In the end, he became a water ghost. He couldn’t speak anymore. He no longer called me his wife.

Then, Raffles gave him a voice, but he only called me Bing. I had never heard him calling me wife anymore.

Harry looked away in agony. The entire meeting room became quiet again because of him.

“Bing…” Ah Zong wanted to say something but paused. “You know what Harry intended.”

I looked down, my heart aching. “Nothing happened between He Lei and me. But he did say something correct. I shouldn’t force you. We’re going to war. We’re all adults. I hope that your personal emotions don’t affect the war. We can discuss this when the war ends. We still have a long way to go. I hope that every one of you can be my side until the end,” I muttered. Then, I left the meeting room while Harry remained silent.


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