Book 7: Chapter 39 - No Longer A Boy

He leaned down and pressed against my body. His firm and sturdy chest muscles pressed heavily on me.

Seizing my wrists, he stared into my eyes with a burning gaze. “A man like Ah Zong, can he satisfy you? Does he have the strength to last until the end? Is he hard enough?!” He spoke in a contemptuous tone. I disliked him right now. He was taken over by alcohol.

“You will only receive true happiness from my body!!” He pulled my hand harshly and pressed it onto his firm chest. A firm metal bead pressed against my palm. He looked down at me dominantly with his murky eyes. “Touch me!” he said with a hoarse voice in a commanding tone!

“How about Sayee?!” I glared at him coldly. “How about your promise to Sayee?”

He narrowed his eyes, saying, “Bing, you were a man back then. I was the tribe leader and I had the obligation to reproduce and carry on the bloodline. Hence, I needed Sayee. But now, you are a woman, Bing! We can be together! I no longer need Sayee. She can marry other men. Women are precious in this world. She has a lot of men who are willing to be with her!”

*Bang!* Just as he finished his sentence, I knocked into his head without hesitation. It hurt but it could wake him up sooner!

Ah!” He finally let go of my hand in pain, lifting himself away from me. He held his forehead and bent down.

I seized the opportunity to shove him away angrily. “He Lei! Don’t make me look down on you! You are acting just like a b*stard now!”

He held his forehead but his body stiffened.

“You have no feelings for Sayee. You got together with her because you need to have children. But she has feelings for you! You sharing an ambiguous relationship with her and not being clear with her is simply disrespectful! But I can be understanding for now because you were a tribe leader and you had a duty to carry out. Later, you fell in love with me. You thought I was a man and we couldn’t have children together. Hence, you had to be with Sayee. But that just means you are simply trampling on her feelings for you! Now that I am a woman, you think that I can have children with you so you don’t want Sayee anymore. What do you think Sayee is?! What do you think I am?! You are looking down on Sayee and I, on our dignity as women! He Lei, you make me feel that your love is shameful! You’d better wake up and think about it!” I picked up the vase next to the bed. Taking out the flowers, I splashed the water on his head.

The cold water instantly drenched his black hair and flowed down his slender neck to his body through the tufts of his hair. They highlighted his sexy muscle lines.

He Lei slowly put down his hand and became quiet.

I threw away the vase in my hand. I looked away in annoyance. “He Lei, I respect you. When we first met, you were just and dignified! You were decisive and courageous! You acted resolutely! You were handsome when you fought! But you were gentle and sweet to girls. You even put your shirt over Sayee back then! I was really, really attracted to you. But what did you do today?! You, how dare you! Where is the He Lei that I admired, looked up to, and held in awe?!”

I questioned heart-achingly.

The room was enveloped in suffocating silence. He knelt on my bed without moving an inch. Water droplets hung at the ends of his hair, twinkling under the moonlight.

I took a deep breath, looked away, and sighed. “Today, I will take it as you got drunk so you said ridiculous words and did absurd things. If you respect Sayee and I, you should know what respect means! Clear up your feelings and give Sayee an answer as well as to me. That’s right. I accepted Ah Zong but I have never done whatever you are thinking of with him because Ah Zong respects me! And, his love for me has no other impurities. He even spoke for you and explained for you! What about you?!” I held my forehead. I felt confused because I felt heartache that He Lei had done such things to me. He was a person that I deeply respected.

He Lei continued to lower his head in silence like a statue without any sign of life.

“Lei, the complication of your love towards me is due to impurities. You are a tribe leader and I understand that you have the obligation to have children. When I was a man, you were frank with me about your feelings and the fact that you couldn’t be with me. That was respectful to Sayee and I. I was happy back then. But whatever you said today makes me think that you are-! You-!”

“Stop!” His roar reverberated in the room, causing the gemstones to vibrate too. It didn’t look like he was roaring at me but at himself.

He covered his face with one hand and lifted another at me. “Forget that… I came by…”

A breeze blew past my face in an instant. Then, there was nothing left in front of me. Even the shirt on the floor had vanished into thin air.

I held my forehead. My feelings towards He Lei were ambiguous. I was attracted to him at first sight and I adored him but it had yet to develop into love.

I had spent a very long time with Harry and fell in love. Then, I had learned how it felt to be in love.

At the bottom of my heart, I was still moved by the courageous figure that had slashed the wicked people under the moonlight. It was like a beautiful memory. 

Hence, I had been extremely excited when I had met He Lei again because I’d been just like his fan. I had been happy to see him again. I had admired and worshiped him.

But now… I was disappointed.

He looked down on Ah Zong and Sayee. He had trampled on my awe towards him. It turned out that he thought he no longer had to constrain himself, and could get together with me because I was a woman and we could have children. 

He was barbaric and overbearing. It turned out that he was similar to Xing Chuan…

Before a war, such a conflict shouldn’t exist. However, it had happened and it couldn’t be avoided.

The meeting carried on as usual on the second day. The participants were Gehenna and the commanders of the four troops.

I was waiting for them in the meeting room, when I heard Gehenna’s delightful voice.

Ah… That was the most delicious breakfast I have ever eaten in my entire life! I want to move to Queen Town. Although you can give us the seeds, you can’t give me Chef Fat-Two!”

Fat Two had become the head chef. He was assigned to Xiao Ying’s Guardian of Queen Town and had taken on the role of the head chef. He had his own team too. Fat-Two was very happy and enjoyed his current post.

“There shouldn’t be two masters in one nation. Mister Gehenna, have you thought through it properly?” Ah Zong replied, “You won’t be a King if you are here.”

“It’s okay! It’s okay! Hahaha!” Gehenna and Ah Zong walked in. He raised his eyebrows and continued, “Those boys never bothered about me anyway. They only have my sis in their eyes now.”

Ah Zong lifted the corners of his lips into a smile as though he understood tacitly. It seemed that they were getting along well. 


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