Book 7: Chapter 38 - The Beast That Lost Control

I was drenched. Water dripped down as I stood by the pool. I was extremely upset.

When it came to relationships, I wasn’t a person who would take the initiative. However, for Harry, I wanted to because I was afraid that he would leave me as he minded himself being a water ghost. However, I had been pushed away again and again.

What should I do?

In the dark room, only moonlight was shining in through the window. The moonlight was tinted a faint pink by the gemstones.

He Lei stood by the pool and turned on the drying machine. A warm wind blew up from below, blowing onto my body and into my clothes.

He walked before me and kept quiet for very long.

My wet hair began to dry, fluttering in the warm wind. He Lei slowly extended his hand and combed his fingers through my long hair.

He combed my fluttering long hair in the warm wind. His fingers moved gently through my hair, until the warm wind gradually stopped and my hair rested in his hand.

Just as I turned and wanted to leave, he suddenly grabbed my arm and pulled me back. Swiftly he held my chin and locked my lips in the very next moment!

Mm!” I stared at him in surprise while he closed his eyes and immersed himself in our kiss.

He held my chin, clamping down harshly like a vise. He didn’t want to let me escape. Carrying the musk of alcohol, his tongue attempted to invade my mouth by force. 

Mm! Mm!” I began to struggle but he took another step closer to lock my body in place. My body was pulled against his tensed chest as though I’d knocked into a metal wall. He chewed my lips like a beast.

Mm!” I punched his firm chest forcefully. Finally he stopped and opened his tightly shut eyes. His eyes were murky and terrifying, holding a complicated mixture of infatuation and sexual desire.

“He Lei!” I pushed him away and stared at him in disbelief.

“Bing, you have me!” he said glumly. He Lei held my hand that I’d just shoved him away with by the wrist. “You have me… Harry doesn’t mind us getting together. Let me be with you…” He lowered his chin again and I immediately turned away. His burning lips landed on the side of my face. Then, he moved down fiercely and kissed my neck. The silent room was filled with his heavy panting.

“Bing… I love you… I can keep you company…” He muttered as he planted kisses on my neck.

“He Lei! You are drunk!” I shouted. “I am not lonely! I don’t need anyone to keep me company!”

He paused on my neck, his warm breath blowing against the side of my ear along with the scent of alcohol. “Ah Zong can, can’t he?” he suddenly said as though he was questioning me.

“What does this have to do with Ah Zong?!” I shoved him harshly but he hugged me back tighter. His powerful strength pulled me against his firm chest again.

“Why did you accept Ah Zong but not me?!” He Lei suddenly roared hoarsely. His murky eyes were like a dark whirlpool, swallowing his rationality. The him reminded me of that upsetting time again.

“He Lei! You are drunk!”

“Answer me!” He roared at me, “Why?! Is it true that you prefer men who are neither masculine nor feminine?!”

“He Lei! You are losing your mind!” I resisted him as I pushed his chest with my hands.

His eyes were burning. A dark flame spurted out from the bottom of his heart and engulfed his eyes. He locked my hands in place and narrowed his eyes. “That’s right. I am losing my mind!” He suddenly kissed me again.

I immediately struggled. However, he had pressed me on the bed within the very next moment. His hefty yet burning body pressed down on top of mine. His legs pressed in between mine and I could feel the firm weapon against my legs!

When did we come to the bed?

When did he press me down?

I totally didn’t feel it!

He weighed down on my body, seizing my hands and pressing me down under his body. He locked my body below him, rendering me unable to escape. Bending one of his knees between my legs and raising his body slightly, he continued to plant kisses on my neck like a rainstorm falling madly.

As he panted, his warm breaths burned the skin on my neck. It was as though Skeleton King was chewing on my body and sucking my blood. The rough and mad sucking and kissing made me panic. He continued to rain kisses, and began to bite my skin under my shirt. He tore my clothes like a starving beast. He bit my boobs and my heart skipped a beat.

“He Lei! I don’t want to!” I cried out loudly.

“You don’t want to…” He stopped and looked down at my chest. “But the pink head can, can’t he?!”

“Ah Zong wouldn’t be this rough!” I roared angrily.

He tightened his grip on my wrists as though he was going to break them. I groaned in pain, “Psst! He Lei! You are hurting me!”

Humph…” He smirked coldly. His black hair hung before his forehead like a beast’s mane. I couldn’t see his expression. “What’s the point of having the same kind of men around you? You will like rough men too. I will let you know what kind of men suits you the most today! I will let you know what a real man is!” As he roared, his shirt suddenly disappeared! 

When did he let go of my hand?

When did he take off his clothes?!

I didn’t notice it at all!

I only knew that his shirt disappeared right before my eyes even though I didn’t even blink. Like magic, his shirt was instantly on the floor. 

Under the crimson moonlight, he was naked from the waist up. He had visible muscles, a nice body figure, as well as a toned and evidently muscular chest. He was bursting with intense male hormones and aggressive temperament all over!

His tight skin was shimmering with a sexy and wild luster under the moonlight, like a black stallion galloping in the dark night. His mane fluttered and his skin shimmered, muscles firm with every single muscle quivering as he ran wild under the moonlight. He was charming and sexy. 

Every single outline of his muscle, every single muscle that popped out were suffocatingly sexy. My heart was racing.

His chest heaved up and down along with his perfect abs and his seductive merman lines. The merman lines that stretched down into his pants attacked your nerves, igniting the flame at the bottom of your heart. You wouldn’t be able to wait anymore, and would itch to tear his pants away and expose his sexy body figure to quench your thirst.


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