Book 7: Chapter 37 - Human And Ghost Are Different

“What do you normally eat then?” I looked at them. They seemed so pitiful.

“A kind of starch stewed using tree bark.” Earl was the calmest. He pushed his glasses up with his middle finger and abruptly retched, “Retch. That thing is as disgusting as sh*t!”

“Please take us in.” Then, they started wailing together again. Even Gehenna didn’t stop them.

I understood then. Since they normally ate sh*t, whatever they had eaten today was simply scrumptious. It was heaven to them! To think about it, the Great Ghost King had only eaten potatoes and sweet potatoes but here we were eating rice and barley.

“Alright, alright, alright. Stop crying. Plant some at your place later on,” I said.

“Really?!” Gehenna jumped onto the table. He bit his lower lip to stop himself from crying as he gazed at me with his eyes welled up with tears. “Sis, you saved us all!” He immediately lifted his hand to wipe his tears and snot with his sleeve. He fixed a determined look on me, clamoring, “From today onwards, whatever your command, I, Gehenna, will be the first to serve you! No matter if it is physically or spiritually!” He suddenly tore open his clothes and exposed his muscular chest.

“Us too!” Vanish and the other men shouted in unison. All at once, they tore their clothes and exposed their chests too. All of them looked like they would face death unflinchingly yet they were all covered in tears.

Hehe, the person who feeds them with milk will be their mother.

In this world, one who controls food controls the world!

He Lei and Ah Zong kept Gehenna and his men company. Margaery had a wide selection of alcohol. Gehenna and his men got drunk and cried, slamming the table and jumping around. They complained that they had not been living until now.

“They are drunk. You should head back first.” Ah Zong looked at me gently and stroked my cheek, gently tucking my hair behind my ear.

He Lei looked over at us, his gaze fixed upon Ah Zong and I.

“Sis.” Gehenna sprawled on his chair tipsily. He carried a bottle of red wine in one hand as he rubbed his chest with his other hand like he was kneading someone’s boobs, saying, “Pink Baby is such a sissy. Why do you like him? You should like men like me! Look at me! A true man!” Gehenna patted his chest as he spoke.

He Lei furrowed his eyebrows and his face grew grave.

Ah Zong’s gaze immediately turned cold as he glared at Gehenna.

“And your first husband… he is also… Mm!” Vanish covered Gehenna’s mouth!

Vanish said nervously, “Boss! Stop your bullsh*t!” He glanced at me and chuckled drily, “Your Highness, go back and rest. You don’t need to bother with us.”

He Lei glanced at Ah Zong glumly before he looked at me. “Go ahead. Ah Zong and I will take care of them.”

“Thank you.” I looked at everyone, who all seemed anxious. Even their smiles had become unnatural. They smiled awkwardly at me, worried that I would take whatever Gehenna had said to heart and change my mind about planting crops in their territory.

Gehenna was really a man who constantly caused his men worry. Their relationship was so adorable.

I walked back to the silent palace alone. Moonlight shone through the gemstone window, lighting up the corridor in an eerie way.

I didn’t return to my room. Instead, I went over to Ghostie’s pool. He had sunk to the bottom, where he was hugging his knees as he looked up at the moonlight blankly.

“Harry…” I walked forward and placed my hand on the glass.

Harry was stunned underwater. Then, he turned away.

“Why are you angry?” I was worried. I watched him through the transparent pool wall but still he remained silent and turned his back on me.

Upset, I stood there. I thought back to the past. He wouldn’t have dared to be angry with me in the past. It had always been me who would get moody and he would quickly comfort me.

I continued to stand there for a while. He continued to face me with his back. Somehow I got angry too. I picked up the helmet by the pool and put it on. Then, I dived down.

*Bang!* I sank to the bottom and Harry looked up at me in surprise. 

I landed before him in the moonlight, grabbing him by his shoulders so I wouldn’t float back up. “I am not going for the expedition. I will stay back in Queen Town to look after production,” I said in the helmet, the amplifier in the helmet transmitting my voice underwater.

Harry stared at me with his fish eyes wide open. He looked at ease and he finally smiled. He wasn’t angry anymore. I’d compromised.

“Harry…” I couldn’t help but hug his neck tightly. “I don’t mind that you are a water ghost. I love you. Even if you don’t transform back, you are still my husband and I am still your wife!”

His body stiffened in the water. Slowly, he stretched out his hand and hugged me back. At this very moment, I felt my heart instantly become at ease. It was an embrace that I had waited too long for. I felt that I was enveloped in love. We had gone back to how we’d been before, seeking warmth in each other’s arms.

He caressed my helmet like how he had used to touch my long hair.

I let go of him and my body slowly floated upwards. He grabbed my arm and I focused my gaze on him from above, just like how he focused his attention on me under the moonlight.

No matter if he was a fish or a human, he would forever be my Harry.

I removed my helmet, letting my long hair flutter in the water.

He gazed at me lovingly and stroked my cheek. I closed my eyes and rubbed my cheek against his palm. Then I opened my eyes and touched his chest. The golden symbiotic flower across his chest outlined a human face, it was… me….

His tattoo in the past appeared on his chest. No one could remove it because it was the symbiotic flower that rooted in his heart.

I stroked the golden flower gently. The symbiotic flower at the back of my hand slowly appeared. However, now it was a fiery red. The red symbiotic flower entangled with the golden flower on Harry’s chest. Both stamens entangled like intertwined elves.

I looked at Harry. His eyes were burning with passion. Suddenly, he pressed the back of my head and wanted to kiss me. But only bubbles rose before me. He looked down in agony, tightly pressing his lips together.

He still minded that he was a water ghost…

I planted a heart-wrenching kiss on his forehead and he pulled me into a tight embrace.

When he’d found me in Hagrid Island, he had become a fish in the ocean while I was a human on the shore. Separated by land and sea, we had become  two different species in the world.

However, I didn’t mind…

Because I loved him…

I slowly kissed in between his eyebrows, his nose bridge and came before his lips. He suddenly swam upwards and pulled me behind him. He pushed me away… again…

He threw me out of the water and someone suddenly hugged my waist tightly. It was He Lei. He pulled me to the side of the pool. Harry gestured to him in the water before he turned away. He rested his back against the side of the pool. He had become calmer than he’d been in the past.

“Let’s go. Don’t force him.” Before I could take another look at Harry, He Lei dragged me away because that was what Harry had asked him to do.


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