Book 7: Chapter 36 - The Queen Is Not Going On An Expedition

I glanced at Xing Chuan in the other corner of the cabin. He knitted his eyebrows in pain as he coughed. The electrotherapy could slow down the draining of blue crystal cells from his body, but slowing it down was the limit.

Xing Chuan could see through people’s minds in an instant. He could see their emotions and desires because he had a sensitive heart.

Xing Chuan seemed to feel something. He looked up at me and I immediately turned to Raffles, saying, “Raffles, you go ahead and design it. I am going to discuss with the upcoming plans with Gehenna.”

“So fast?” Raffles stared at me anxiously and held my hand. He exhorted, “Bing, Harry is worried. You should stay in Queen Town during the upcoming wars.”

I don’t want to stay back in Queen Town because…

“You can go to your livable zone… Cough, cough…” Xing Chuan coughed weakly. “Then, you won’t see me too and you can… win people’s hearts… Cough, cough, cough, cough… And show the people who believe in my father that… Cough, cough, cough, cough… You are more reliable than my father… Cough, cough, cough, cough…” His cough became more severe, as though every single sentence sped up the passing of his life and exhausted his energy.

Xing Chuan had seen through me again.

Xing Chuan had always been daydreaming but it turned out that he knew everything that was going on around him.

I looked away, replying to Raffles, “I know. I will draw up the war plan. Then, I will visit the livable zone with you to help the people plant their food.”

Raffles smiled, at ease. “Alright.”

Harry, I am staying back to produce. Not children but food resources. You should be at ease now.

Gehenna and his men were touring around Queen Town with Ah Zong while I stood in the empty office, watching the sunset.

Warm golden sunlight poured over the food crops in Queen Town, tinting them gold and creating shimmering waves.

They had not returned yet, so I happened to have the luxury of having some time alone to think about our future.

As the sun set, Sis Ceci came back happily with Ah Duo’s baby in her arms. Uncle Mason went forward and played with the baby.

Ah Duo’s baby was different from other babies. She looked like she was the size of a three-month-old. She had a lot of soft hair on her head and would chuckle when she saw people, as cute as a live doll. No wonder Sis Ceci liked her so much.

Suddenly, Ah Fei ran down the stairs. He ran towards Sis Ceci and stood in between Sis Ceci and Uncle Mason as he stared at the baby and mumbled something.

“What are they talking about?” I muttered casually.

Ice Dragon appeared next to me and played their conversation for me to hear.

“So cute…” Ah Fei touched the baby’s tender cheeks.

Sis Ceci eyed him. “Are you not afraid of her?”

Mm.” Ah Fei nodded happily. There was so much love in his eyes. “Because this is Ah Duo’s baby… Can I carry her?” Ah Fei asked.

With a smile, Sis Ceci handed the baby to Ah Fei. On the other hand, Uncle Mason was nervous.

Ah Fei gazed at the baby in his arms lovingly. Because she was Ah Duo’s baby, his loved one’s baby.

However, in Ah Duo’s eyes, she was the worm’s baby.

When can the mother and daughter reunite?

“I shall go back. Otherwise, Ah Duo will feel insecure.” Ah Fei handed the baby back to Sis Ceci and quickly rushed back. It seemed like he’d snuck out for a peek.

Sigh… I really want to see Harry’s baby…” Sis Ceci sighed.

“You!” Uncle Mason hugged Sis Ceci’s shoulder. “Bing and our son are doing great things. They are building a nation so that everyone can have a home. You can’t sacrifice everyone’s home just for your own home! It is only a matter of time until we get grandchildren. But the world isn’t at peace yet. It will take ten months if she wants to birth a baby. Bing won’t be able to use her superpower then too. How would she be able to protect everyone then…”

“I am only saying.” Sis Ceci pushed Uncle Mason away gently. “I understand what you mean. I’m just worried that Bing would forsake Harry if he can’t transform back.”

“Bing won’t. If it wasn’t for Bing, how could we have possibly reunited with Harry now?”

“She didn’t in the past. But in the future? What if, what if Bing has more and more men? Look at Ah Zong and He Lei. Harry is a water ghost now. How can he compete against them?! I am so worried when I think about this. The two of them are so kind. They won’t even let me kill that b*stard!” Sis Ceci was agitated.

Cough. Cough. Wail.” It seemed that Sis Ceci’s anger had intimidated the baby. The baby suddenly burst out in tears, catching Sis Ceci off guard.

“Look at you! You scared the baby,” Uncle Mason scolded.

Ngaw.” Sis Ceci quickly comforted the baby. Only the baby could make her rein back her anger so swiftly. “I better go and put the baby to bed first.” Sis Ceci carried the baby back to the palace under the sunset, leaving only Uncle Mason at the stairs. His long, slender shadow stretched out over the ground.

Lifting his head, he looked in the direction of my office subconsciously. I dodged to the side, furrowing my eyebrows. It wasn’t me who was unhappy with Harry, rather he was the one avoiding me. 

At night, we held a banquet to welcome Gehenna and his men with great ceremony. What we meant by ‘great ceremony’ was simply a meal with fruits, vegetables and a bucket of fried rice. However, it was a feast for them.

He Lei and Ah Zong were there but Harry was absent.

Harry was still angry.

“Where’s Harry?” He Lei looked around.

Ah Zong supported his head with one hand. He looked worried. “Did you… have an argument?”

I didn’t reply. I didn’t know what to reply with anyway.

“Your Highness.” Vanish suddenly knelt down in tears before me, giving me a shock. “Please take us in. We don’t want to continue to suffer under our boss’ lead.”

I looked down at his face that was wet with tears. He was pleading as he bit forcefully on some potatoes, muffling his words.

“Your Highness, please take us in.” Old Iron and the other men knelt down in tears too as they ate.

“What are you doing?!” I was terrified. He Lei and Ah Zong quickly helped them up.

“Stop begging!” Gehenna raised his hand and roared. I thought he was angry about his men betraying him but he suddenly pounced at me. “Sis, please take us in.”

“Get lost!” Before he could reach me, I swiftly kicked him away and scrambled to stand on the chair in case they pounced at me again. “You are such drama queens! Speak properly!”

Vanish wiped his tears away. “Your Highness, if you are not willing to take us in, then please take my wife in. She is pregnant. I can’t let her suffer under our useless boss and eat expired food.” Vanish lifted his hand and pointed at Gehenna harshly.

Gehenna covered his face in shame. He wailed in tears, “I am useless. My brothers are suffering with me. I am useless.”

“And my wife!”

“And my wife and my children!”

Old Iron, Nino, Nathan and the others surrounded me on my chair. All of them were covered in tears and snot. Just how lacking in food are they?!


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