Book 7: Chapter 34 - It Is Exhausting To Hate You

Raffles was studying Zone 1’s map by the side. He seemed to be busy.

“Raffles!” Harry and I entered.

Spotting us, Sis Ceci immediately smiled and waved at us. “Hurry up and take a look! See just how cute Ah Duo’s baby is!"

Raffles turned to look at us. Then, he let out a long breath of relief. He got worried every time when we went out for war.

Harry and I went forward and looked. We were both surprised. The baby in Sis Ceci’s arms looked extremely beautiful. Her big black eyes shone like dewdrops on obsidian under the morning sun. Her skin was light like a cicada’s wing, her lips moist and red like pink flower petals. 

Sis Ceci had wrapped her up nicely in a soft woolen blanket. We could faintly see the corners of her transparent wings by her neck. She looked like an elf, beautiful and innocent. 

“So beautiful…”

“She is. She has wings too!” Sis Ceci replied happily, as though she was her own child. “When she grows up, she will definitely be a beauty. Oh yeah, you’d better catch up. Don’t always go to war. It’s important to give birth to babies too. The two of you ain’t young anymore. Look at Arsenal. She already has three children!” Sis Ceci fixed her eyes on Harry and I with anticipation. 

I blushed at once. I looked at Harry while Harry asked funnily, “My child will be a water ghost. Would you want it?”

“So what if your baby is a water ghost?” Sis Ceci rolled her eyes. “As long as he is your baby, I will like him. I will look after him at the pool if he is a water ghost!”

Stunned, Harry looked away awkwardly.

Raffles became awkward too. He averted his eyes, seeming like he was blaming himself for not being able to help Harry recover sooner.

The mood in the lab suddenly became heavy, but Sis Ceci never noticed because she was enraptured in the happiness of feeding the baby.

“Sis Ceci, what are you feeding the baby?” I changed the topic. I actually only wanted to sit down and get Harry to heal my leg right now. The bitten spot was aching with a burning pain.

“Honey and water,” Sis Ceci replied happily. “It was Raffles’ idea. The baby is still a worm and she likes honey. Look at her. See how happy she is. You go ahead with your work. I am bringing her out for some sun. Li’l beauty, god mom is bringing you out for some sun!” Sis Ceci carried the baby away cheerfully.

She really liked children.

Letting out a breath of relief, I immediately groaned in pain. “Psst! Pain, pain, pain. Harry, hurry up and heal me.” I hopped on one leg to a stool by the side. Then I stiffened because I spotted Xing Chuan sitting in the lab. Suddenly, I felt suffocated.

His upper body was naked and patched with cables as he sat on an electrotherapy chair. The transparent cables were blinking with blue lights. Lucifer was standing next to him.

Xing Chuan wore no expression. He merely looked down when he saw me.

Lucifer looked at me and quickly exclaimed in surprise when his gaze shifted downwards. “Sister Bing, your leg!”

I took back my gaze and stopped looking at Xing Chuan. Harry had already squatted down and lifted my legs. He was stunned too.

A ring of blackened teeth marks stood out glaringly on my leg. The spot had already turned purple and green.

“It is a severe bite…” Raffles squatted down with an aching heart. “What are you so careless!” Raffles sounded angry.

“This is already considered not bad!” Harry suddenly pressed my leg harshly and I immediately yelped in pain, “Ah! Harry, what are you doing?!” He looked up angrily and glared at me with his big fish eyes. “Imprinting this in your memory! Aren’t you invincible?! Why would you get bitten like this?! If you weren’t wearing Raffles’ battle uniform, your flesh would have been gone!”

I pouted. “The injuries I had in the past were much worse, okay? It’s all because of you being around so I can’t put my superpower to full play. Otherwise, I can fly too!” The last time when I’d lost control, I had floated in the air. Raffles and Haggs had analyzed that I could float in the air if the surrounding blue crystal energy reached a certain concentration level.

“Still want to show off?!” Harry pressed my calf harshly, gold light shimmering in his palm. He lowered his face and lectured me sternly, “You’d better stay here during wars in the future. You can’t perform your superpower. You are just an ordinary person!”

“Who is an ordinary person!?” Angry, I looked down at him coldly. The pain in my leg faded. 

“Bing, Harry is right. You are a Queen right now. Which Queen would go out personally for war?” Raffles advised patiently. “You should stay in Queen Town.”

“What am I supposed to do here? Have babies?!” I replied moodily. How can I stay in Queen Town and do nothing?! I can’t! I am not a fragile princess who needs a bunch of knights to protect her!

“That’s right. Stay here and have babies!” Harry replied angrily. I knew that he was just angry because I’d gotten injured.

“If it wasn’t for Jun and Zong Ben, you would be dead by now!” Losing control, Harry roared at me as he pointed at Jun and Zong Ben who had stopped by the rack.

The two of them, one black and one white, watched us from where they perched on the rack like two parrots.

Glancing at Jun and Zong Ben, I turned to look at Harry. “Sure. I will stay in Queen Town and have babies. With you! What do you think?!” I pressed on his mask and it opened. Then, I kissed him.

*Bang!* Harry shoved me away and abruptly stood up. One hand on his waist, he pointed at me angrily with his other hand, before he turned and left suddenly.


Pushed me away….

“Bing…” Raffles held my shoulder. “Harry minds that he is a water ghost…” Raffles was upset.

Water ghost…

Water ghost!

At once I leapt to my feet and stalked towards Xing Chuan in the electrotherapy cabin. He looked up at me. *Bang!* I seized his neck and pressed him into the deepest corner of the electrotherapy cabin.

“Sister Bing! Don’t hurt Brother Xing Chuan!” Lucifer shouted in shock.

I pressed Xing Chuan harshly. I felt so much hatred in me that I wanted to kill him right now!

I felt my eyes swelling in anger. Pain shot through my heart. It felt as though someone was clenching my heart so tightly that my blood had stopped flowing and my heart has stopped beating.

My eyes welled up in tears. I looked at Lucifer, my lips shivering in anger. “Do you think I am hurting him? Lucifer, grow up! Can’t you tell who is hurting who?! If I kill him now, I’d be setting him free! He will be set free! But the pain he caused me will continue to torture me. Do you know that?!”

Lucifer looked away, his gaze flickering, evidently feeling conflicted.

I turned to look at Xing Chuan, my tears flowing from the corners of my eyes. “You said that you love me. But in the end, what have you left me?” I pointed at my heart. “Pain and hurt. Is this how you love me?! You left a cut on my heart and let my blood run dry!” I roared at him angrily.


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