Book 2: Chapter 17 - Second Sis Is Going Home

I humbly lowered my head before the Flying Corpse King and said calmly, “Flying Corpse King, your flockmate is safe. Please stop the attack.” I didn’t know how the flying corpses referred to Second Sis, but since Second Sis could understand me, I believed the Flying Corpse King would too. Even if he didn’t understand, he would have his way of grasping my thoughts. 

I held no murderous intention, nor was I hostile towards him.

“Mm.” He hummed and slowly sat before me. A strong flying corpse quickly scrambled over to act the King’s chair as he sat.

I lifted my head. Even sitting down, the Flying Corpse Kind was still one head taller than me. Looking down calmly at me, he extended his huge, sharp claws towards me with his palm spread. It was as if he wanted to shake my hand.

I looked at his hand and slowly extended my hand too. Under the flashing lightning, I put my hand on his palm. His palm was so huge that my hand seemed very small in comparison, akin to a baby’s hand being held by an adult.

A faint trace of white light appeared in his palm, surprising me. The next second, I felt something entering my brain. It was a strange, indescribable feeling. It felt as though a wind had blown into my brain, as if my brain was an empty vessel.

Suddenly, the scene where Second Sis and I had met appeared before my eyes. The image was as clear as if I was seeing it on a cinema screen before me. All the memories I had of Second Sis started replaying before my eyes at high speed.

The white light was still blinking in the Flying Corpse King’s hand. As the images played in fast forward, I could see the King’s eyes glowing like a moonstone. The light slowly dimmed and he blinked, before retracting his hand and nodding at me.

I became emotional; he had understood. It must be some kind of superpower that he used to see Second Sis’ situation in my head.

*Rumble.* The thunder grew further. Having seen the images in my head, the Flying Corpse King became anxious, rubbing his knees as he sat on his living chair. He was worried about the child. Nervously, he stood up and paced back and forth in front of me, then sat down again. He was just like Sis Meizi’s husband who was pacing back and forth outside the labor room.

*Bzzt.* Suddenly, my communicator rang. It was Noah City’s communicator. The Flying Corpse King looked at me uneasily.

“It’s my communicator.” I immediately took it out and showed the Flying Corpse King. He let his guard down, staring at me. There was a small screen on the communicator, similar to the Nokia-style handphones with keypads back in my world, but the body was as thick as those satellite phones used in war zones. It was very functional. The communicator contained Noah City’s map, and it could guide the way should I ever get lost in the tunnels within the city.

“Luo Bing!” Raffles’ face appeared on the screen, “Second Sis is fine now!” he shouted excitedly, his face filling the entire screen. “I did it! My medication worked!”

“Huh?!” Flying Corpse King moved closer to me! It seems that Second Sis is very important to him. Could she be his wife? Then, the baby in Second Sis’s stomach would be a little prince!

“Ah!” Raffles was frightened and he fell to the ground. I immediately told him, “The Flying Corpse King came to pick up Second Sis! Tell everyone to retreat and bring Second Sis out!”

Raffles gawked back at me through the screen like a frightened white rat. He didn’t move an inch.

“Hurry up!” I shouted again. Raffles came back to reality and quickly got up, “Ah! Yes, yes!” He quickly put down the communicator.

I looked at the Flying Corpse King and said, “Second Sis and little prince are fine. You can pick them up now.” I felt disappointed and loathed to part ways with Second Sis. Second Sis is leaving. She’s going home.

The Flying Corpse King immediately stood up and walked in the direction of Noah City. However, he stopped after a few steps, then waved at both sides. The flying corpse that had bent down to be the King’s seat earlier curled up his arms.

Before I understood what was happening, another flying corpse grabbed me and put me on the other’s curled arms securely. Then, the flying corpse stood up. It felt like I was sitting on an elevating chair. Subconsciously, I grabbed for a handhold to steady myself and held the flying corpse’s ears.  

The flying corpses that formed the tent before us quickly moved aside, turning the dome into a half enclosed sphere. Their huge wings remained open to shield us from the rain, and the entire troop started advancing in the rainstorm.

The flying corpse that was carrying me walked in front, waving at the other corpses as he went. It seemed like he was opening up a route for the King. Those in front moved aside, while those who were throwing up quickly scrambled to make way. Under the pouring rain, there was the squelching noise of puke and soil underfoot.

As the flying corpses moved aside, I could see Harry and the others who held their stomach in agony. Seeing the flying corpse, Bill opened his mouth to sing again. I immediately shouted, “Shut up, Bill!”

Bill was stunned. He lifted his face, and upon seeing me, finally relaxed although he was still breathing heavily. He was probably too nervous from earlier to release all the tension at once. 

Uncle Mason stood before the city gate as he supported Sis Ceci to stand. Xiao Ying and Sia helped each other out through the city gate as well. Although they hadn’t gone through the fight, they looked like they had gone through rough times after a fierce battle.

Harry couldn’t stand straight while Williams, Khai, Sis Cannon and the rest watched us as they held their stomachs. Xue Gie held Bill’s shoulders as she steadied herself. She had been the closest to Bill then. Bill had wanted to protect her but his superpower hurt her as well. Even his allies couldn’t be excused from suffering his terrifying power.

The large thundercloud passed above us, taking the thunder and rain along with it. As the night sky began to clear up, dark clouds remained scattered in the sky like forgotten children. The silver moonlight shone through the clouds, pouring on Noah’s city gate. It was as though the door of hope had opened in the dark night. 

I sat on the flying corpse’s arms as I looked down at everyone. Harry took a deep breath and looked up. The moment he saw me, he was stunned. The moonlight shone on his dumbfounded face as his amber eyes became confused.  

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