Book 7: Chapter 33 - New Queen Town

Napoleon looked awkward. He smiled and explained himself, “I am really not afraid of death, but we don’t want to actively seek death either.”

“D*mn!” Gehenna swung his hand. “This is war! How can there be no death? I, Gehenna, am going to make it clear to you. If you join us, we can form an alliance. If you don’t, then we are enemies! Go back and be on guard! We will come and attack you after we are done with Nubis!” Gehenna gave him a warning.

Hehehehe…” Napoleon tried to ingratiate himself with Gehenna. “We can discuss further…”

“What’s there to discuss?! You are afraid of death!”

“I said it! I am not!” Napoleon clenched his teeth but kept a smile on. His eyes had narrowed in anger though.

Gehenna pursed his lips and teased with a chuckle, “Pfft. You don’t even want to admit that you are afraid of death.”

“I am not afraid of death!” Napoleon finally lost his patience and roared, “But how could you send us to certain death?!"

“We have Queen Bing!” Gehenna pushed me out and continued, “We have Queen Bing. We can simply defeat Silver Moon City. Why are you so afraid?!”

“If she is that impressive, why did she nearly fall to death earlier?!” Napoleon suddenly roared.

At that, both Gehenna and he were stunned.

Napoleon quickly covered his mouth, his gaze flickering as he looked away.

Gehenna let go of me and narrowed his eyes before the screen. “A-HA! You were watching in secret.”

Napoleon adjusted the brim of his hat and blocked half of his face with the brilliant feathers on his hat.

Looking at the awkward Napoleon and then at the grinning Gehenna, I took a step forward and suggested, “How about this? Napoleon, I only want you to contribute one spacecraft. We will no longer bother you as long as you contribute a spacecraft.”

Napoleon was stunned. He asked solemnly for reassurance, “What you mean is for me to contribute a spacecraft. Then, you won’t force me to participate in the war. Am I right?”

“Yes,” I replied straightforwardly. “We are going to launch an attack on Nubis’ livable zone. We can’t make another spacecraft in time. Hence, we need one more spacecraft. Drive yours over and be our guest at Queen Town. Take a look for yourself, to see if we are more reliable than the Great Ghost King. We won’t make you go for war.”

Napoleon narrowed his eyes and sat down. There was no chair under him, instead he leaned backward at an impossible angle. Crossing one leg over the other, he slowly put the rose to his mouth, gliding it past his lips.

Then, his eyes twinkled and he pointed the rose at me, proclaiming, “Fine! I will give you a spacecraft! I will drive one over to you now and… take a tour around the new Queen Town to see what it looks like now.” With a smirk, he pulled back the rose and bit it between his teeth as he winked at me. “We shall meet in Queen Town, Your Highness.”

The connection was cut off. Gehenna scratched his head. “How could you let him off the hook just like that? You even invited him to drop by Queen Town. This b*stard is two-faced. You have to guard against him. Don’t let him stab you from behind.”

“There’s no use in forcing him. At least we have an extra spacecraft now.” I looked outside the window and caught a glimpse of green. I smiled. “We are here.”

Gehenna followed my gaze to look out the window. He was astonished. “This, this is Queen Town! What, what’s that green?”

“Food crops.” At my answer, Gehenna ran to the observation deck in shock. He plastered himself against the window as he stared down at the mountains covered in food crops.

“Food crops!” Vanish and the others stood up and looked outside the window too. They were thrilled with excitement and also full of envy.

“Welcome to Queen Town,” I told them.

They gasped in admiration. “This is God’s land! God’s land!”

Queen Town looked brand new. Our field of vision was filled with billowing green. Dark green alternated with lighter green under the sunlight, just like an ocean of green with rolling waves.

Clear ponds dotted the green, reflecting the blue sky and forming a huge painting with the field of green. The ponds sparkled like blue tourmalines embellished on green jasper. The flowers in full bloom were nothing compared to the green, which was a sight to gladden the heart. One could feel the magnificent and magical power of green nature.

The green was clouded with the fog. The entire place looked like a paradise engulfed in fairy spirits. It was a sight that one couldn’t tear himself away from.

Suddenly, three lucid birds popped out from the green. Who else could they be? It was naturally Little Har and the other two lucid birds. They flew circled around us. Shocked, Gehenna and his men waved at the lucid birds.

The hangar in Queen Town couldn’t take in two spacecraft. Plus, Napoleon would be here soon. Hence, we parked in the wilderness outside Queen Town. Gehenna and his men couldn’t wait to enter Queen Town to see the plants all over the ground. It was the most precious treasure in this world.

Now, the new Queen Town was truly covered in treasure. Those gemstones paled into insignificance before these plants. 

When Ice Dragon landed, Ah Zong greeted us. Next to him was Zi Yi, who was still staunchly protecting him at all times.

Harry and He Lei brought Underworld Ghost out. Underworld Ghost’s blank expression changed the moment he saw the surrounding green and the prosperous scenery. He stared around in shock, as though he was looking at a land that couldn’t possibly exist. He should have gone to Queen Town before with Nubis. The Queen Town now was completely different from before.

While he was still staring around, He Lei dragged him away.

Xiao Ying hopped out of Ice Dragon and stretched. Joey and Sia immediately went forward to greet her and welcome her home. Fat-Two and Silver Snake were rushing over too. It seemed like everyone was fighting over who would greet Xiao Ying first.

Moto and Juye came out after them. I told them to bring people to tidy up Nubis’ spacecraft.

“Raffles told you to see him. There’s an emergency.” Ah Zong looked behind me and smiled. “We have guests.”

Mm. You can bring Gehenna and his men to tour around. They are staying here tonight. Make the necessary arrangements.”

“Alright.” Ah Zong greeted them, “Gehenna’s Eyes, please follow me.”

Seeing Ah Zong, Gehenna tried to ingratiate himself with Ah Zong. “Hehe… Can you turn into a woman?”

Ah Zong didn’t respond, but Zi Yi next to him immediately drew his gun, a flash of chilliness crossing his eyes.

Gehenna immediately waved. “Joking. I’m just joking. Hahaha.

“Boss, your jokes are never funny. Please don’t flirt with the Queen’s men. You are so embarrassing!” Vanish scolded Gehenna like a parent again.

Gehenna scratched his head and chuckled awkwardly.

Ah Zong smiled as he brought Gehenna and his men to tour around. Harry and I rushed to see Raffles. We reckoned that the emergency was referring to the baby.

As we rushed to Raffles’ lab, my thigh was still aching. Skeleton Ghost’s bite was no joke.

When we arrived at Raffles’ door, we saw Sis Ceci feeding the baby a faint yellow liquid in a milk bottle. She looked gentle and happy, playing with the baby and looking at the child smilingly. She didn’t look like she was panicking at all.


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