Book 7: Chapter 32 - The Neutral Napoleon

“Baby, you look so beautiful. You’ve definitely had many beautiful children. Children’s meat is the most…”


Without missing a beat, I drew my gun and blew off the Ghost Eclipser’s head so that he wouldn’t be able to bullsh*t any further.

Instantly, Gehenna, He Lei, Harry and everyone else were dumbfounded as they stared at me. Nathan and Old Iron held their breath, not daring to make any more jokes.

I was no longer the innocent girl who had stopped the others from killing the Ghost Eclipsers.

I would not hesitate to wipe out any man-eaters in this world!

“Please allow me… to watch Nubis die… before I die…” Underworld Ghost slowly lay prostrate on the ground, digging his ten fingers into the soil. “He-, he killed all my people… He ate my younger brother… and the other children in my tribe… I beg you… Please let me die after I watch Nubis die,” he choked with sobs as he pleaded and told us Nubis’ unbelievably wicked doings.

“How do you explain eating your younger brother?” He Lei asked glumly, his gaze still cold.

“If I didn’t… I wouldn’t have been able to win Nubis’ trust. I wanted to stay next to him to find a chance to take revenge for my people!” He roared in agony, his fist clenched so tight that his joints turned pale.

Everyone turned silent at his roar, hanging their faces low in the howling wind. Nino took out a cigar and put it in his mouth, and smoked quietly.

Harry came over to stand next to He Lei while He Lei glanced at me. “I don’t trust him. The Ghost Eclipsers are full of bullsh*t.”

“It’s a death sentence for man-eaters. We will take revenge on your behalf. Rest in peace.” Harry raised his gun and aimed at the back of Underworld Ghost’s head.

“I beg you…” Underworld Ghost sobbed. His body was shaking in anger and agony. “I want to watch the devil die on behalf of my younger brother, my family, and my people. That is my only purpose in staying alive!” He gritted through his teeth, biting his words to the point that his speech was almost unclear.

Harry looked at him and hesitated.

Thinking for a while, I pressed Harry’s hand down. Harry glanced at me in surprise, “Hey, hey, hey. Are you really letting him off the hook just because he is good-looking?”

“Do you really not believe in what he said? Look at him.”

Harry was hesitant again. Finally, he sighed and put down the gun in his hand.

I looked evenly at Harry and He Lei. “We aren’t familiar with Nubis’s livable zone.”

He Lei furrowed his eyebrows and sank into his thoughts. Harry nodded in agreement.

I glanced at Gehenna. “Gehenna, are you familiar with it?”

Gehenna looked awkward. He scratched his ear and cheeks as he stole a glance at Earl. “Err…

Earl pushed up his glasses and turned to us. “Nubis is a very careful person. He doesn’t trust anyone easily. Hence, he demanded that his people eat humans along with him. He believes in evil and not the good. To him, only evil is trustable. Hence, we aren’t familiar with his livable zone nor the metahumans in Corpse King City.”

I nodded. Looking at Underworld Ghost, I made a decision.

“So, we can keep him.” I looked around at everyone. “As for whether he was telling the truth or not, we will naturally find out when we return to the city. Take care of the rest of the people and bring Underworld Ghost back to the city.”


If what Underworld Ghost said was true, he had truly experienced indescribable pain. He reminded me of King Wen of Zhou from the TV series, Gods of Honour, who had eaten his son, Bo Yikao, in order to stay alive and take revenge. King Wen of Zhou had looked happy when he was eating his son’s flesh but he had been bleeding in his heart. He succumbed to that just to stay alive, in order to take revenge on King Zhou of Shang and Daji.

In the same way, Underworld Ghost had eaten his younger brother’s flesh in order to win Nubis’ trust. He had lived like a walking corpse who’d be better off dead than alive, just so that he could grasp any opportunity to take revenge for his people.

It was hard to imagine his mental state now. He was definitely feeling hopeless, sunk in the depths of despair. He could only support his body and continued to live on by drawing on his hatred.

Underworld Ghost didn’t say another word as he was brought to the metahuman prison. Just like Ah Duo and Xing Chuan, he only stared blankly in one direction. His face showed no expression but tears flowed out the corners of his eyes. As though he had finally seen the hope of Nubis’ death after so long.

Nubis’ overpowering superpower had put too many people in despair. They could only live in the world of the devil, unable to see any light and hope.

Unexpectedly, a light had shone into their world. It seemed unbelievable to them, as though it was all just a dream.

They had once desired hope. But in the end, they couldn’t believe in hope when it finally came by. They didn’t dare to stretch their hand out to receive it.

We seized Nubis’ spacecraft and had yet to tidy it up or repair it.

The spacecraft wasn’t severely damaged, suffering only minor damages in the fight. The hole that Skeleton King had made was the biggest damage. Luckily, the hole had been made at the deck, hence the damage wasn’t too severe.

The spacecraft had great performance. It had sufficient energy and the circuitry wasn’t damaged. After doing the initial inspection, Xiao Ying flew it back to Queen Town.

Gehenna and his men returned to Queen Town with us. We wanted to follow up our victory with hot pursuit, and go on a punitive expedition to Nubis’ livable zone. We were heading back to draw up a war plan together.

“Has Napoleon returned to his livable zone?” I asked solemnly in Gehenna’s spacecraft.

Gehenna sat on his throne with his legs crossed. Lying lazily against the back of his chair, he waved nonchalantly. “I’m not sure. He should be on his way back. He left at the same time as me.”

“Connect to him.” I crossed my arms and stood in the middle of the control room.

“Connect to Napoleon,” Gehenna waved casually while Earl started to connect to Napoleon.

The monitor flashed, before Napoleon appeared. Napoleon had his back facing the screen with a red rose in his hand. He moonwalked and turned around. “Woolala. Gehenna, we just parted ways and you are missing me already.”

“The Queen wants to see you,” Gehenna replied and Napoleon’s body stiffened. He looked at the monitor without moving an inch, as though someone had hit his acupuncture point. He resembled a mime performer on the street.

Suddenly, he moved. Removing his hat robotically, he bowed. “My beautiful Queen, it has been a while. I miss you dearly.”

I stared at him and said solemnly, “Stop your act. We just took down Nubis’ spacecraft. Do you intend to stay neutral or do you want to join us?”

Napoleon froze again. He really looked surprised now as he muttered softly, “That was quick!”

Gehenna stood up and pointed at Napoleon. He shouted, “Napoleon, be straightforward. Are you joining us or not?”

Napoleon licked his lips and stood straight. Adjusting his hat, he smiled. “This… I have to take responsibility for my people. It’s not that we are afraid of death and don’t want to join you…”

“You’re simply afraid of death!” Gehenna roared.


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