Book 7: Chapter 31 - Bore Humiliation And Ate Human

Looking around at everyone, I announced excitedly, “It’s a girl, a beautiful baby girl! Hahaha!” This was great news.

Gehenna and his men were looking at me funny. Then, they chuckled along awkwardly, without understanding what had happened.

Hehehehe. The baby is out. The baby is out.” They smiled awkwardly, exchanging glances with widened eyes.

“It’s a girl. It’s a girl! That’s great. Hahaha.”

“Congratulations, Brother Bing. Your husband gave birth to a baby…” Nathan smiled awkwardly.

I stared at him blankly. What does the baby have anything to do with my husband?

“Congratulations. It turns out that your husband can give birth to babies. That’s great!” Old Iron smiled forcedly too.

Earl pushed his glasses up with his middle finger. “I never thought that there would be such a superpower.”

Sigh. All of you are inexperienced! The world is so big and there are so many superpowers. What’s there to be shocked about to have a man who can give birth to babies,” Gehenna said, waving. He then walked up to me and draped his arm around my shoulders with the manner of an experienced senior, whispering, “Cough. Sis, this husband of yours who can give birth to babies, is it your husband Raffles… or is it the flirty pink head?”

I glared at him sideways coldly. He quickly removed his arm from my shoulder. “Cough!

I shot dark looks at everyone. “A girl in our town was the one who gave birth! She…” Forget about it. They didn’t need to hear the story of the cocoon right. It couldn’t be explained just like that anyway. The main point was, a baby had been delivered.

“I see. So it’s someone else’s baby! Hahahaha!” Everyone let out a burst of awkward laughter again.

A huge shadow cast over us. It was Gehenna’s spacecraft descending.

Performing a beautiful drift, Ice Dragon stopped next to us. Once the hatch opened, Moto, Juye and Xiao Ye immediately ran out.

“Your Highness!”

“Your Highness!”

“Sister Bing!”

They ran to me and saw the captives on the ground. Acting quickly, they dragged the ones still alive over and lined them up neatly.

“Get up!”

“Stay still!”

“Stay on your knees!”

Suddenly, the huge hatch of Nubis’ spacecraft opened and someone was kicked out from inside. It turned out to be a dwarf with extremely huge feet. Looking just like a bigfoot living in the jungle, he stumbled his way out.

Harry walked out from behind him. He kicked the bigfoot dwarf from behind again. “Hurry up!”

Ah!” The dwarf fell and rolled over next to the other captives. Harry pressed him down and made him kneel on the ground.

I caught a glimpse of green hair fluttering at the door. Underworld Ghost was shoved out by He Lei as well. Stumbling, he walked over next to the captives. He stared at the captives in surprise.

“Everyone is here,” He Lei reported to me solemnly.

At the sight of me, Underworld Ghost’s gaze turned blank. As though something he’d never thought could have happened had actually unexpectedly happened during his lifetime. He was so surprised that he couldn’t believe anything before his eyes was true.

I swept my glance across the captives. “Trial.”

Ugh…” Gehenna rubbed his hands and glanced at me. “Sis, I think there’s no need for a trial. Nubis has his own rules. One has to eat human meat to become his people. So…” Gehenna pursed his lips and furrowed his eyebrows. He didn’t finish his sentence, and only glanced at Earl.

Earl pushed up his glasses and stepped up in front of me. “Your Highness, we will take over from here. It’s inappropriate for you to be around during the execution."

I studied the captives. They… ate humans…

Just as I was about to turn away, I felt Underworld Ghost’s dull gaze. He gave out a different aura from the others. He didn’t have the stench of a Ghost Eclipser. That stench was shapeless and odorless, but you would feel like throwing up wherever you saw a Ghost Eclipser, as though you’d picked up a foul smell.

However, Underworld Ghost was clean. He didn’t give off that stench.

“Kneel down!” Moto pressed Underworld Ghost’s shoulder and he dropped on his knees blankly. His long hair and his lips were quivering, as though he was questioning, “How is this possible…”

Everyone became quiet. They seemed to notice that I was looking at Underworld Ghost.

Gehenna raised his eyebrows. “Sis, if you find it difficult to kill the good-looking one, why not… keep him?”

“Don’t humiliate Bing!” He Lei roared. He continued angrily, “Bing is not a lustful woman like Margaery!”

Yet even as He Lei spoke, I was already walking towards Underworld Ghost. He Lei was instantly stunned. Harry glanced at He Lei and patted him with a smile. “Don’t worry. Bing definitely has her reason.”

Everyone watched me in silence where they stood. A breeze carrying a faint sourness swept past us. 

I looked down at Underworld Ghost. Somehow, he seemed different from the other Ghost Eclipsers. My gut feeling told me that he was different. We couldn’t let any bad guys off the hook, but neither could we miss any chance of saving a good guy.

“Bing!” Suddenly, Sis Ceci called hastily again. “Hurry up and come back! The baby doesn’t seem to consume milk. I am so worried!”

Why did Sis Ceci come look for me at this critical moment? She was the one who had given birth before. I had never given birth to a baby. She should know better than I did!

Turning away, I muttered, “Where’s Ah Duo?”

“We can’t go to Ah Duo. It’s not suitable for her to see this baby just yet. She finally got better. If she saw this baby, she would just get reminded of the worm again. The baby will trigger her. It’s not time for them to meet yet. Sigh.” Sis Ceci sighed.

“Alright. Why not try to feed the baby some water first? I will be back soon.”

“Alright! I’ll get Raffles to study about it. The worm’s child might be different from an ordinary child.”

I wanted to stop Sis Ceci but she cut off our connection. If it was me, I wouldn’t dare to hand the baby over to Raffles. If Raffles’ interest was roused, the baby would be done for.

Swiftly I turned back to Underworld Ghost. I’d better wrap up the things here. I’m worried about the baby.

I asked Underworld Ghost glumly, “Did you really eat humans?”

He looked up at me blankly. “How is it possible… How could you have possibly wiped out Nubis’ army… Who are you?”

“She is…” Gehenna suddenly moonwalked over next to me and introduced, “...the infamous North Star!”

I glared at Gehenna. Did Napoleon possess his body?

At his words, Underworld Ghost and the others gaped at me in wide-eyed disbelief.

“North-, North Star!”

“North Star is a woman?!”

“The-, the North Star who massacred Steel Ghost City?!”

“Shut up!” Nino roared.

Gehenna swept his glance across the captives. “It’s your honor to be able to see the North Star before you die. Sis, excuse yourself. I know that you can’t bear execution scenes. It’ll be cruel.”

Knitting my brows, I kept my eyes on Underworld Ghost. “Why did you eat humans?” I believed in my gut feeling. I didn’t believe that he would eat humans.

“Of course, he did! Hahaha! He ate his own brother! Hahaha!” The bigfoot burst out in laughter.

I glanced at Underworld Ghost, whose expression had turned even blanker. His spiritless eyes were just like Ah Duo and Xing Chuan. Just how many people in this God d*mn world have been tortured to the point of becoming like walking corpses who preferred dying over staying alive?!


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