Book 7: Chapter 30 - Messed Up During War

Nino and Old Iron had already wiped out the Ghost Eclipsers in the hangar. The Ghost Eclipsers scattered in the corridor had been tracked down by Nathan’s eyes and taken down by Vanish’s syringes.

In the central cafeteria, Gehenna was still fighting against two Ghost Eclipers. It seemed like he was going to take a while.

At the electronic landing stage of the spacecraft, Blue Feather and Earl were fighting against a flying Ghost Eclipser. Although they looked like they were having a tough time, it shouldn’t pose much of a problem.

In the cabin Harry was in, he was punching the feet one by one, looking like he was enjoying the battle a lot. But… wouldn’t his hand get too stinky then?

In the corridor, He Lei was entangled with a Ghost Eclipser. He ran around the Ghost general, sealing off his superpower. He’d trapped the Ghost general within his ring of speed, effectively rendering him unable to go forward.

That’s strange. Where’s the second-ghostie?

“Xiao Ying, find Skeleton Ghost.”

“Yes!” She paused. “That’s strange… I can’t see Skeleton Ghost. He should be in a place without a camera. Boss, be careful.”

Just then, I heard a rustling noise from the floor under my feet. As though a bunch of termites were chewing the floor beneath me.

I looked down and a bunch of skeletons abruptly burst through. In an instant, a hole had appeared under my feet and I fell right through!


“Brother Bing!”

Skeletons surrounded me, trying to bite me while I shielded my body using blue crystal energy. My body constantly fell through empty space below. That bunch of skeletons had made a hole in the spacecraft!

Although the spacecraft was descending, we were still in mid-air. I could see the ground getting closer and closer. 

I am the strongest metahuman. I can attack and defend. But, I CAN’T FLY!

I extended my hand to grab whatever steel plate I could reach but the skeletons quickly chewed off the steel plate. When I grabbed the hanging cables, they chewed it off really swiftly as well!

They couldn’t get close to me but they could chew off everything that I grabbed onto.

Ah!” I fell rapidly through the hole towards the ground! Oh no! I’m going to be smashed into a meat pie!

The bunch of skeletons circled above me, with Skeleton King right in the middle.

Looking at the ground that was getting closer, I curled up and placed my head between my arms. At least if my head wasn’t hurt, Raffles could still revive me.

The ground was getting closer and closer! I was going to hit the ground!

Suddenly, a flash of metal luster swept right before me. At the very moment when I was about to crash, someone grabbed me by the back of my battle uniform. Panting as the ground was nearing the tip of my nose, I was quaking with terror when I saw the pair of wing shadows on the ground.

He slowly put me down and let go of my back. I turned over and lay on my back as I let out a breath of relief. Then, I saw him spread his wings and fly up into the high sky. Above him, there was another dark angel that was already charging at Skeleton King!

Jun, Zong Ben, you came in time!

You are forever my guardian angels. You always appear in time when I need you the most!

Suddenly, Zong Ben leaped while Jun grabbed Zong Ben’s dark fuselage so that Zong Ben could leave in peace. Zong Ben’s blue body leaped into the bunch of skeletons, instantly igniting all of them. A long tail of blue lights fluttered behind him.

Ah!” A blood-curdling scream resounded in the high sky. Enveloped in blue flames, Skeleton King fell like a shattered meteor. Zong Ben leaped back into his fuselage, circling the falling flame with Jun.

Ah!” Balls of blue flame gathered in the air and turned into a huge skeleton before pouncing at me. “Who are you?!”

I swung my hands and rapidly churned up more blue flames. I smirked at him coldly. “I told you, I am your mother! Rest in peace!” With a swing of my hands at him, two light ribbons pierced his huge burning eyes. 


I crossed my hands in the air, slashing his huge skull vertically with my light ribbons. His roar stopped there and then, while blue light lit up the surroundings. As I pulled back the light ribbon, the blue light on him soared back to me. Ashes scattered in the air on the breeze, tainting the pink ground in white like a layer of sugar glazing on the irradiated soil.

Jun and Zong Ben returned to me. They circled around me before stopping on both my shoulders. I smiled at them. “Thank you. Otherwise, I’d be dead!"

They retracted their wings. Both of them turned to stare at me in unison. It seemed that they were mad at me.

I bit my lip and smiled sheepishly. Raising my head, I watched the huge object that was slowly descending.

*Clang!* The spacecraft landed on the ground. Someone kicked a piece of steel plate off and a crowd of Ghost Eclipsers swarmed out. The flames on my hands ignited once again. Exchanging a glance with Jun and Zong Ben, we charged at them together.

Jun and Zong Ben flew out from their fuselage and turned into blue spirits. They shuttled through the crowd, their tails crisscrossing in the air as they cut the people into pieces.

I transformed my hands into light ribbons and danced along.

“Bing!” Suddenly, Sis Ceci’s voice shouted hastily in my ear!

I continued to swing the light ribbons as the Ghost Eclipsers let out blood-curdling screams. “Ah! Ah!

“What’s going on, Sis Ceci?”

“She’s, she’s coming out!”

Stunned, I retracted the light ribbons at once. “Sis Ceci, we are in a war! Now’s not the time for jokes!”

“She’s really coming out!” Sis Ceci shouted. “The cocoon cracked! Listen to this!”

*Pak!* Unexpectedly, there came a loud and clear crackle in my ear. I shouted at Jun and Zong Ben, “Jun! Zong Ben! Da Bai is coming out!” 

They paused, corpses already littering the ground all around them. The remaining people, who were on their last legs due to the radiation of the blue crystal energy, were crawling away.

Gehenna came out from the hole, chasing behind the Ghost Eclipers. Seeing Jun and Zong Ben, they quickly retreated in panic. As they flustered, they stepped on each other by accident and groaned in pain.


Ah! Boss! You stepped on me!”

Psst! Old Iron! You broke my toes!”

“Sis! Tell your two… Hehehe, brothers, to go back!”

Jun and Zong Ben returned, since they needed to return to their fuselage anyway. The blue crystal energy on them would leave them like steam if they came out.

I walked forward and absorbed in the scattered radiation in the air and on the Ghost Eclispers. They lay on the ground in pain with no energy to fight back.

Gehenna and his men walked out of the spacecraft then. He laughed, “Hahahaha. Sis is amazing!”

“It feels great to fight! Nubis’ men are only so-so after all.”

“Bullsh*t! Who got his ass whipped?!”

“Mind your own business!”


“Bing!” Suddenly, Sis Ceci shouted happily. I immediately raised my hand and gestured, “Shh! Shut up!”

Gehenna and the others immediately shut up and watched me anxiously.

“It’s a girl! It’s a beautiful girl with a pair of wings! Hahaha!” Sis Ceci cheered, “I have to feed the baby! Hurry up and come home to see the baby!”

“She’s out! She’s out!” I shouted in excitement.


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