Book 7: Chapter 29 - Evolution

The skeleton ashes burned with blue flame. Sparks of blue flames ignited before me like spirit fires in a dark night.

Suddenly, skeletons surrounded me. They pounced on me, clacking their mouths. A skeleton bit my leg, biting right through my battle uniform. It felt as painful as being bitten by a mad dog.

Psst!” Just as I gasped in pain, blue flame lit up all over me and the surrounding skeletons were burned to ashes. My calf still hurt but was still intact thanks to the battle uniform, otherwise the skeleton might have bitten off a chunk of my flesh. But I reckoned the injury was still bad enough.

It turned out that this was the second-ghostie’s superpower. He could make his skeletons bite people to death!

The skeletons swiftly retreated and hovered nearby, slowly taking the shape of a human. It was Skeleton King. He glared at me. “Who are you?!”

“Who am I?!” I reined back the light ribbons and held my hands out to the sides of my body. Blue flame churned in my palms as I replied, “I am your mother!” I swung my hand at him.

*Pak!* At once he exploded into a bunch of skeletons to dodge my flame. But how could they possibly just dodge my flame as they wished! Despite their best efforts, the skeletons caught fire and began to burn. They clacked their teeth in pain, dragging their remaining bones down the corridor as they escaped.

I wanted to chase after them but then I thought of Harry. It would be best if we didn’t part ways in such a situation, especially when there were only two of us left. I immediately ran towards Harry. It had been a while since we’d fought a war together!

In the past when we’d gone on missions, we had been the most powerful partners. We’d shared a tacit understanding that no one could surpass. He was my strength while I was his brain. We couldn’t be apart and we would never leave each other behind during a war.

“Harry!” Running through a huge opening, I was instantly astonished by the sight before me.

I saw the huge foot we’d seen earlier. It was really just a foot! Plus, in the spacious cabin, there were huge feet all over. They appeared in the air one after another as they stomped at Harry while Harry dodged them. 

The huge feet constantly landed around him, like a mincer trying to mince him into pieces!

*Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!*

“Another smelly rat?! Huh? A female one? Hahaha! Come! Let me lick you…” A huge foot aimed at me.

Without missing a beat, Harry ran up before me and his body grew big. He blocked the huge foot with his huge hand.

Right then, we saw that there was a human face under the huge foot!

Two huge murky eyes were spinning about under the foot. The face suddenly opened his mouth and bit Harry’s arm. Harry immediately threw it out. The very next moment, there was another huge foot with another human face!

Harry held my waist and we dodged together.

“Let me take care of this,” I said.

Harry looked upset. “No way. I will take care of this. I’ve finally come across an interesting opponent. I can’t just let you wipe him out in a split second.” Harry leaped and put me through another hole into another corridor. He smiled at me. “Let me take care of this. Go to the center!”

Suddenly, a huge foot appeared behind Harry. There was an excited, ferocious smile at the bottom of the door. “Smelly rat… I will stomp you to death and the female rat will be mine!” The huge foot pressed towards me.

I immediately retreated.

*Hong!* That huge foot suddenly filled my field of vision, and there came a whiff of foul smell. The disgusting face smiled ferociously and opened his mouth at me lewdly. I could see his mouthful of yellow teeth. “You look quite pretty. Mm. You definitely taste good. I can’t let the others get to your first!” He stuck his tongue out, his tongue wriggling towards me like a nauseating black snake. 

But then his tongue suddenly stopped and his huge eyes swiveled to the side!

“Stay away from my woman!” There came a domineering roar. That pair of eyes shot open and disappeared before me in the very next moment as though someone had swung him away! Then, I saw Harry who had become huge! 

His whole person had become huge!

This time, it was no longer just a hand or a leg, but the entire Harry who had become a giant water ghost before me. His chest was heaving right before me.

Lowering his head, his huge water ghost face smiled at me. “Baby, go!” Then, he turned and ran towards those huge feet. Picking them up one after another, he slammed them hard on the ground!

*Bang! Bang! Bang!*

Ah! Ah! Ah!”

I sat in the corridor in shock. Harry’s superpower… had evolved! His whole body had increased in size! He’d become my giant. No, he had always been my giant. I couldn’t help but smile.

My Harry had become stronger again.

Suddenly, there was a gust of human breeze. He Lei squatted next to me. “Are you okay?”

I lifted my hand and pointed in front of us. He Lei stared in shock in the direction I pointed. “Harry?!”

Mm! He became a giant.” Harry’s huge figure made me feel at ease.

He Lei stared at Harry’s huge figure as he became quiet. He hung his head, revealing an unwillingness to admit defeat.

“What’s wrong? He Lei?” I watched him in worry.

He furrowed his eyebrows and clenched his fists. “Harry evolved again and I… Is this my limit?” He sighed and stood up.

I got up and looked at him. “He Lei, you are a speed metahuman. You can do more."

He Lei faced forward glumly. “There are many enemies left. I’ll send you to the center to take over the spacecraft,” he said. Then, he held my back and instantly moved us forward at a high speed.

As we sped along, the surrounding view became fine lines and flowing lights. You couldn’t see the view clearly, only feel your own hair constantly fluttering.

All of a sudden, he stopped. My hair whipped forward from inertia and fell by the side of my face. We had already arrived at the center control room. The spacecraft was descending.

“I’ll go and help.” By the time He Lei had finished speaking, he’d already left my side.

Everyone had different capabilities and evolution periods. These two things simply couldn’t be compared. He Lei was envious of Harry’s evolution, but he didn’t know how many people were envious of his speed. When he ran, everyone seemed to be static. Hence, his fist was faster than anyone else’s. He had the ability to subdue any enemy before they even had the chance to perform their superpower.

“Xiao Ying, seal the empty corridors.”


*Clang! Clang! Clang!* The sturdy cabin door shut, reducing the war zone. The people in the spacecraft were constrained by the limited space.


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