Book 7: Chapter 28 - Big Foot Ghost

“Alright! They’re all yours!” Gehenna patted Old Iron and Nino’s shoulders, full of confidence in their abilities.

With one stare, he crushed the row of people in front of us to the ground. *Rumble.* The entire ground collapsed, creating a huge opening. The people fell through the opening, leaving a gap in the defence line before us.

“Let’s go!” As Gehenna roared, we broke through.

“Nubis has so many men. Why do you have so little?” I asked Gehenna curiously as we charged forward.

Margaery had at least over fifty beautiful young men on her spacecraft, while Nubis too had at least a few dozen. But Gehenna only had a few brothers with him. I wondered if it was because he was too confident or if he couldn’t afford them.

“Raising people uses up a lot of resources, sis.” Gehenna looked annoyed.

As expected, he couldn’t afford it!

Gehenna pointed over his shoulder at the people we’d left behind. “So what if they have more men? Aren’t they in a mess now too?”

What he said made sense too. Quality over quantity.

“It’s because our boss has too many women.” Vanish heartlessly exposed Gehenna again. Gehenna seemed embarrassed while Vanish continued to complain in disdain, “Our boss has the most women among the Ghost Kings. He has almost over two hundred women!”

“In other places, the ratio of male to female is twenty to one but ours is one to twenty. Our boss has a few dozen concubines himself!” Blue Feather added.

“Our boss changes to a different woman every night, and has even already sired a bunch of children. Yet he just loves to pretend to be young and wants to be everyone’s brother. Your Highness, you are right to call him your uncle!” Vanish shook his head in disdain.

“As if you lot aren’t doing the same?!” Gehenna roared.

Vanish and Blue Feather pursed their lips at Gehenna’s retort.

Gehenna protected women, which was why they could have wives.

“Luckily, the Ghost Eclispers are at peace. If the other Ghost Kings were to join this war, we might not be able to protect our capital.” Earl pushed his glasses and continued, “We don’t even have a proper army. Sigh…” Earl acted like a parent who was forever worrying about his wayward child. As though Gehenna constantly gave him a headache.

“Alright! I know that all of you worship Bing. You can just follow her back after this! Humph!” Jealous, Gehenna didn’t say anything else and only charged forward.

“Boss, slow down!” It’s dangerous!” Vanish, Earl and Blue Feather quickly followed behind like parents who were worried for their child.

Gehenna stopped as soon as Vanish and the others shouted for him. Catching up with him, we saw that there were two corridors. Gehenna and I exchanged a glance, before he brought his men to the left while Harry, Juye and I went to the right. We parted ways then. 

Suddenly, the entire spacecraft shook and began to land. He Lei’s voice resounded in our ears. “Xiao Ying got into the system! I am coming to meet you!”

“Alright. Gehenna, Xiao Ying already infiltrated the system. She is watching the entire spacecraft!” Although we’d parted ways, we maintained our communication.

“That’s great! Xiao Ying is amazing! We will have to rely on Xiao Ying now.”

Mm, let me connect to Xiao Ying. Xiao Ying?”

“I’m already online. Brother Bing, there’s a big guy in front of you. His superpower is unknown. Be careful."


Hehehehe. Even I find myself amazing. You can’t do without me.” Xiao Ying was smug in her arrogance.

“Be serious!” I glared coldly. “We are in a war. Don’t get carried away. You are behaving like the old lady.”

“Alright, I’ll go to work now.” Xiao Ying behaved then. 

Suddenly, Harry lifted his hand to stop me. We halted in the corridor in front of a shut door.

Harry was extremely tense. Water ghosts had their abilities too. Water ghosts and flying corpses had extraordinary senses. Flying corpses had great ability in picking up scents, while water ghosts had great hearing. On top of that, their skin was so sensitive that they could detect minor movement in the air.

Although he was wearing armor, the armor had been specially made for Harry by Raffles. Hence, not only did it not diminish his senses, it instead strengthened his sensitivity.

The entire corridor was extremely quiet.

“Be careful!” Harry abruptly pushed me to the side just as the cabin door in front of us flew open.

Harry immediately dodged too. The sturdy cabin door was sent flying past us. Juye’s face instantly turned pale.

We saw a pair of huge feet through the opening.

“Smelly rat! Are you still hiding? Come out!” The huge foot lifted and stomped harshly. The entire spacecraft shook, the impact sending us flying. Harry immediately held ont me while Juye smacked against the ceiling corridor.

Juye fell and Harry quickly caught him. Juye clenched his teeth and he roared, “Let me take care of him!” He began to roar again!

“Smelly rat! You are so noisy!” The huge foot stomped on the ground again, sending us flying once more. Harry’s hold on Juye loosened and Juye hit the ceiling again. *Bang!* Blood flowed out from the corner of his lips as he landed hard on the ground.

Psst!” He stood up with his teeth tightly clenched, his mouth full of blood.

“Juye!” I rushed up to him. Juye covered his mouth but blood still flowed out through the gaps of his fingers. “Don’t worry, Your Highness. I just bit my tongue.”

I shot Harry a look, and his hand grew big. “Juye’s superpower doesn’t seem to work against the metahuman inside. Let him retreat!” Harry instructed, before he charged at the cabin door.

Mm!” I held Juye’s shoulder. “Juye, thank you for your hard work. Fall back! Xiao Ying, find a safe route for him to leave.”


“Your Highness!” Juye stared at me anxiously.

Suddenly, I saw skeletons swarming out from behind Juye. Reacting quickly, I pulled Juye behind me and shouted, “Harry, open a path for Juye to leave! Our escape route is blocked!”

Harry immediately steadied himself and punched the wall by the side. “Ah!

In an instant, a hole was created. Bitingly cold wind howled in the sky.

The skeletons flew at us at high speed. I shoved Juye to the side and charged at the skeletons. “Harry! Take care of Juye. I will shield his retreat!” Blue lights were already shimmering in my hand.

At the same time, Harry extended his arm, which suddenly became thick. Catching Juye by the waist, he threw him out through the hole.

Ah!” Juye shouted as he rapidly fell through the air. Right then, a space crack opened up right below him. He fell into the crack and vanished into thin air.

The skeletons swarmed at me like a bunch of mad dogs chewing on bones. With a swing of my hand, the blue lights turned into light ribbons. I waved the light ribbons at high speed, creating a disk. The skeletons that were clacking their mouths as they swarmed at me shattered into pieces once they collided against my disk!


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